DTL Season 5-Week 4 (Set 2)

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Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
The threads will be in use for 7 days. Days 1-3 (Tuesday-Thursday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

Debates will open to everyone on Day 4 (Friday) once I post that they are open. On Day 6 (Sunday) I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.

Look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up. (Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 7th day (Monday) will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: The Blue Area of the Moon

Team Alpha Wolf Squadron
Nova (MU) - superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, together with the ability to fire powerful blasts and interstellar flight. Carries the Worldmind.
Quasar (MU) - the Quantum Bands allow Quasar to control all forms of energy and generate constructs of any shape he concentrates on.
Aquaman (DM) - breathe underwater, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability. Also telepathy and possession of the magic Waterbearer hand.
Black Panther (MR) - superhuman senses and physique, genius-level intellect and a mastery over numerous forms of both armed and unarmed combat.
Karate Kid (Pre-Crisis/Countdown) (DR) - master of every form of martial arts to have been developed up to the 30th Century. Also possesses the ability to detect weaknesses.


Everbody In The Case Mare
Captain Atom (Armagheddon) DU - invulnerability due to metallic skin, enhanced speed and endurance, flight, durability, time-travel, energy blasts, techno-interface, minor atomic transmutation and huge energy absorption
Stellaris MU - adaptable armor that enhances her strength and speed to godlike levels
Miss Martian (Titans of Tomorow) DM - strength, speed, telepathy, shapeshifting, intangibility
Kono DR - able to shift mass between people and objects (a cross between Thunder and Shadowcat)
Jaine Cutter MR - skiled warrior, enhanced strength, second skin that is practically indestructible


(Owner - X)
Darkseid (Another Nail) (DU)
Black Alice (DU)
Ronan (MM)
Devil Slayer (MR)
Coronary (MR)


The Nameless Wonders
Silver Surfer (MU)
Dark Flash (DU)
Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) (DM)
Traci Thirteen (DR)
Zauriel (DR)


Nova (Richard Rider) – (MU):
Continuity: 616
Powers and skills: Cosmically powered human with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability and interstellar flight capable of generating a powerful energy beam known as a Gravimetric Pulse. Since the events of “Annihilation”, Nova carries the preserved physical brains of Xandarians collected over thousands of millennium, the Worldmind, who is among other things, capable of detecting weaknesses. The Worldmind also carries the Nova Force, which powers the Nova Corps, which has augmented Nova’s abilities greatly. His alien uniform is equipped with a wide variety of sensors and defense mechanisms.
Resources: Worldmind, carrying all data collected by the Nova Corps.

Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) – (MU):
Continuity: 616
Powers and skills: Possesses the Quantum Bands which allow him to control all forms of energy and generate constructs of any shape he concentrates on including force fields, giant weapons, and a suit of protective armor (his quantum armor). He can also fly and can use the bands to teleport by creating portals into the quantum zone, the source of the quantum bands power. His Quantum Bands also guard his mind against psychic control. While in possession of the Quantum Bands Quasar can fly at faster then light speed. Has had basic espionage training through S.H.I.E.L.D. and has had extensive hand-to-hand combat training through both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America.
Resources: None.

Aquaman (Orin/Arthur Curry) – (DM):
Continuity: Pre-Infinite Crisis New Earth
Powers and skills: Biologically typical Atlantian with the ability to breath both above and below the surface of water, super-human strength, speed, agility, stamina and keen eyesight adapted to the pressure and darkness of deep water depths.
Mutation resulting in the ability of limited telepathy with surface beings and enhanced telepathy with aquatic beings.
Resources: JLA files.

Black Panther (T’Challa T’Chaka) – (MR):
Continuity: 616
Powers and skills: T'Challa's senses and physical attributes have been enhanced to superhuman levels by the heart-shaped herb. T'Challa is a brilliant tactician, strategist, scientist, tracker and a master of all forms of unarmed combat whose unique hybrid fighting style incorporates acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry. T'Challa being a royal descendent of a warrior race is also a master of armed combat, able to use a variety of weapons but prefers unarmed combat. He is a master planner who always thinks several steps ahead and will go to extreme measures to achieve his goals and protect the kingdom of Wakanda.
Resources: Personal files.

