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May 28, 2012
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This thread is concerning the future of the Spider-Man movies AFTER the current trilogy (assuming it is three movies). What do you think are Sony's plans for Spider-Man when they complete the current story arc? They have to make a film every 5 years in order to retain the film rights to the Marvel character.

These are the possibilities:

1. They reboot the franchise again, probably without re-telling the origin.
2. They continue making more sequels.
3. They sell the rights back to Sony (or let them expire)

*Its possible that they could create their own "cinematic universe" starting with a Venom Spin-Off (I think it would be a terrible movie, but just throwing that idea out there).

What does everyone think?
Arad has already made reference to the Sinister Six, so I think Sony have that in mind as the eventual goal. Based on that and what they saw last summer at the box office, I doubt another reboot is on the horizon any time soon. That's assuming the films don't continue on with diminishing returns or go completely in the toilet from a quality standpoint.
I doubt we'll be seeing a Sinister Six film in this current trilogy. Also, I don't take Arad very seriously. How long has he been talking about a Venom film?

If Sony sees that there isn't that much profit in the Spider-Man films, then I'd assume they would sell the rights back to Marvel.
We won't be seeing SS in this trilogy, but beyond (if it happens). The cast will be different, but the films will be ongoing stories and not rebooted ones. I don't doubt that Sony has a Sinister Six film in mind, it would be their version of the Avengers in terms of spectacle. But Arad does seem like a car salesman at times.
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Sinister Six would be epic. But they would have to really build up to it. We have Electro, but we would need Doc Ock, Vulture, Sandman, Kraven, & Mysterio. Of course we don't need the same exact team members, since it has changed throughout the years in the comics, but IDK if they can do that with a few films.
Here's a question for you guys: If they still continue Webb's Universe, even if Andrew and Marc are done whenever they want to be done, who would you guys like to see direct the future movies and who would you pick to play as Peter (that would be able to portray Andrew's Peter)?
Let's say they finish the trilogy, and the film rights revert back to Marvel. I could see them doing a loose continuation to the trilogy, and would hope that maybe Joss Whedon would direct. I can't think of anyone to play Andrew's Peter though... that's hard.
Joss Whedon would be perfect for Spidey!
He called the first two spiderman films untouchable or something. Glad he is a fan.
I imagine Sony will keep making sequels after this trilogy is done, which IMO will only make me more sad Spidey 4,5, and 6 never happened. :p

I do wish Marvel Studios could get control of Spidey...

Joss Whedon would be perfect for Spidey!

Hex yeah! :D His excellent at relationships and dialog between multiple characters.
I imagine Sony will keep making sequels after this trilogy is done, which IMO will only make me more sad Spidey 4,5, and 6 never happened. :p

I do wish Marvel Studios could get control of Spidey...

I think at this point I'm over the fact that we didn't get Spider-Man 3 sequels. Of course I will always feel somewhat upset about them getting cancelled.

I really don't care, as long as the movies are good. I think at some point though, Sony will find it difficult to continue to make a Spider-Man film EVERY 5 years for as long as they are in business. I expect Marvel to get the rights back eventually. Maybe in 10-15 years or so?
about 10+ years sounds right to me.

I expect that, eventually, they'll make Spidey film that bombs in the box office. It won't be worth the financial risk of making another and the rights will revert back to Marvel.

Only time will tell.
I don't think a Spider-Man movie will BOMB, but maybe they'll make a film that does not earn double its budget. So if it costs $250 million but the box office is $350-400 million.

If the box office revenue continues to decline, even if TASM2 and TASM3 are so much better, then Sony might sell the film rights back altogether to Marvel.

TASM2 comes out in 2014. We can assume TASM3 will come out by 2016. So lets assume they make no sequels, and let the rights expire. Marvel would get the rights back by 2021.
Admittedly, that's the most likely possibility (although I could see a TASM4 or 5 being a reality if TASM2 and 3 ended up being wildly successful). When I'm talking about a BOMB I'm just considering the possibility that eventually someone might come along and pull a Joel Schumacher (not impossible).

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