10.21-22 - Finale - Discussion (Spoilers) [SERIES FINALE] V.4

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more important... whats this talk of a superman tv spin off with welling? where did this come from?
Good points, I agree.

And holy hell, where have you been?! :wow:
Life has taken over, my friend. I just had to come back to discuss a little Smallville after that ending.

Also, to those citing the budget, that doesn't explain why we couldn't see a scene of Clark talking to Lois or Lex while wearing full costume. Action scenes are one thing, but a costume for standing around wouldn't have broken the bank.
The best part? Clark, in mid-air, undergoes a five minute flashback sequence that finally inspires him to fly. Five minutes of nothing but clips of Clark being awesome.

That's what sparked flight. Not a death. Not a perilous situation. A highlight reel of Clark being Clark. It's almost as if someone showed him a YouTube collection of all of his best moments, and he suddenly realizes, "Wait a second. I'm awesome."

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