Karate Kid (Val Armorr) – (DR):
Continuity: Post-Infinite Crisis New Earth/Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths
Powers and skills: Karate Kid is the master of every form of martial arts to have been developed up to the 30th Century. He possesses the ability to sense the weakest spot in an object and his skill in hand-to-hand combat is seemingly superhuman, allowing him to simulate super-strength blows. He can severely damage extremely hard and strong materials — metals, stone, etc. — with a single blow. Karate Kid is also skilled with melee weapons, though he dislikes using them and rarely needs to use them.
Karate Kid's training included mental discipline which makes him more resistant to mind control.
Resources: None.

Team Alpha Wolf Squadron is teleported into one of the abandoned structures on the Blue Area of the Moon. Black Panther and Karate Kid need to be introduced to the DTL, but they should have no problem working with these people. Karate Kid knows Aquaman and the Black Panther knows Quasar and Nova. Being the best tactician and strategist on the team, the Black Panther takes the planning role. Aquaman will lead the team into battle.

Images of the opposing teams are conjured up via the Quantum bands, along with descriptions of their powers. Quasar will be familiar with Stellaris, having faced her before. Similarly, Aquaman knows Captain Atom, having worked with him previously, although he won’t be up to date to his upgrades. Karate Kid has experience with Kono. They won’t know either Jaine Cutter or Martian Manhunter, but her being a Martian should tell Aquaman enough.

With the time left, the team will be exploring the Blue Area of the Moon. Quasar already knows the location, having visited the Watcher there before. During this search, the team will undoubtedly come across the gun that killed the Phoenix and that can be used to the team’s advantage. With the Panther’s intelligence, he should be able to find a way to trigger it. It could prove useful against the other team’s ubers. Similarly, they’ll come across Attilan, but will want to try and stay away from it. It will be better to fight on the ‘neutral’ grounds of the Blue Area of the Moon.

When the battle starts, the differences between TAWS and EITCSM become immediately apparent. While the Squadron are a unified fighting force, the Casa Mare team is made up of clashing personalities that don’t know each other. Captain Atom, although finally possessing some confidence, has always been a sucky leader (see his stint as leader of ‘Extreme Justice’). Stellaris is a loner. Martian Manhunter is a villain. Kono is a free spirit. Jaine Cutter, well, she is Jaine Cutter.

The fractured structure of team Case Mare gives the Squadron an immediate advantage. While the opposing team will break up almost immediately because of their differences, the breaking down of the Squadron will be planned and structured. They’ll engage their opponents to where and when they want to. Nova immediately flies out and confronts Stellaris. Quasar makes his way towards Captain Atom. Karate Kid stealthily searches out Kono and the Black Panther will be going after Jaine Cutter.

Who will Aquaman face? The future Miss Martian aka Martian Manhunter of course. They’ll want to fight each other. Aquaman because she’s using the name of his best friend, Manhunter because Aquaman is a part of the old guard, the JLA. She didn’t get the chance to take him down in their future, so she’ll want to take the chance now. Her mistake.

Aquaman vs. Martian Manhunter
Remember what Aquaman did to one of the White Martian invaders? Yeah, Züm, the White Martian, asked Aquaman what he could do. Aquaman gave him a friggin’ seizure. There’s no reason Aquaman can’t do the same to this Martian Manhunter. For one, he’ll be pissed that Miss Martian is sullying his friend’s good name, and secondly, his telepathic powers have gotten an upgrade with his Waterbearer hand. This fight is over pretty quickly. Score one for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron.

Karate Kid vs. Kono
Kono will want to see Karate Kid. After all, as far as she knows, he’s dead. Similarly, Karate Kid wants to face Kono since he’s familiar with her. Aquaman and Black Panther grudgingly agree to the tactic. The problem here is that Val is too honourable to just take Kono by surprise and knock her out. She’s a teammate, a hero. Besides, she should be walking around intangible, so he wouldn’t be able to affect her anyway.

These factors lead to Karate Kid’s defeat, as Kono locks him down with her powers immediately, making sure he’s immobile. She knows his capabilities and can’t risk fighting him hand-to-hand. Sure, it’s a crude victory, but it works and Kono leaves to help her teammates. Score one for Everybody in the Case Mare.

Black Panther vs. Jaine Cutter
Meanwhile, Jaine Cutter and the Black Panther will have found each other. Their battle is a toughy. The Panther is stronger and more agile, but he can’t hurt Jaine thanks to her magic skin. Jaine has trouble hitting the Panther, but her claws should be able to rend through his suit, damaging him. He can try some of his gadgets and tricks, but they’ll hardly effect her. So, basically, once she’s able to get a hit in, it’s going to be hard for the Panther to save this fight. It might take a while, but I’m comfortable in saying that he’s going down. Score two for Everybody in the Case Mare.

