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Will there be a 10 pm showing of X3 at the theaters on the 25th?



Does anyone know if this will happen? I know this has been done for V for Vendetta and for the upcoming Mission Impossible III. Well, I hope there will be a 10pm showing, if anyone knows, thanks.
They are usually midnight showings, not 10:00 showings, and I'd imagine yes. But it depends on the theatres.
Promotional banners and posters here in the UK are saying its released on the 25th. I'm assuming there will be midnight showings everywhere though.
We had a 10pm showing of MI3 on the 4th...but, they might be changing things from now on..

I know our theater is having a late night showing of Poseidon on the 11th...

i'll probably go to the midnight showing. i like being one of the first in the US to see new movies :)
I'm goingto see X3 on the 25th of may at 5ish :D
I'll probably sit in on a closed showing on the 24th and then watch it again on the 25th midnight showing, then again at the 8pm show on the 26th, and then again at the 9pm show on the 27th.. :D


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