Favorite Super Hero?


....I need a horse!
Jan 18, 2012
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I don't think there is a thread for this anywhere in marvel. But who is your favorite marvel comics super hero?
Currently Iron Fist. Dude needs to get into a comic asap!
Spidey :spidey:. My favorite Marvel superhero and my second favorite superhero overall (first being Batman) though he is a very close second.
As I have gotten older I have grown into loving Miller's Daredevil and Batman, I really do have an appreciation for them. But I still dream about flying, so Superman still takes the cake. If these characters are fantasies, I'll take the best fantasy.
Spidey and Wolverine, tied

Yeah, I know Wolverine is overexposed in comics and films but he's my favorite anyways
Detective Chimp.
fave marvel hero - Union Jack (surprisingly)
2nd - captain britain.

fave DC hero - Superman
2nd - Batman

number 1 hero - Superman!!
Just because he gets so much hate around here..

I gotta go with the Wolverine
In the 90's, Wolverine. Upon revisiting comics after many, many years it grew to be Nova (Richard Rider). I really hope they find a way to bring him back soon. His role in Annihilation is what cemented my return to reading comics.
Thor. One day I will read every comic Marvel's ever published featuring him. I'm about halfway there right now.

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