A quick summary: Aquaman and Martian Manhunter sought each other. Manhunter went down to Aquaman’s superior telepathic skill. Kono and the Karate Kid exchanged some words before Kono literally put him in his place. At the same time Jaine Cutter is able to take down the Panther. Aquaman has to contend with Kono and Jaine Cutter, while Quasar faces Captain Atom as Nova battles Stellaris.

Nova vs Stellaris
This is an interesting match. Stellaris has faced a collection of Earth’s strongest superheroes, including Thor and Quasar, but recently found herself coming up short against Ronan. Nova, formerly the New Warriors’ archetypical hothead, now carries the power of the entire Nova Force and is a battle hardened veteran. Iron Man has had his power level calculated at almost immeasurable levels. Garthan Saal, who once also carried the power of the Nova Force, was similar to Stellaris, a threat to Earth’s most powerful heroes. Nova is slightly less experienced with this power, but he carries the Worldmind, a highly intelligent sentient entity, within him.

These two will need to feel each other out first, trading blows and blasts. Pretty quickly, they’ll take the fight outside of the breathable atmosphere, but near the Blue Area of the Moon. If they were to really let loose, they could cause some serious destruction to the moon. Now, what happens during their fight?

They exchange blows, fire blasts at one another, neither really gaining the upper hand. She’ll try to hack into the Worldmind and fail. She’ll try to trick Nova by detaching her weapons, but with the guidance of the Worldmind, he should be able to avoid such traps. She might think to use her fail-safe, but that would doom her team as well. Thing is though, the Worldmind, analyzing her armour, will learn of that fail-safe and advise Nova to end the fight as soon as possible. Agreeing to this strategy, Nova pushes a great deal of his power into one giant outpour of energy, destroying Stellaris’ armour and knocking her out. Although the origin of the armour is unknown, it’s been shown that it can be broken, such as when Mjolnir smashed Stellaris’ helmet. Score two for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron.

Quasar vs Captain Atom
Here we have a fun match. Captain Atom has really progressed in power, experience and confidence during his stay in the Wildstorm universe. There’s one single fact that prevents him from winning this though. His powers are entirely based off quantum energy. Quasar lives, breathes and eats quantum energy. His power source is the Quantum Bands, giving the wearer complete control of quantum energy. Those same bands will key Quasar into the fact that the Captain is tapping into the same source of power.

There are two theories to this fight. Say that Captain Atom’s control of quantum energy is greater than Quasar’s; then he can be stopped by forcing him to absorb Quasar’s energy. Seeing as that energy is potentially infinite, Captain Atom is forced to go through what he always goes through when absorbing too much power: To be sent hurtling through time and space.

Let’s go with the second theory, and the in my opinion most probable one, Quasar’s control of the quantum energy is greater. That means Captain Atom loses his powers, or at least those powers are weakened enough for Quasar to tap into another energy source (the sun’s nearby) and knock him out that way. Either way, it comes down to a battle of absorption, since they can’t actually fight each other without doing so.

As an addendum on that second theory, there’s an argument to be made for Quasar’s control to be greater. This hinges not on the characters but on the location. Namely, one could theorize that since the fight is in the Marvel Universe, Quasar’s connection to quantum energy would be more defined and direct, giving him the advantage over Captain Atom. Any of these theories leads to the same conclusion though. Captain Atom loses without actually one punch thrown or blast fired. Score three for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron.

Now, there’s one battle left.

Aquaman vs. Kono and Jaine Cutter
Kono has just found Jaine Cutter, when Aquaman comes in. He can’t take them by surprise, as the Breathing Gun will tip Jaine off to danger. It doesn’t matter though. Knowing what Kono’s appearance means, namely the defeat of the Karate Kid, Aquaman quickly takes her down with a concentrated telepathic attack. He can still do this if she weighs him down, and she needs to really pull out the stops if she wants to nail him to the floor. He can take the pressures of the ocean depths after all.

Now, Kono’s mind is alien, but Aquaman has worked on aliens before and he isn’t going to hesitate to take her down when he feels her powers affecting him. Making herself intangible would be useless here, since his telepathy would still affect her. Important to note that Aquaman got a nice telepathic upgrade with the Waterbearer hand. Score four for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron.

Now it’s a heavier but still operational Aquaman vs. Jaine Cutter. Aquaman’s black magic dispelling hand is pretty darn useful in this fight. If there’s one thing that should break Cutter’s skin, it’s the Waterbearer hand, and he’s still fast enough to battle her hand-to-claw.

