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Which Flash should be used in Cinematic version

I say Barry Allen. Maybe introduce Wally down the line as Kid Flash, buy have Barry be The Flash to start off with
This is the thing I've always hated about the Flash continuity. The inconsistencies. Barry Allen or Wally West. They wear the same suit. You can see these were one of the problems they had in Smallville. Also because they didn't officially have the rights to the character, they just used a new one, Bart Allen and make him basically the same, same personality, definitely the Flash. That was the point of the line said by Clark, "Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West. Whatever your real name is."

The thing is, well I became aware of The Flash from the Justice League animated series. He was Wally West. And I loved this character. I learned from my guide book that he was created in like 1990, Wally's Flash, amd Barry Allen died?

Anyways they had Michael Rosenbaum come back to do the voice of Flash for the DVD animated feature, JL: Doom. Seemed he had to act like a straight character, and not so vulgar or child-like and arrogant anymore. But that's what I want to see. Not just nerdy like in the new TV series, but a loudmouth. In Doom, they couldn't say whether he was Barry Allen or Wally West.

Green Lantern, Hal Jordon is already straight enough as well as the others well John Stewert is like serious. Then you have Superman who is straight. Martian Manhunter always seemed like a buddha or peaceful, innocent, that type.

In the animated series, everyone in the League seemed like an adult, except Wally West. I liked him because he was different and the funniest. He brought joy and lightness, I think he ultimately completed it.

I don't care which Flash they use, Allen or West, as long as he is just like the way Michael Rosenbaum portrayed him. I don't want a serious Flash. Since they are using Barry Allen currently in a tv show, I wouldn't mind if they used Wally West. Wouldn't be a bad idea.

This post is all kinds of... It's something of a mess. Just saying. My favorite part is learning that Wally West was created in 1990. Ah, sweet naive youth...
This post is all kinds of... It's something of a mess. Just saying. My favorite part is learning that Wally West was created in 1990. Ah, sweet naive youth...

It's hilarious.

For the record, Rosenbaum was playing Barry in Doom.
LOL, that is funny.

Anyway, as I said in another thread, they should use Wally. It would give it an entirely different feel than the TV series, which will help win over the diehard "GUSTIN IS TEH ONLY FLAHS!!!1" fans of that show because it won't feel like it's directly competing with it. And I also think that, given who might write and direct it, Wally lends himself easier to more lighthearted material.
The personality you're describing is Barts :p
The personality you're describing is Barts :p

Yeah, most people don't realize that JL/JLU Wally acted like Impulse. Wally was never written to be that goofy. Comedic, for sure, but not in any way like that.

Personally, I think any of the Flashes could work. Dynamics between characterizations can be created in multiple ways, not just with a token comic relief character to balance out the serious.

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