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Bought/Thought Jan 16th


May 22, 2005
Reaction score
'76 #1 - Best of the week.Each story is only around 12 to 13 pages,but both get off to quick starts.Looking forward to seeing Danny,I mean Jackie Karma back in action.It looks like this one is going to be very kung fu centric.The second story called "Cool" has a prostitute on the run after witnessing a drug deal gone wrong.The dialog here is very snappy and natural,I'm glad both writers didn't lose themselves in all the slang of the time.

Umbrella Academy #5 - No.5 beats the **** out of the guys who came after him last issue.Turns out he may have altered the past just to get back to the future.I could see this being part of the premise of a future mini.Anyways,Vanya makes quite an entrance here with someone's brains getting blown out.These last 2 issues haven't really been on par with the first 3,but I'm confident that this will end well.

Incredible Hercules #113 - The only thing I didn't like about this was the way the Herc/Ares/Simon fight was presented.It could have been done a little bit better with some bigger panels and such,but there's no real sense of "oomph" to the fight scenes.Then again,Herc crushing Simon with an Avengers jet was awesome.

Yet to read:

Immortal Iron Fist #12 - fill in artist??wtf?
So that's your only thought about the whole issue?
Not really, because you're providing thoughts on an issue you haven't read. My question was "So that's your only thought about the whole issue?" So next time, use something call reading comprehension. It works.

EDIT: Also, you already made a pick of the week without having read all your comics, how does that work exactly?
He also for whatever reason seems to think you're a fat slob, which may or may not be true.
Is Umbrella Academy actually decent?
I refuse to read it because its written by Gerard Gay...
If you're going to refuse to read it regardless of whether or not it's good, why are you asking?
haha, realized that after i typed it...
guess i don't really care then, just wondering if he had ANY writing talent whatsoever
It's excellent. It's easily in the top 5 comics of 2007.
Well i guess that's good then..
the characters just looked all emo like that friggin guy, so i thought it would be all whiny and pseudo-gothic the whole time, but if not, hey way to go. Maybe one day I'll get to write a comic book for being famous at something completely unrelated to comics.
He didn't "get" to write a comic book because he's famous. He pitched an idea like everyone else and DHC thought it was a good one. The fact that his name could bring in an outside crowd is a bonus.
yea, but if he wasn't famous, they woulda turned down his pitch, and you know this..
The comic book is good. DHC would have been stupid to pass on it.
okay, not arguin with ya on that, but you know it's true

edit: didn't mean to interupt, sorry, continue with the bought/thought....
No, I don't know it's true. Because he is famous, it would be impossible to be able to say one way or the other if DHC would've accepted his pitch had he been a regular joe. It doesn't matter anyway. The comic book was made and it is awesome. That's all that matters.
true that, if you like it, im happy for ya...
now back to the b/t!!
Wolverine Origins #21 - This is my 1st ever WO comic. I bought it along with last week's issue which was the end of the Captain America story arc. Meh, what can I say? It didn't make me love Daniel Way, but the work he did (assuming the series is consistent) is better than what he did with Ghost Rider. The artwork was solid; I think this is the first time I've seen Wolverine's eyes while in costume. They weren't just white blocks like usual. Way does write a good Deadpool though, his moments made me laugh :woot:

New X-Men #46 - Awesome! The Predator X/NXM was pretty much what I thought it was going to be like and I enjoyed it. Nice to know Cable has the child too and that Xavier doesn't hate him. I went :wow: when Mystique put the child to Rogue's lips and actually thought the baby was dead. Was pleased with Gambit's reaction...maybe he isn't such a goof after all. Looking forward to the conclusion :word: I still hate Ramos' art though...that man can't draw people. Seriously, they look like stick figures with sharp edges :huh:

Cable & Deadpool #49 - And here we are, second last issue...I am upset about that. I never read the series much, but what I have read I thoroughly enjoyed. This issue was no less entertaining. Deadpool vs. Dinosaurs=:heart: [BLACKOUT]"Isn't the Genoshan Embassy in Genosha?" "NO! IT'S IN MANHATTAN!!!!"[/BLACKOUT] That had me lol, and the final splash page had me :wow:
true that, if you like it, im happy for ya...
now back to the b/t!!