So Aquaman lays a few punches on Cutter. She slashes him, which causes him quite a bit of a pain, but not enough to stop him. Lest we forget, he’s taken punches from Wonder Woman and got up again. The claws will hurt, but his Waterbearer hand will hurt her more. Jaine can’t avoid the battle either as Aquaman is quite a bit faster than her. After about a dozen punches, she’s knocked out on the floor. Score five for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron.

Boy, I'm really loving the DTL this season!

Half my matches so far, the other person doesn't show up!

Week four, one of the most consistent people in the DTL doesn't other!
Leaguer's been having a bad week. He should be on to write something soon, though.
I second on the bad week. :( I'll have something up. Don't worry. I got a pretty funky idea. Yes, even funkier than rhyming. I just hope I can get it done in time.
(Owner - X)
Darkseid (Another Nail) (DU)
Black Alice (DU)
Ronan (MM)
Devil Slayer (MR)
Coronary (MR)


The Nameless Wonders (Owner - Leaguer/Corp)
Silver Surfer (MU)
Dark Flash (DU)
Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) (DM)
Traci Thirteen (DR)
Zauriel (DR)

Ronan vs. Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)

On the dead, crater scarred surface of the moon, a cosmically charged hammer is stopped mid-blow by a sword created by an age old alien artifact.

The knees of the current Blue Beetle, young Jamie Reyes, buckle as a man decades his senior brings his Universal Hammer down on his upraised blade time and time again. The best the vastly unexperienced, panicking Jamie Reyes can manage against the battle hardened soldier is a quickly defense that is quickly becoming ineffective.

A massive blast of scarab fueled energy lances out as Jamie's panic rises, sending Ronan sailing away to impact with the force of a bomb, creating yet another crater on the surface of the moon.

The Blue Beetle rises to his feet, scarab doing what the inexperienced hero isn't clear headed enough to do by further armoring his vulnerable human form for the battle soon to begin anew, blades extending from his gauntlets.

Jamie rockets into the air, preparing once again to blast this Ronan. Nearing the upper parts of the artifical atmosphere of the Blue Area of the Moon, the Blue Beetle pauses, sights Ronan, and lets the full extent of his power explode towards the rising Accuser in a massive, lancing blast.

Ronan gestures, erecting a domed force field around himself. A maelstrom of energy bends around the protected Ronan as he kneels, hammer in hand.

Ronan raises his hammer, and for a moment all the energy in the universe testing his shields couldn't disrupt his concentration as he reaches out with another facet of his Universal Hammer's powers...

The Blue Beetle's armor deforms, bending away from his body layer after layer, hesitantly, almost as if a mind of it's own was trying valiantly to continue it's symbiosis with the young Jamie Reyes... Resistance matters not at all to Ronan as the the Blue Beetle suit violently explodes. Jamie Reyes plummets to the lunar surface, all but naked.

Ronan strides over to the barely conscious teenager. He looms above him, some kind of all too real demi-god, one who seems to stand a thousand feet tall.

"You, stripling, have potential. Mayhap, someday you will be something. May stride distant worlds and transverse the universe itself. But today... today you will do no more than crawl."

Jamie Reyes scream is barely audible in the low atmosphere of the Blue Area of the Moon as Ronan smashes both his legs to pulp at the knee.

Devil Slayer vs. Zauriel

Born airborne by his telekinetic abilities, Devil Slayer rises, paradoxically, to battle the Angel that rises into the air before him, pure white wings bearing him aloft.

Twin magical blades shine and gleam in each of Eric Simon Payne's hands... Dragonfang and The Ebony Blade. In Zauriel's, the Holy Battle Spear of Micheal himself, a billions of years old artifact to dwarf any other of it's kind.

They steel themselves.

And they battle.

Indestructible pitch black blade meets divine battle spear meets Asgardian battlesword, again and again as two master swordsmen battle in mid-air, each desperately attempting through feints, parries, and the constant clashing of swords to gain the slightest advantage.

In moments, it becomes at first doubtful that Eric Simon Payne, Devil Slayer, can triumph against a being who has wielded his weapons of choice for billions of years. It then becomes blatantly impossible as he is at first disarmed of one blade, and moments later sent hurtling to the surface of the moon as Michael's Battle Staff skewers his shoulder.

Devil Slayer rises, switching his remaining weapon to his uninjured arm. He prepares to reach into his cloak, a literal universal armament from any time, any place at his fingertips.

Zauriel doesn't give him the chance.

