DC Universe: Infinite Heroes


Aug 30, 2003
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I gotta talk about these......in thier onw thread.....look at em.


Mattel's 3 3/4 inch line from DC.........these all look great.....and quite the wide range of figures......I am really goign to be hard up not to get these.....and I don't know why....because I so easily passed up Super Hero Showdown...and I am a Huge Marvel Fan......

Anyway...These look nice......Wonder if we'll see Hasbro's Marvel 3 3/4 line at TF
Some of them look good to me. I don't at all like the Batman, and the Killer Croc looks good from the waist up...the legs look skinny to me. A few of the others look quite good.
i don't think they look too bad.

and hasbro is doing a 3 3/4 line too?
Suppossedly, even tho i dont like these type of figures fans want em so I guess this is nice
in the gi joe and star wars scale? SOLD!!!

..i have to get the Green Lantern and Hush figures...it seems they come in 3 packs?
Can someone please make sure Roughneck clears some PM space? It's important.
I'm not a big fan of them at all. I'll probably end up picking up the Batman though.
if only theyd give em GI JOE 25th anniversary style articulation :(
That would be better. i've picked up a few 25th Joes for FTB and i like the looks of the articulation they have.

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