From what iv'e seen, just about everybody that took the chance has enjoyed the hell out of it. He's like a slightly more sane Morrison. It's like the comic book version of a Wes Anderson film.
It's sort of become that, yeah. I love it. The wait between volumes is going to hurt.
Man, the Gerard Way hate is pretty annoying. Granted, I'm waiting on the trade, but I find it hysterical that a critically acclaimed darling like The Umbrella Academy is getting speculation based on My Chemical Romance. Eh, to each their own. I love MCR, and the acclaim this book has has only increased my enthusiasm for this read.

Messiah Complex: Parts 10, 11 and 12- PICK OF THE WEEK! Man, it's been sucky waiting to read these, but damn was it worth it. I am so excited for the X-Books after this is all over with. So many characters are getting a new breath of life. Bishop, for example. There's a character I felt should have died during Onslaught, but now has a renewed sense of purpose. Kyle and Yost have me excited for X-Force, too. If this is the kind of action we can expect monthly, I'm signed up. Some have complained that Ramos was a little too action crazy with Part 12, but I think it needed to be action crazy. I'm so happy for Bachalo to finish everything up next week. The guy's blown me away with his 2 parts so far. 9/10

Amazing Spider-Man- Blah blah, McNiven rocks. Ok, got that out of the way. Fun issue, with a very old-school flair. That's kind of Slott's M.O., and I don't mind it, but I hope that doesn't get overused. Otherwise, Brand New Day will flop hard. But, we are off to a good start. I liked the reference to the Hood, too. 8/10

Cable and Deadpool- I'm gonna miss this book. I'm excited for Cable's solo book (man, that feels weird to say), but I wish they could have kept the books combined somehow. I just don't have faith in Daniel Way. He's not really a "comedic" writer. Anyway, it looks like next month's gonna be every bit as crazy as the rest of the book. Sweet. 8/10

Transformers- Things are getting interesting. Furman's imagination really gets to run wild with control over Generation 1. When you really think about it, that's not something he's ever had. I'm glad he isn't just using the same old characters. He really has the time to plan things out, and that's gonna pay off. Unlike... 8/10

Beast Wars- Furman, I love you, but let's not dance around the truth. This sucked. I get it. I get exactly what you were going for. But all we really got was a rushed mess. He had some very lofty goals, but he just couldn't accomplish much in the time frame. In fact, this seems to happen when he gets rushed. Look at Transformers Armada. World's Collide was incredible, but the follow-up didn't even see Unicron transform! 4 issues just wasn't enough to cram in the history of the Japanese cartoons, either. If Corp hadn't told me, I wouldn't have even known what the hell Angolmois was! And what happened to Guido Guidi? The guy drew Spotlight: Galvatron, one of the best Transformers comics I own! This didn't even come close. 2/10

Spider-Girl- Whew, now that I have that all that off my chest, let's close on a higher note. I like the new villain. She's got a cool power, and I like the whole traveling assassin angle. Fancy Dan? Man, that loser's showing up all over the place lately, huh? 8/10
Hey... I'll do a bought thought! Spoilers ahead!

I had a light week due to funds... so here goes:

New X-Men 46: One issue until the end of a story that I greatly enjoy. Now, I wouldn't call it as good as many of the previous crossovers Marvel compared it to, but it's definately been a fantastic read. I think I've loved every issue of this storyline... until this one. I finished it and just kinda shrugged. There were some good fights and such, but nothing that made me go "Man! That was Awsome!"