A sonic cry rings out, heaven born, instantly bursting Devil Slayer's ear drums and making blood flow from his nose. He falls to his knees, wrapping his protective cloak about himself to give to buy time, a moments reprieve, anything to turn the tide of this lopsided battle between a man who is all too human and a literal Angel. Devil Slayer screams against the onslaught, voicing his rage, his complete and total refusal to believe in a higher power, a God, after everything he has seen and survived in his wretched life.

"I... am... Devil Slayer! Eric Simon Payne! A man! You... are no... angel! And all you have... is a wing... and a prayer!"

Eric Simon Payne blinks out of existence as his cloak engulfs him. Not a second passes between this... and an arrow burying itself deep into the back of Zauriel.

The angel spins, wounded, pain arching through his body... And behind him he sees Eric Simon Payne, fingers still on the string of the very bow just fired. Another arrow sinks into Zauriel's chest with a dull THUMP.

"Scream again Angel. SCREAM."

And so Zauriel tries. He screams, screams until he becomes hoarse. But all the sounds in Heaven and Hell are brought to a dull roar, an ineffective whisper, by the mere ounces of vibranium contained in the arrows deep in Zauriel's chest and back.

Devil Slayer charges, the Ebony Blade catching the light, and a man who refuses to believe... sheers a wing from an Angel.

Zauriel plummets, Battle Spear slipping from his fingers... Until moments later... another pair picks it from the ground, solemnly.

Devil Slayer screams as he plunges Michael's Battle Spear into the chest of the fallen Zauriel, twisting it as he does, leaning his full body weight into driving it deeper and deeper into the angels body.

Eric Simon Payne turns, and begins to walk away.

"Sacrilege...? No. Justice."

Traci Thirteen vs. Coronary

"Get him, Leroy!" the young, enthusiastic Traci Thirteen yells, still youthfully believing this to be fun, a diversion that will quickly be over. A harmless game.

She is wrong.

Leroy morphs to monstrous proportions as per Traci Thirteen's instructions, charging into battle to meet Coronary.

Coronary smiles, becoming intangible as he begins to move his hands, as if controlling a marionette.

And he is.

Coronary wrests control of Leroy's synapses from him, beginning to assert control over his neural activity. Leroy moves in stunted sequences at first... But moments later, Coronary asserts total control.

The mutated lizard/dragon creature spins, kicking up dirt and dust as it barrels towards it's owner. Traci's youthful enthusiasm fades into terror as her pet attempts, quite enthusiastically, to kill her.

She barely has time to teleport away as Leroy smashes into an ancient building bringing it crumbling down around him.

Traci springs back into existence as Leroy frees himself, shaking tons of rubble off himself like a dog might water. The amateur magician begins another spell, to attack this problem at it's source, to magically shield herself and then to strike at Coronary himself...

But she must weave these spells, make arcane gestures to control and direct her magics... And her hands have become nothing more coherent than shaking messes as Coronary exerts pressure on her median nerve. In laymen terms... She suddenly has the worlds most severe case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

A possessed, giant, out of control dragon cares not at all about her predictiment as Coronary continues to pull the strings of his mind.

He closes in on the shaking Traci Thirteen, rendered no more dangerous than any teenager girl.... due to one of the worlds most common nerve disorders. She squeaks as her face is reflected in the rows of teeth inches in front of her.

She makes no noise at all as Leroy eats her in one anti-climatic gulp.

Darkseid (Another Nail) vs. The Silver Surfer

"You will be far more useful than you currently are after I have bent you to my will, Norrin Radd. Currently I find you... ineffective." Speaks Darkseid, gravely voiced.

Every erg of the airborne Silver Surfer's energy blasts are absorbed into Darkseid's Omega Doom armor, an Apokolip's born suit of armor that has no limit to it's gluttony, no limit to the energy it can absorb.

The Silver Surfer turns, reacting in nano-seconds as he time and time again doubles back on the Lord of Apokolips, exerting the Power Cosmic on this foul mad God in myriad ways. Realizing that raw power is merely absorbed by the Omega Doom, Norrin Radd begins to arch downward from the sky, dive bombing the grounded Darkseid at greater than light speed as he becomes no more than a miles long silver blur.

Contact. The nearly indestructible board of the Silver Surfer smashes into Darkseid's like a cosmic missile, sending him violently tumbling for miles through the foundations of numerous buildings. The moon now has yet another trench, another scar on it's surface.

Darkseid rises, calm and collected as the God that he is.

