The Dark Knight DO NOT post The *possible* Dark Knight Leaked script

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Feb 2, 2006
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I pass. I won't read it so I can't translate it, but I'll ask the webmaster for an English version of it.
This is a babelfish translation.

I won't read it either, so I don't know how good it is...

Dammit, Don't want to read it, but I'm afraid I won't be able to fight it.
Fortunately the site isn't working for me.
Either my internet sucks, or I can't open that italian website.
Nice :brucebat: :word: :hoboj:.

This sounds damn good, guys. We're in for a treat.
There's probably lots of people on the website right now. In fact he wanted to wait 'till new Monday to post it, since he would've got a new server, but, well. He posted it today...
If anyone can see it, copy it and pm it to me, please! The website is not working for me. I BEG YOU!
Until further not post that link.
Guys, don't post the link to this supposed leaked script or it will be a banning just like last time.
We have been warned.

What's the situation with the lawyers at the moment?
The thing doesn't really reveal anything new that most of don't already know about. Maybe a little filler detail here and there. Plus, the translator I used wasn't very good so now I have a headache after trying to figure out what it was saying.
Props to Fabman for the heads up on all of this.
is this about the same time before release that the BB script was leaked?
Mods, can we discuss what's on it since we can't post the link?
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