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spider there will be three movies... second has been greenlighted

As quoted in Movietime Magazine, the writers of the Michael Bay Transformers movie, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, say in an interview:

We can't say much right now, but as we are almost finished writing the screenplay for the sequel, the action will be bigger than the first one - literally bigger - as in our heros and villains [Autobots and Decepticons] reluctantly teaming up to fight a certain evil planet-sized Transformer.

can anyone tel me if this is really true?
if it is....well...I hope so. would be awesome.
He's lying. He posted in the watchmen forum that he knew the "official" cast of watchmen and posted the actors and only a few of them were true cause they were confirmed before.
and the writers of TF1 have already stated that they will not be writing a sequel.
okay, this is getting annoyying, they never said they weren't writing the sequel, they just said they haven't signed on, no one has except the actors who signed for more than one movie!
check again dude... it says nothing about who's going to be writing it.

don't get me wrong, I'm all for a TF sequel, but the TF1 writers are probably gonna be swamped with Star Trek
I hope there are 10 Transformers sequels, if done right the stories and storylines are limitless as long as they keep bringing in new characters with each one
"On May 30, 2007, DreamWorks greenlit two sequels to Transformers. Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Peter Cullen are signed on to return. Producer Tom DeSanto has envisioned a storyline introducing the Dinobots, Constructicons, and Soundwave. Writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman may not return, as "the next Star Trek is taking up most of our time." Michael Bay has not signed on, "trying to keep some leverage for the negotiations," but already has ideas, including an aircraft carrier character. The producers expect that with a bigger budget and the special effects worked out, the Transformers will have a larger role."http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transformers_2#_note-76
Alright, im not trying to sound like a jerk, but id rather listen to them say it, then read them when they could have been paraphrased from another interview. im sourcing an AUDIO interview for TRANSFORMERS. in the q and a they say except the actors, NO ONE is signed. Star Trek was finished at Christmas, it is now however going into pre-production, so once the cast starts being put together, they are going to have to rewrite for the actors. They aren't swamped with it. Also, after that, they have a clean slate considering Michael Bay is off to shoot two other movies (one written by them) b4 he can think of another Transformers. They would like to do it. Listen to the podcast.

(second one down after Sunshine)

46.05 - Star Trek is done. Rewriting to fit actors is all.

im just saying, while it maybe in development, NO writer has signed. no writer has declined. listen.
dude, Orci and Kurtzman have said themselves that they don't think it is worth a sequel (even though I highly disagree with them)... they're making molehills out of mountains...

if they return, fine, but as of right now, they're not the writers.
what just leave megatron at the bottom of the ocean... and not
make a sequal that's nuts
like I said, they're making molehills out of mountains... it definitely deserves a sequel
they need better writers... it's not released til 09 anyhow
I'm actually hoping for more of a three way fight of the Autobots, Megatrons loyal Decepticons and Starscreams army of Decepticons. Maybe a substory of humans making giant robots of their own could work too. Like a Transformers defense system that goes haywire.
I reckon, it has potential. As long as 2 doesn't tie in with 3 *cough pirates cough*.

Also, I think as for megatron, the cube evolves him under the sea and he comes back as Galvatron - that'd be coool!

I like the idea of Unicron too, cos then it's not just Decepticons and Autobots against each other again, its them against Unicron, and chances are the decepticons led by starscream may try to double cross the autobots...

As long as megan fox is in it - I'll watch it.
These guys should put Unicorn in third film, not in second movie. It's seen too rush.
i hope they make at least 2 sequels...the unicron idea would be kinda ehhh...
and i agree with mMark...more fights on earth...not in space..rainforest would be good for like a fight against constructicons and ground based autobots.

personally...i'd like to see more involvement with humans and unicron would take away that human character focus. A bad military general could find megatron along with some aircraft carrier decepticon...and BAy could work with that.

i'm jsut throwing stuff into the air. haha
IF they do unicron have james earl jones do the voice
I can only imagine Bay's version of Unicron


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