"I will crush you, silver one. In spirit, I will bring to bear on you an ebony blackness that will taint and corrupt your very soul. In body, I will simply destroy and erase those things which do not benefit me. Starting... now."

Darkseid's Omega Beams lash out at full power, bending at impossible angles to the board of the once again dive bombing Surfer. And the silver surfboard simply... ceases to exist.

Norrin Radd plummets to the moons surface without his age old means of transportation. Unphased, he rises from the massive crater his impact has created to face Darkseid... Calm Darkseid who even now stands composed, hands behind his back.

Darkseid's eyes glow like burning embers, Norrin's simple intense, narrow slits. And then Norrin makes his move.

Darkseid's Omega Doom armor simply ceases to exist, transmuted into less than air by a wave of the Surfer's hands. Darkseid controls himself, even now, emotions honed and controlled to a razors edge even as the unexpected and nearly impossible confront him.

A once useless attack once again becomes viable... Or so the Silver Surfer believes. He channels the full extent of his cosmic powers into a massive, indescribable energy blast that threatens to destroy the moon itself, atomizing everything within miles instantly. Darkseid steels himself, and slowly, impossibly, the speck amongst this storm that is Darkseid, this massive wall of energy, begins to advance... To slowly move forward, to gain ground on the Silver Surfer.

Darkseid wills it... And so it is.

A massive granite fist clenches the Silver Surfer's face in it's iron grasp as Omega Beams lance from one pair of eyes to another. The Surfer recoils, gasping, hands holding his face.

He is blind. Completely and totally blind, the very first in the inexorable destruction and subjection of the Silver Surfer.

Darkseid lashes out, backhand blow connecting with the face of Norrin Radd. His head snaps back violently.

The Surfer rises, only to reel back from another punch. And another. And yet another. Without his board, he is vulnerable, immobile. Blind, even more so.

He falls to the ground, and the boot of Darkseid stomps on his face like the hammer of God.

"Body and Soul, Norrin Radd. Body and Soul."

Those are the very last words Norrin Radd will ever hear as a free sentient being, as a darkness far worse than blindness claims him.

Black Alice vs. The Flash (Walter West)

Superspeed blows pepper Black Alice from all angles as she channels the powers of Black Adam. She is fast, as fas as Black Adam himself, fast enough to engage Jay Garrick at superspeed and to move hundreds of thousands of miles an hour... But that is not nearly fast enough against Walter West.

She lashes out time and time again, smashing massive craters into the surface of the moon in her attempts, but does no more than make the fastest Flash of all stumble. Bruises and contusions quickly forming on her young face regardless of her Shazam granted invulnerability, she raises her fist... Raises it... and calls down the lighting.

"Shazam! Shazam Shazam Shazam!"[/n]

A half dozen thunderbolts explode from the sky, lancing downwards and completely destroying the atmosphere sustaining shields of the Blue Area of the Moon, and giving Walter West multiple magical lighting bolts moving at the speed of light to narrowly avoid.

Black Alice takes the reprieve to fly into the air, not hindered by the quickly depleting oxygen of their battlefield. But that is not the end of their contest. Not even remotely.

And if you knew Black Alice's power, the appearance of a black hat atop her head and fishnet stockings would give you a clue as to what was about to occur.

"!nwo ruoy sa mialc htraE !temmulp nooM ,liaf ytivarG"

The moon quakes, and for a brief moment there is an unearthly silence. And then... The moon begins to plummet inexorably towards the Earth, flames erupting on it's surface moments later as it begins to enter Earth's atmosphere. And along her team in deep space, they watch an impact duplicated that occurred once before, billions of years ago.

"Feel free to run wherever you'd like, Flash. Run to wherever you'd like to on that barren, dead moon. You've got precious seconds left to enjoy it."

Experience - Leaguer's team consists of two highly inexperienced characters, Traci Thirteen and the current Blue Beetle. In the Blue Beetle's case, he literally didn't know how to use his powers until fairly recently.

This is not something that can be leveled at the youngest member of my team, Black Alice, as she automatically gains the knowledge to use her powers.

Darkseid vs. The Silver Surfer - A fair amount of this fight wasn't speculation. It's already happened in comic.

From Marvel vs. DC, Darkseid takes a blast from the Silver Surfer without a problem - http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid88/p9f513b322b03ef94b59e3fd8ff2e96bd/fa915969.jpg

In Galactus/Darkseid - The Hunger, Darkseid was shown to be closer to Galactus than the Silver Surfer in power, as Orion and the Surfer fought one another, where as Darkseid opposed Galactus. He didn't win, but he hugely inconvenienced him and managed to hurt him.

