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Sep 8, 2004
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Could someone please tell me Ghost Rider's story and bio? I don't know much about him. :xmen:
Phew... this could be a long post as the history of Ghost Rider is pretty long and detailed, especially because there are 2 of them... 3 if you count Vengence.

There is a really great history of GR posted on the Vengence Unbound website that is pretty detailed and goes through the story in pretty good detail. I suggest reading that and heres the link for that...

If you have an specific questions, feel free to ask.
Ok, can someone educate me on Ghost Rider? All I know that he's a guy with a motorcycle and a flaming skull for a head.

Thanks in advance. :)
Cool. Thanks. Can someone point me to some info on this movie? Y'all got me interested in this one. :D
Reading the threads in the GR forum isn't enough? :) Right now, haven't heard anything new at this time but keep a eye out on the GR, something bound to pop up :D
Morg said:
Reading the threads in the GR forum isn't enough? :)

As you can see, I'm clearly being a post ****e here so, I guess it'll do. :D
The Q&A thread is the best source for information right now. Check that out.
Should they use the original Johnny Blaze´s origin, of having him making a pact with the "devil" to save Crash Simpson life from a fatal disease.
Or should they change it?

I think they should change it...update it, because, in my opinion, the Blaze´s Ghost Rider origin is not very good to begin with.
It might have made some sense back in the 60´s, but not now.
IDK, I like the whole making-a-deal-with-the-devil origin.
I'd have it be to save Roxanne though instead of Crash.
as long as the heart of the story is there....that Blaze gives up his soul to a dark power in order to save a loved one. that is the main point of Ghost Rider....whether its Crash or Roxanne doesnt make a big difference to me. however i do hope that Crash is in there somewhere...
Me too.

As for the origin... I think it's crucial to keep it the way it is. It's such a great story and a wonderful take on heroism. This man saves a life by giving up the ultimate sacrifice; his soul. That's worse than death.

I mean, what better origin is there?
i thought they were going to have blaze give his soul to save his dad
No, that's from the comic. In the movie he tries to save Roxanne.
Which I don't mind. I understand the change. There has to be romantic interest in a movie these days. It's almost law... and probably always has been.
Hi everyone, im new to the Superherohype forum and im also new to Ghost Rider. Hes one of those character that people know about, but dont know the origin of *im one of those people*. So whats his origin? I was looking around on the internet and didnt really come across any good sources, are there any good Ghost Rider sites that have stories, pictures and all that good stuff?
Tell me all you know about Ghost rider what his powers are how he got them his back history everthing
Jeepers... I have the first issue (i believe)...

It starts off at night inside a dark church, and theres a heavey lightning storm outside. The doors open and in comes a blonde, short haired man, looking for santcuary. The man introduces himself as Johnny Blaze. The Priest "sensed" something troubling the man, and asked if he needed any guidence. So they step into the booth. This is where He tells his life story, his father was a stunt man. His father dies, hes an orphan who moves in with the girl of his dreams, Rocky, and her father, Crash, who was Johnny's fathers friend and partner in Crash's stunt show.

Later on in life, his new mother, Mona, Dies and he promised her (her wishes) he'd give up his biking. He also gains intrest in the occult, so he can contact Mona's Spirit. He felt that he wasn't getting anywhere, and we being pressured to start biking again, so secretly he did, but not for the show. He did it for the thrill, not to make a profit off the stunts. But, Crash (his new father) finds out hes got a month to live and causes Johnny to make a pact with the devil. He made a deal with the devil. His soul, to spare Crash of the disease that was killing him. 3 weeks later, Crash died while making his last Stunt too short of a jump. Johnny Blaze felt that he made a deal witht he devil, and the devil should have kept his word. Although he didn't die of disease, the devil found another way of killing Crash. The devil came for Johnny's Soul that night, but Rocky, haveread all the same books Johnny did on the occult, scared the devil off. But, the devil said he would return

Johnny, wanting to help Rocky run the show, took Crash's place in the Stunt show. He felt that he wasn't jsut as good, but better then Crash. Inside the Dressing room is when he first became :ghost: Ghost Rider.

I won't tell you what happens in the rest of the story Because its really good, and you should git yer hands on a copy somehow. Not from me :)

Johnny Blaze doesn't have any powers. Its Ghost Rider who has the powers. Its like a split personality. JB is just a human, GR is a demon who is caged up inside JB.

GR comes out at the site of blood, but i don't think it started out that way. I read mostly the Danny Ketch stories, and through that, he came out when someone was hurt or whatever. Think of Danny Ketch as a camera, and GR as the security gaurd. When DK views something, GR comes out for vengence.

GR's powers are the fact he can make a bike out of his flames. A funny thing about his flames are, its a mystical flame. It can't harm the innocent. Only can burn the guilty. He also has a pensence stare which is when he shoots flames from his own eyes, and into the bad guy's eyes. This makes the person feel the pain that he caused on others. Like JB, GR is an excellent biker, beter then JB is. No matter what bike it is, he can go faster. He can do better stunts (like his famouse riding up walls of tall buildings).

My favorit Marvel Character is GR :ghost: . I love it because its dark. At first i was sketical cuz i'm not into bikers. But i picked it up, gave it a chance and LOVED IT! I started getting as much comics as i possibly could. I don't have them all... nearly half. But i have alot.

Finding out about this movie was both great news to me and bad. I loved the comics, and i know they're going to change it so i'm afride what the outcome will be. I really hope they take the beginning of the movie EXACTLY how this comic is, and then go more into the film. I think that this comic has a GREAT introductry.

The worst news i heard about the movie, wasn't that Johnny Cage will be playing JB... i think we all should give him a chance. I have faith in him. What i don't have faith in, is the script. When i found out there was a dark story, i was happy. Then i last heard they scrapped it and made it PG-13. Now, if you're a hard core GR fan like me... this would have upsetted you. Marvel has 3 dif sides... the girly storys (whats her name.. modeling mindy or something?) The Good VS Bad (Spider-Man, X-MEN, Fantastic Four etc.) and the Bad VS Bad, Dark stories (DareDevil, Punisher... and Ghost Rider). Watching DareDevil (theatrical release which was PG-13) It was alreight, but wasn't how the comic would be written. Then they came out with a Director's Cut (unrated), and it was so much better. I felt it was more like the comic. Theres Also Punisher (rated R) which really had the dark depths. I mean, you really felt his pain, and anger when you seen his whole family be killed. They couldn't pull that off in PG-13. So, i'm afride that they're going to make a horrible movie if they stick to the PG-13 guidlines. Anyone who reads GR will agree. GR does not by anymeans tell a good PG-13 story. To me, they're jsut trying to make a movie. If they wanted to make Ghost Rider's character come to life, they'd make it rated R.
johnny cage is playing Ghost Rider? didn't he died right at the beginning of the sequel to mortal kombat?
it's nicolas cage my friend. :)
LOL yea thats what i ment thnx.. i knew i was messing up his name, i just could think about his real name
The reaosn i ask about his backround is cause i chose him as my character for a marvel RPG on this site. SO i need to know all that i can. :ghost:

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