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How would you Stereotype/Classify yourslf?


Not an S
Jul 26, 2007
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I just want discussions on what people put themselves in and we talk about it

I would put my selg as the Typical Band Member/Skater :oldrazz:
I dress sort of preppy-ish but I listen to good hip hop. Not that radio crap.
Sexy bastard with a heart of gold
I'm a pretty geeky nerd dork. :funny: Gamer girl, comic chick, sci-fi freak. :funny:
well look at it this way: sweaters and dress shirts and either jeans or brown/beige pants and for shoes I have swayed brown/beige/white and black and I have a faux-hock and for music it's always Mos-Def, Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique etc. And how do I speak? Proper english.
Im like the oppisite: Band shirts, long hair, tight pants etc.
I hate the screamo/emo and skaters kids at my school. I wanna punt their heads.
Why do you hate them?
emo's are sissys and annoying.

Skaters are annoying and arrogant and very immature.

Screamo likers tend to talk a lot of **** but cower away when you wanna fight em.
They have those? I am intrigued. I'm somewhere between a band geek and a fun, cool, happening guy.
Somewhere. I think they all live on an island in the South Pacific or something.
What if his mom classified me as "a beast" does that count?

(just kidding...)

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