Darkseid also showed that his Omega Beam's could seriously hurt the Silver Surfer - http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid67/p536083384cdb87dc7a603396766dd835/fbd5e54c.jpg

Zatanna vs. The Flash - Zatanna has actually already shown herself to have the power to manipulate the moon on a massive scale, giving it wings and making it "fly".

Intelligence and Experience - There's no one on Leaguer's team to even begin to compare to the resources and intelligence of Darkseid. No real strong central leader. Even Zauriel, despite his age, has never been demonstrated as someone who would lead the League.

My very least experienced member, in Black Alice, is just as good with her powers as anyone on Leaguer's team.

Darkseid used his Omega Beams to erase the Silver Surfer's eyes.

At the end of their fight, Darkseid clamped a device on the Surfer that negated his powers. Once again citing The Hunger, Desaad was shown to have a device that did this, and when used on the Surfer, it actually worked.
It's the moment you have all been waiting for. The DTL... now with


(Harl, sorry I gotta do this to you)

Everybody in the Casa Mare (YAY!)



Team Wolf Squadron




- Through Martian Manhunter they mind-link and share info on the players. Stellaris will know about Quasar and her and Jaine Cutter may know OF Black Panther. Martian Manhunter will know about Aquaman and Kono knows about Karate Kid.



- My team phases into the ground. They are still mind linked and through Martian Manhunter they also know pretty much where there oponents are so Kono phases everybody out where they need to be. Obviously the team will be spread out in search of their own targets but it won't matter. My team can get to them first.



- Jaine Cutter is the one to face Quasar. She will surprise him by taking a LOT of damage and still coming. She's magical in nature and he can't do anything about that. The goal is for her to take him by surprise and chop his hands off. After she does that... Quasar asks for Aquaman's help (telepathically) because his waterbearer hand is magical in nature and can help.


- Aquaman to the rescue!

- Everybody has left the ground and are now on the surface. Therefore Kono is free to fight Karate kid, a fight she easily wins and then retreats in the moon waiting. My team is still sharing a mind-link.


- Black Panther spots Aquaman and he seems hurt. Aquaman calls out to him telepathically so it must be him. But it's not. It's Martian Manhunter shapeshifted and she gets close enough to knock Black Panther out. But BP can see through her illusion with his super-duper senses so in the end MM is going to need Kono to win this one. Either by Kono helping her to be intangible or making BP extra heavy.


-Nova is flying


- Nova is greeted by both Captain Atom and Stellaris. While he may be able to take on Stellaris alone, together with Captain Atom I doubt he can resist.


- Aquaman kills Jaine Cutter.


- But then he is assaulted telepathically by Martian Manhunter and the entire team. Now he may be able to resist a White Martian, but MM will rely on the combined force of their minds to wear him down. Let's not forget she's from the future, she probably has studied the JLA files and since she's managed to over-come her fear of fire without turning into the Burning she must have an amazing force of will-power. She will not succumb to Aquaman as easily, especially with the combined mental energy of her team-mates, and if she can't beat him telepathically, she can at least keep him occupied long enough for my ubers to come and get him.

Author's notes
- Yes, again I'm over the deadline but as usual I don't care. Harl would've won this match regardless so I figured I'd do something special. Hope you liked em.
- Corpy, don't be envious over my mad-skills with the mechanical pencil! :)
Wow. I know we're supposed to frown on gimmick write-ups now, but... LV wins. :up:
Well that was pretty ****in' funny. But I vote Harlekin. He really makes his points, and supports them very well.
I'm pretty sure Corp was kidding. :) There are TWO matches in this thread people.
I still believe that Leaguer will put something up. I mean, even Wiegs hasn't posted his writeup yet.
Harl would've won this match regardless
Don't say that.

Loved the write-up by the way, even if I disagree with just about everything in it. There's no way your team could be that unified.
Holy ****, is this serious?

LadyVader's using stick figures to illustrate her points?

A few points on LV's write-up before I vote:
- Loved the style.
- No way the Casa Mare team is in anyway unified.
- Casa Mare doesn't know about Quasar's weakness to magic.
- Black Panther wouldn't be so easily fooled.

