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Bought/Thought 12/12/07

You guys are going on like it's some secret that I'm gay for him.
My good Catholic upbringing prevents me from understanding what that word is. :dry:
I have a Muslim name, but I was raised Catholic. Now I'm 100% Don't-Give-a-****.
That must've been rough. Are Catholics as crazy about hating other religions as Evangelicals are?
Not the ones I know. I think they got that out of their system with the Crusades.
And people wonder why posters post about new books in other areas than bought/thought threads :p
Hey, I posted some reviews. But if people aren't rushing in to post their thoughts on this week's comics, who gives a **** what we talk about in here? If someone posts a review worth discussing, we'll discuss it. If not, anything goes, as far as I'm concerned.
Conan as in the warrior, or Conan as in the pasty Irishman on TV?
Here are some of my thoughts:

Green Lantern #25: Good idea for a crossover, but the execution had so many isolated things that I didn't like that it was hard for me to enjoy it as a whole. The action was definitely awesome--no question about that. But I'm not a fan of the emotional spectrum thing, I thought Kyle got treated as a clear secondary to pretty much all the other Earth Lanterns, I'm getting tired of the "Hank Henshaw wishes he could die but he can't" riff, it was a bit unsatisfying that none of the main villains appear to be gone for good, etc. That said, there were lots of great moments, too: the Guardian sacrificing himself to kill Superboy Prime, the realization that Sinestro's whole aim was nothing more than to get the Guardians to institute a lethal force policy, the four Earth Lanterns together in that one splash page. Of course, Ivan Reis' art was fantastic as well. So, really, I guess I left the Sinestro Corps War crossover decidedly ambivalent on a lot of things. I am, however, looking forward to the Black Lanterns' rise. That was a cool concept in spite of my not liking the emotional spectrum.

Marvel Comics Presents #4: I'm beginning to wonder if four stories in each issue might be a bit too much. I love the idea of an anthology series, but with so much crammed into a standard-size comic on a monthly schedule, almost all of the arcs feel stalled to me because I can't remember what's happened before or because there's just not much time devoted to them. The only exception to this is the Stacy Dolan story, which is chugging along quite nicely with an otherworldly Law & Order feel that I love. The Patsy Walker story was just grating on my nerves at this point--this sort of cutesy humor is fun every now and then, but over and over again without much plot movement? Not so great. Thankfully, it's over now. The one-off about the Outlaw Kid was nice, although I saw the "twist ending" coming about a page in. The Weapon Omega story was almost as intriguing as the Dolan one, but unlike the Dolan story, I felt like not much really happened in it this time around. The art on all of the stories was great--Moeller in particular fit his story to a tee and did great work with it. But overall, I think MCP would benefit greatly from maybe losing one story per month and giving more pages to the remaining three.

Whichever part of Messiah Complex we're on: Cable in the snow vs. Lady Deathstrike = :up: I love the Lone Wolf & Cub feel I get from Cable and the baby (who gets some absolutely hilarious facial expressions courtesy of Scot Eaton, my personal pick for most underrated artist in comics right now). The rest of the issue is basically just infighting between the members of not-yet-X-Force and some more future junk with Madrox and Layla. I gotta say, I'm completely bored with the Jamie/Layla subplot. I know it's eventually going to tie into the main plot somehow, but I honestly just can't care about it. It's too far removed from the immediacy of the rest of the subplots--everything feels like it's happening right now, with a sense of urgency that many crossovers can't muster... except for Jamie and Layla, who're off in the future sometime, doing something or other in Future that is Harshly Oppressive to Mutants #4,123,527. Oh well, the rest of the issue is good and Eaton's art rocks up, down, and sideways, which is enough for me.
Yet another small week, but I'm not bothered, my wallet has more moneys.

Nova #9
I'm already on issue nine? Well, so far, so good. I like me some Richard Rider. Please make Cosmo a reoccurring character, thank you. Not much to say here, but I'll definitely be reading this comic for the long haul.


X-Factor #26
Apart from Astonishing, it's been a while since I've eagerly awaited an X-issue the most from my pull list. I'm enjoying Messiah Complex, a lot. I'm a bit iffy on the 'all claws, no crap' X-Force, but hey...I'll get used to it.


New Avengers #37
NA is secretly one of my favourites :o. It's a guilty pleasure I admit, and that just might be due to Yu's artwork in each issue. I don't care if they're talking nonsense and just fighting, as long as it looks pretty, I'm happy.


MVP #4
Now that Immonen's gone, what now? I felt a bit reluctant picking this up today, as my excitement for the comic seems to have disappeared. Maybe it includes too many stories in one single comic, and my small mind can't handle that. It feels too cluttered, and when I get engaged in the story, we switch to some other segment. Eh


A small week, but I'm really awaiting next week. Another awesome Iron Fist comic coming this way, alongside a gorgeous looking Djurdjevic wrap around cover for the What If. If I could have sex with artwork, I'd have sex with Djurdjevic's work.:o

New Warriors 6
The Boys Thirteen
Fantastic Four 552
Wonder Woman 15
Countdown 20
X-Factor 26
Nova 9
World War Hulk: Aftersmash 1
Salvation Run 2
Black Adam 5
Punisher War Journal 14
Mice Templar 1, 2
Worl War Hulk: Frontline 4, 5, 6
Booster Gold 5
Green Lantern Corps 19
Green Lantern 25
New Avengers 37
Jungle Girl 3
Omega the Unknown 2,3
Green Arrow/Black Canary 1, 2, 3
Trials of Shazam 9, 10
Suicide Squad 4
Marvel Comics Presents 4
Titans East Special 1
Loners 6


Green Lantern Corps #19: Nice downtime issue. The prosthetic thing didn't make much sense, but maybe it's a set up for something else down the road. Is Tomasi the regular writer now?

New Warriors #6: The team assembled...finally. There are still a few mysteries surrounding Night Thrasher (which isn't a bad thing, IMO). Robotic legs, or was that a hologram? Dwayne's voice that they had a match for...real or more tricks from his brother? Not looking forward to Jubilee's costume change, if that future issue cover can be trusted.

Black Adam #5: Mahnke's art has never looked better. Looking forward to the conclusion. If they decided to give Adam an ongoing, I'd buy it.
Yeah, Tomasi's the regular GLC writer now. I don't know how I feel about Kyle being entrusted to him, but he's turned in a couple of good issues so far. Not as good as Gibbons, but good. I'm looking forward to seeing how he handles the title with the freedom to do his own thing.

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