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Jun 24, 2013
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It's safe to say that by TASM4, Garfield wont be Spidey anymore. Who should take over the role? My vote goes to Joseph Gordon Levitt

You serious?

Why is it safe to say that? The status quo for lead actor contracts has been 4+ since like 2002. And Marvel raised the bar to 6 films. Andrew will be doing this for a good long while.
Besides, it's weird to me that JGL is older than Andrew. They should probably cast younger. In which case I'd like to think our next Peter Parker after Andrew Garfield (2024) hasn't been discovered yet.
I don't see wh Garfield can't play Peter Parker for 5 more years.

Not unless he starts to get fat, lol.
if they reboot again after 4, maybe they'll give, Josh Hutcherson, another look
If we could go back in time I'd say cast JGL as Spider-man.

That along with avoiding the re-done origin would've built alot more positive buzz towards the reboot.
Sure. If they had cast 22 year old JGL as Spider-Man in Tobey Maguire's place you wouldn't see me complaining.

I'm also a big advocate of the hypothetical JGL as Anakin Skywalker. Without Hayden Christensen/Jake Lloyd those movies may have actually stood a chance.
Actually I was suggesting JGL in the place of Andrew Garfield.
Nah. I'd go so far as to say we have a near perfect Peter Parker as it stands now. And older is not the direction they should have gone.
Don't get me wrong, I'd take JGL over Maguire but that's ancient history.
Don't get me wrong, I'd take JGL over Maguire but that's ancient history.

Haha. yeah. And ASM's casting is recent history.

JGL will be too old by the time AG is done. Any other suggestions?

Like I said, I bet our newbie is leaving high school as we speak and probably hasn't even hit it big. Little does he know...
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A few names I'd want them to consider:

Max Records (was phenomenal in Where the Wild Things Are. I truly hope his career flourishes) current age 16

Liam James (in nothing great yet, but he'll be in a movie called The Way, Way Back with Steve Carrell and that looks great) current age 16

Skandar Keynes (if you can stop yourself from hating him for his role in Chronicles of Narnia for a minute he might actually be a great choice) current age 21
Me. I would LOVE to play Peter/ Spider-Man. I can do sarcasm pretty well and would love to do all the stunts. I'm 21, so who knows? ;)
That one guy who did Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief.

I think he might do a good job as Peter.
That one guy who did Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief.

I think he might do a good job as Peter.

Yesyesyes. Very good choice. Logan Lerman. Fantastic in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

This is going backwards but am I the only one who thought a younger Ryan Reynolds could have been a good Spider-Man? Not a fan of the Raimi films but I think Ryan could have pulled off the the smart/smart ass version of Peter and has the body type for it too.
What do people see in Ryan Reynolds?

I don't get it.

How many forgettable superhero roles must he do before people stop requesting him for comic book movies?
Actually Skandar Keynes could be pretty good, just looked him up. Logan Lerman was my original choice for the role before Andrew got it.
I would kill to play Spider-Man, or Atleast direct a SM film...
If you have ever watched "Borgia" (NOT the Showtime one) on netflix, it is an amazing series, and Mark Ryder rocks the show as Cesare Borgia. He would be an interesting choice because I think he is a great actor.

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