Now, to the match I can vote on:

Sadly, the Nameless Wonders didn't get a write-up in. Now, first thing I'd like to say is: X, stop it with the begging. Asking three times if we want to comment on your write-up? It makes me not want to comment. Still, I'll be a good boy and do so:
- I think it was a little wordy here and there. We're bringing back the focus to mostly strategy, and you had a lot of flowery language going on. Sometimes it is has a complimentary function, in this write-up, it just got in the way.
- Can't say I agree with the Devil Slayer/Zauriel fight. That felt more like you wanting to get a win out of that fight rather than actually believing Eric would win. You could've still dealt with Zauriel via another character.
- I'm not fond of using DC/Marvel crossovers as canon. I don't necessarily disagree with Darkseid beating the Surfer, but backing it up via crossover? Meh.
- Definitely, definitely do NOT agree with the Black Alice/Flash fight. Black Alice is a teenage goth punk. I see Walter moving in and doing what he did with Dr. Alchemy. Mess with her brain, and she's out. And for the moon dropping to Earth strategy: absurd. Why would Black Alice want to destroy the Earth, especially just to beat one opponent? That makes absolutely no sense.

Still, you get the win since I agree that Blue Beetle and Traci Thirteen are outclassed here.
A few points on LV's write-up before I vote:
- Loved the style.
You can thank my teachers at school for having such boring un-engaging classes that I could spend my time doodling :)

- No way the Casa Mare team is in anyway unified.
Why? There are no real villains, and except for Cap, no real heroes. Most of them are kinda just neutral. Martian Manhunter isn't a REAL villain since we haven't seen her do REALLY evil stuff yet. I mean, the Titans of Tomorow are still a team of heroes in their time, even if their methods are more agressive
- Casa Mare doesn't know about Quasar's weakness to magic.
No, but they know Jaine Cutter is indestructable and can ONLY be hurt by magic. And since Quasar's powers are obviously NOT magical in nature, makes perfect sense to send Cutter.
- Black Panther wouldn't be so easily fooled.
Obviously not, but that's why I said MM would need Kono's help.

:whatever: :up:
Why? There are no real villains, and except for Cap, no real heroes. Most of them are kinda just neutral. Martian Manhunter isn't a REAL villain since we haven't seen her do REALLY evil stuff yet. I mean, the Titans of Tomorow are still a team of heroes in their time, even if their methods are more agressive
There is no strong leader. Manhunter hasn't shown the nicest of personalities, nor has Stellaris. Jaine is far from a team player, and Kono isn't going to fall in line easy either. There is nothing that would make this team work well together. They'd go off on their own.

No, but they know Jaine Cutter is indestructable and can ONLY be hurt by magic. And since Quasar's powers are obviously NOT magical in nature, makes perfect sense to send Cutter.
It doesn't. Besides the fact that Quasar can easily avoid Jaine, he might not be able to hurt her, his powers has numerous applications that can at least hold her at bay. Stellaris knows this, and sending a regular against an uber just really isn't that good of a strategy most of the time.

Obviously not, but that's why I said MM would need Kono's help.
The first sentence implies that Panther would fall for it, actually.
This is where I should mention that Stellaris briefly fought and seemed to have the upper hand on Quasar among a crap load of other top tiers...!
Yep, which I noted that Ronan kicked her ass not long ago. Similarly, SuperNova, whose power Nova has but more, also went up against a few top tiers and made out quick all right.
There is no strong leader.
Because there's a mind-link and they are coordinated enough not to need somebody to order them around.

Manhunter hasn't shown the nicest of personalities, nor has Stellaris. Jaine is far from a team player, and Kono isn't going to fall in line easy either. There is nothing that would make this team work well together. They'd go off on their own.

There is the little something called a prep-time in which they lay out a specific plan and they follow it. They don't need to work well together outside of said plan and that is why I introduced the notion of a mind link since it is important for Kono to be conected to her team mates since she is the key in making the plan work. Really, I don't see what the fuss is about.

I mean, Captain Atom is a team player, Kono is a team player and MM is a team player and MM insures the mind-link. True, Jaine is not a team player but she's not insane either to go around attacking her own team-mates. She'll get the job done and Stellaris was part of the Graces, so even she can be part of a team.

It doesn't. Besides the fact that Quasar can easily avoid Jaine, he might not be able to hurt her, his powers has numerous applications that can at least hold her at bay. Stellaris knows this, and sending a regular against an uber just really isn't that good of a strategy most of the time.

But since he doesn't know anything about her she could take him by surprise.

The first sentence implies that Panther would fall for it, actually.
The conclusion is worth more than the build-up. :)

I mean I know my strategy is not much of a strategy, but not for the reasons you are stating. :) You are placing way to much importance on personality in a case where personalities are not THAT different. Again, this is not a case of Fernus working with Superman.

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