2009 NCAA Football Thread: Revenge of the Computer Polls

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I glanced at the TN boards at scout.com, they are in nuclear meltdown mode. Dan Wetzel's article lists his favorite topic titles...

5. Glad I only named my dog Kiffin.

4. Al Davis wasn’t as crazy as we all thought.

3. Pat Summitt is more of a man than Lane Kiffin.

2. It’s like getting a divorce from a stripper!

1. Layla can stay.

that is probably the most accurate description of the situation
apparently UT students crashed Kiffins player meeting at one of the auditoriums
Urban Meyer gets a text message regarding Kiffin's departure.


(OK, that's probably not what is was, but whatever. :o)
Yep, and burned mattresses, and spray painted profanities and such.
Reports are his players kept interrupting him during the meeting where he told them.

And it seems some folks were quite ticked off because he crapped all over UT's traditions.

From all I see I'd think the folks in TN would be glad to get rid of this clown.

My favorite quote from it all
But everything wasn't bad at Tennessee.

For instance, there was Lane's dad, Monte, the team's defensive coordinator.

"Monte was loved by everyone," says (Vols senior center Josh) McNeil. "He was a great guy, a great football coach, but a better guy."

McNeil pauses for a moment, thinks.

"He and Lane had absolutely nothing in common."
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'Fire sent me a message. Apparently I can start the '10 thread. Working on it now.
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