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Dangerous, this isn't specifically addressed in the next issue, so I thought I'd give it a go so you don't get more confused: Pete and MJ were still a couple for the last 5 years (or however long it was, 20 years our time). Switch out the word wife with girlfriend and there you go. Switch out "married" with "shackin' up."
Ok thanx man, btw how did you attain this info?

Did I not paid attention somewhere along the way?
Well, I wouldn't say that's gospel truth (and people who are ardent critics of BND would poke holes in it), but from what I've read JQ, slott and others say, that seems to be the gist of it. Supposedly, something happened on the wedding day (way back in '87 our time) that caused them to not get married. But they continued to live together, etc. I think Roger Stern is coming back to write that story (but my memory is fuzzy on that one.)

I'm not sure where to link you for more info, and there's a lot of arguing about the whole thing, so I'd hate to point you in the wrong direction. Maybe some else could help out here...

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