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Oct 7, 2005
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There is a part where they mention Marvel Legends Two packs with interchangebla parts and lots of accesories!!! They will start with six 2 packs!

I think here we will see the Hand ninjas, SHIELD agents, and the other goons we have not get yet! Lets hope for it. The other stuff, we already knew, the Hulk and IM lines, the two ML lines and some other stuff.

take a look guys. Hope it is usefull!
ML Transformers? Oh boy...if these look at all cool, there goes more of my cash.
every single hulk item mentioned will be mine!! 12 inch hulk, hell yeah! roto cast hulk and abomination, man i cant wait!!!
Interchangeable parts? Hmmm...

I don't know Hasbro, in all honesty, you still haven't tempted me to buy more than one figure per line. Hopefully Spiral won't have a naff skin tone.
Going by what I know about TF releases for 2008 that list could be horribly wrong. That list makes zero mention of the rest of the movie line that doesn't hit until end of this month to the start of January. All spark battles has deluxe voyager and leader assorments. None of which are mentioned.
but the star wars figs go with nothing!!! NOTHING!!!

why couldn't they have been 5":csad: they they'd go with almost every other movie toy:csad:
Also....who is getting cut from the hulk waves? It was two waves of six and now it is two waves of four...........I hope that it isn't bi Beast and wendigo that get cut......but I know Bi Beast'll be the first cut.....so to get my Fin Fang Foom.....I'll get four more hulks, another She Hulk and Absorbing man.....and Maybe a new fig or two (samson and valkyrie)

i think they should cut McGuniess Hulk and release it later as a TRU exclusive....with a Red paint job......Son of Hulk should also be cut and put into a two pack with Red king.......and......hmmm, Maybe all of these 'cut' from the hulk wave will be in those 2 packs....maybe we're getting a Wendigo/Wolverine pack, and they did mention interchangeable parts....so maybe clawless Wolverine.....

either way.....16 figs in the Iron man wave....is great (long as some get comic accurate, two waves of Hulk including the Foom...is great, six new two packs.....it's all good but the two ML waves....But i am sure there will be a couple more....also 48 six inch Spiderman "evenly between the good guys and the bad guys"

That says to me that there will be 24 Spidey Villains, hopefully we get some new ones that need to be done....thin suit Beetle, hammerhead, CHAMELEON, Molten Man......that is lookign up, and they also said heroes and villains...so i am thinking that there will be 12-16 Spideys and 8-12 other guys.....Prowler, Rocket Racer........

So asside from the only 2 waves of Ml and the cut back from the Hulk waves.....I think I'll be pleases with 2008....though there were no mentions of Box sets.
but the star wars figs go with nothing!!! NOTHING!!!

why couldn't they have been 5":csad: they they'd go with almost every other movie toy:csad:
Let's see SW 25th Joes and Indy all go together size wise.
I'm worried that the Spidey figs will be mostly rehashes of Previous Spideys and some villains...
But if they're releasing new figures (and new resculpts for some figs released by TB) hopefully we'll get an improved Black Cat, Morbius, Hydroman, and Mysterio. The interchangeable parts on the two packs intrigue me...

Hasbro can't put out this much stuff.

Or they just can't put out this much stuff and have it turn out decent.
im excited for the spiderman part atleast : /
this much?

I count......35 MLs including BAFs.....then the 16 IM figs....and 48 Spideys.....

hmmmmm, 99......okay, yeah that's a few more than the 52 of 2007.....but when I did that 52 Math I did something different.....

I think they can do it, they put out hundreds of SW figs a yeah......so why not a hundred MLs.

As Doc said the Spidey wave will feature a few rehashes....(maybe a single card Vulture)....okay likely a lot of rehashes.....and from the 2 packs I expect a few repaints and reused bodies (like the 2007 2 packs) Hulk waves should be pretty much good to go by now........

i see no reason not for them to able to do this
oh and im looking forward to unleashed too!
really? they seem redundant, they wont't give us the articulation we want in 6 inch so they do it in 8 inch? **** that.

But I am looking forward to seeing who makes the cut for the next 8 spots
mostly b/c im one of those lame-os that likes bases
when they showed the new green goblin and spiderman ones,i said i wasnt gonna get em, but i probablly will get spidey still just incase they do other comic spidey villains in the unleashed line,besides that ugly green goblin
ok, well let me just say that I was really psyced for the hulk ML waves and now I'm not so sure. Yeah I want FFF, but I will be mad as hell if they cut Bi--Beast and Wendigo from the line. I really want both of those baddies. I'd like Red King and Absorbing man as well, but I'd rather have the former at least if two have to be knocked off.

Man I want Bi-beast, I hope he's not cut.

And if it's only going to be 8 figures, then why not just make it one wave like the old 8 fig waves. I really hope this is a mistake and that really there are 2 waves of 6 as I wanted all the figures that we saw pics of and all the ones we heard of.

I could see them putting valkyrie in some other kind of ML wave though as I don't think she has as much of an attachment to the hulk anyway.

And as far as the two-packs go, I hope they bring us lots more villains.
:im: I'm very excited for the Iron Man set, I very happy to see 16 figures in that set, more than I excepted.
foom is in an 8 figure BAF wave, hes not gonna be big
collectors are gonna be pissed
thats right lars...no matter who does it or what they do...there will always be complains!!! :woot:

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