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Why does everyone hate Justin Bieber?


Jul 15, 2012
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I hate it when people hate on Justin Bieber. Look, it's OK if you hate his music, but just because you hate someone's music Does NOT mean you should want that person dead. I hear a lot of people say they want Justin Bieber dead all over the internet. It's just....harsh. He's only a teen for crying out loud. Give him a break.

These guys have GOT to STOP saying you want Justin Bieber dead. HE'S A HUMAN, TOO!

It's like saying you want a shark dead just because he bites someone. It's always accidental and it's just being a shark.

Here are things you should when encountered with a Justin Bieber situation:

1. If you see Justin Bieber stuff, IGNORE IT!

2. If you hear his songs on the radio, change the station.

3. If he's on TV, change the channel.

People shouldn't be wanting him dead. It's not right.

If someday he actually DOES die, you're going to regret you said that BIG TIME!
I'd post a Chris Crocker picture, but I'm just too damn lazy today.
I don't hate Justin Bieber. I just don't really care about him. But that doesn't mean I'm going to go around saying "good riddance" if and when he actually does die.
I can't really stand the hardcore Bieber haters or the die-hard Bieber fans.
It feels like most of the die-hard fans are either there for his image when they should try to appreciate his music, which is "bleh" at best, but it's forgiving to see him try to improve his rapping.
A lot of the hardcore Bieber haters can be just annoyingly persistent about hating him.

Also, that payup022 guy is probably just some spambot or who/whatever makes all the accounts just for the advertising.
I just don't care for today's hip hop beep bop and floppy hair cuts!
When someone becomes insanely popular in a short time and can't understand why, we don't like it. That's just how we are, so we have to poke fun at them to make ourselves feel better.
If someday he actually DOES die, you're going to regret you said that BIG TIME!
Why should I ? I never really wished he was dead, but that wouldn't be too bad I think. The only thing I get from him being alive is sometimes accidentally hearing his cheap music and seeing his girly-face from time to time. I could live without that.
I'd probably not hate him if he was actually gay. But the gay community has suffered too much to have Justin Bieber forced upon them.
And, as head-scratching as it is to me, some people persist in feeling this is some reason to hate someone.

Re: Bieber himself, I think he's annoying and untalented, but I don't sit around stewing over it, I just ignore him.

I think for the hardcore Bieber haters, there's an element of jealousy at work.

That's a bot
I don't see why anyone would condone his death, if you don't like it then just ignore it and move on. I don't hate him but his music is horrid and his face is annoying.
I have no impression of him one way or another. I've probably heard his music but can't think of any of the songs off hand. Justin Bieber isn't on my radar.
Who cares if people hate Justin Bieber? The guy is uberrich, famous, and super successful. Does anyone really think he gives a crap if a bunch of geeks hate him? I'm sure he's crying into his 100 dollar bills. Sure, hating him is dumb, but the "Leave Britney Alone" defenses are unnecessary.
not a fan of his music at all. have never heard one of his songs all the way through actually.

but i respect him for the things he does for his fans
I remember flipping through some channels and seeing a quick video of Bieber when he was like 10 or 11 playing guitar and singing on the street. I guess it was a special on how he got famous or something.

I don't know exactly how he got famous. I never heard any of his songs all the way through. But, hey, good for him.

I guess I could maybe understand people being sick of him, but I don't hang around 13 year old girls very often, so he rarely if ever comes up in any way in my life.
People just have a strong hate for anything that's loved by preteen/teen girls.
All he needs is to sparkle under sunlight and more mad love will be given to him :oldrazz:
That's a bot
Bots changed a lot in the past two years, what happened to the days all they do is talk of their product(s)/merchandise
My dear confused friend, you can see a peoples personality by music, if a person listen to angry music, he's angry...but, in this case, the dude makes horrible music,so....he's horrible! and he's infesting our planet with his awefull music, what's there not to hate?
I don't care about Bieber. But I think comparing him to a shark is the best joke ever.
I truly dislike Bieber, not because of his looks, singing or popularity, but because he tries to act and talk "street" all the time, even though he's from Stratford Ontario, the whitest city in Canada.

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