The first is that last issue Sinister was down, and now we learn that he was killed off panel? Actually killed?! He's a huge X-Men villain with the potential of being one of their BIGGEST. MC offered him that chance and I honestly have been underwhelmed at his portrayal, but I was at least waiting for a big throwdown in the end with he and the X-Men. And now he's officially dead? And not only that, he was killed really badly. Rogue's powers are out of control, I know that. Mystique making them touch was interesting, but a quick touch of their faces and he falls dead? That's weak. It wasn't even dramatic. It was kind of an after thought given to us to just kinda let us know what happened before the ending of last issue. I just really didn't like that and really hope that he isn't actually dead. I've dropped tons of Marvel books lately and I really don't want to start looking down on the X-Men Books. Fortunately, it takes a lot to make me leave a book, and I'm long tempered.

I also decided this issue that I'm not much on the Preditor X thing in this story. I was excited at first because the creature was really tying the New X-Men, whom I'm a big fan of, into the series. I was expecting it to be a big threat, but it really has just been a random... thing. I expected Sinister to find it and do something important with it, or something like that, but it just hunts and such. Nothing big. It's just kinda thrown in there. I hope something comes of it in the final but we'll see.

And the last thing I didn't like was how gung hoe the Marauder killing was. Granted... this is New X-Men, but still, they were going down left and right. We see Lady Mastermind killed (well, that was last issue, but it was continued here). She was an X-Man after all, and she was just kinda tossed aside. And we have both Scrambler and Vertigo both killed rather savagely. I know they're all clones and such but still.

Oh well. I did like a few things. There were some good moments in the New X-Men/Preditor fight, such as seeing Gentle and Hisako beating the tar out of it. I also liked Gambit in this issue. It's good seeming him a bit like the old Gambit I loved. Also, it's good to see that he only worked with Sinister because he was kinda undercover for Mystique.

So yeah... I love this series (though there are more faults to it that annoy me that I won't go into until it's over), but this was one of the more underwhelming parts for me.

New Warriors: And on the other side of the spectrum... I loved this book! It gave us some moments, just as the previous issue had, that most Marvel books lack these days. The intimite moments where the characters are just relaxing and being human. I loved seeing Jono, Jubilee, and the others just sitting around, playing video games, fixing dinner, and debating their role in life. It really feels like we can start getting into their heads and I love that. I also love seeing Beak and Angel being parents... though the kids look much older than they should be. It was a good scene that reminded us that these are X-People, but that they're moving on in the world to something else... something new.

The other plot is following Night Thrasher, Silhouette, and Midnight's Fire. I won't go into the details of their fight/meeting, but overall it was good. Thrasher convinces MF that he's actually Duane... though he really isn't, and he asks something of him, though we don't know what it is yet. MF drives off with someone who is apparently going to become a major villain in the book (it seems anyhow) and MF is working for him.

And another side thing was with Justice and Rage where Rage suggests them joining the New Warriors. While I doubt Justice would join due to his importance over in Avengers: The Initiative, Rage isn't as big over there and Slott can stand to lose a few characters (especially with gaining a new group of kids). I love the idea of Rage joining the New Warriors (but please lose the outfit and go back to his Red/Blue/and Green one). He'd really help move the book from a solid X-Book feeling to a mixed X-Book/New Warriors Book.

Overall I have to say that this is one of the books I'm enjoying the most out of Marvel (an there haven't been many lately). Even if I end up dropping most all the books from Marvel (and it's going that direction lately) I know I'll definately be sticking around for this one. Good stuff :up:

And Lastly...

Nightwing 140: I had said earlier that I've been dropping Marvel titles and so I decided to pick up on some DC. On a suggestion of a guy at work I picked up this issue (I know it's not new). I don't really know what's been going on before this but I liked the book overall. I like the art and the story could be good. I figure I'll give the book 1 arc to pull me in, or else it's on to another DC book to try out. We'll see how it goes. I will say though... this is the first I've seen Robin in a while. I like his look.

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