Family traditions: the official "David Murray is Destro" thread

Bug-Eyed Earl

Nov 25, 2002
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Talk about the largely mysterious man behind Destro's mask, and the character himself here.
any pics for this guy... anyone know anything?
The script review seems to point that his mask will end up a cameo. Probably be like Doom in FF. :down:cmad:
i dunno DL.. it would be kinda cool.. if this flick.. was a backstory on Destro's origins.... and he gets more powerful in the sequel :huh:
Why Destro seems to be the central character of this movie, is beyond me. :huh:
It's so weird that I can't find a pic of this guy..

I found Dave Murray the jazz musician...and actor Dave Murray (the "Where Are You" Thug from Batman Begins). So is this DAVE the same thug from BB?
is this DAVE the same thug from BB?

Yes, it is.


Very.. uh.. cool? I mean, not much to say, really.
I didn't even know he was suit :cwink:
Nice button?
Like....I was gonna post another "mocking" pic, of like a guy in a suit or something. But it is so plain that I can't even think of something that is about as plain as this, while putting a humorous spin on it. Why even bother release a picture of someone before they are what we wanna see?
I knew he was going to have the medallion from the action figure- glad they made it small. It might have looked too garish otherwise.
Very creative. :dry:
Are you saying this isn't what you expected :huh:

I honestly thought we were all expecting Destro in a black business suit, I know I was - and I'm not disappointed. I was assuming they'd give him a red tie as sort of a refrence to his big red collar, but it really isn't that big of a deal. The tie pin is a nice tribute to his medallion.

Overall, I'd say Destro is the only one who has met my expectations.
So they chose to release a picture of him without his mask? Mistake.
So they chose to release a picture of him without his mask? Mistake.

wasn't it said in the script review that he gets the mask later on? I think they're going for the movie Doc Doom angle.
Sofisticated and cruel looking.
Hope he talks like a mother****ing Scotish bad-ass!
Why oh why even release this pic to begin with? This is NOT the Destro i know. :huh:
Destro without mask =/= Destro. It's like Vader without his black armor is just Anakin Skywalker.

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