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Les Miserables: Even the thread will make you cry - Part 2

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Except for the two idiots behind me when the preview showed tonight. One went "Uhhhh...no!" when it ended, and her friend said "Oh, I'm gonna get my tickets now!" in a mocking voice when the advance tickets thing came up.

I wanted to find a way to 'accidentally' drop a soda on their heads. :argh:

Don't waste perfectly good soda.
Don't waste perfectly good soda.

Especially in NY, god knows how much longer we'll be able to have that.

And hey, we got us a new thread! Any suggestions for new thread titles?
Les Miserables: Just 1 day (actually 67 days) more

Les Miserables: Empty threads at empty tables

Les Miserables: Do you hear the hypesters sing?

Les Miserables Thread #24601

Les Miserables: Taylor Swift will be in the sequel
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Les Miserables: Just 1 day (actually 67 days) more

Les Miserables: Empty threads at empty tables

Les Miserables: Do you hear the hypesters sing?

Les Miserables Thread #24601

Les Miserables: Taylor Swift will be in the sequel

It's a tough decision between these two.
My personal ranking of the likelihood of Oscar attention for Les Miserables castmembers:

1. Anne Hathaway - pretty obvious; a lot of people think she's the frontrunner for this, assuming the movie delivers.
2. Russell Crowe - if he sells the singing, that'll get a lot of favourable attention, and Javert's a juicy part.
3. Samantha Barks - never underestimate Eponine's popularity, though Hathaway has the advantage due to being more famous (and being the focus of advertising).
4. Hugh Jackman - I'm projecting all four of these to be nominated if the movie is a hit, but I think a Jackman victory is the least likely. It's hard to win Best Actor for a musical (hasn't happened since 1964), and unlike the other categories, Best Actor this year already has a number of real dramatic heavies present (Day-Lewis, Washington, Hawkes, etc.). The supporting categories are more open at this point.
The screenplay has been removed from the Universal site, and the thread discussing it has been deleted from the IMDb message board. Hmm!
An interview with Mackintosh with many new Les Mis tidbits (he wanted Hugh as Javert apparently.

Mackintosh: ‘Miss Saigon’ film depends on ‘Les Miz’
By Ruben V. Nepales
Philippine Daily Inquirer
October 20, 2012

CAMERON Mackintosh is all praise for the Filipinos who were in the cast of “Miss Saigon” photo: www.cameronmackintosh.com
LOS ANGELES – As early as May this year, Cameron Mackintosh told us that he was looking for “fresh faces” for his new version of “Miss Saigon.” During our visit to the “Les Miserables” set at the Pinewood Studios in the UK, the producer of megamusicals said he would soon be scouting for talents, preferably under 20 years old.

(Cameron recently announced that Manila auditions for “Miss Saigon” would be held in November.)

He said he would start from scratch for his new production of the Vietnam War musical based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera, “Madame Butterfly.” He was all praise for the Filipino talents who had starred in “Miss Saigon” productions all over the world, led by Lea Salonga (“fantastic,” “remarkable”), Leo Valdez (“terrific”) and Monique Wilson, whom he asked about and complimented as well (we told him Monique was based in London).

When we asked for an update on the plans to turn the musical penned by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil into a film, he replied: “The fate of ‘Miss Saigon’ depends on how successful we are with ‘Les Miserables.’ ”
He added: “We will owe it all to Cosette (a character in the novel Les Misérables) if we get a chance to bring Kim to the screen.”


Later, Hugh Jackman, in full costume as Jean Valjean—beard and all—joined Cameron in the interview. A question about how Hugh and Russell Crowe (who plays Javert) were cast made Cameron remember the latter actor’s surprising “Miss Saigon” connection.

Cameron, a wonderful storyteller (the man can talk!), said with a laugh: “What I didn’t know until Russell and I first chatted was this—Russell said to me, ‘The first musical I had auditioned for was for you, bastard. You didn’t give me the role.’ It was for ‘Miss Saigon.’”

The modern-day impresario added: “Russell had just come out of college—drama school. My managing director over there, Matthew (Cameron pointed at him in the back), and Russell were school friends. Matthew kept encouraging Russell to go and come up for the show because I think it was the beginning of the 1990s when I was doing it (‘Miss Saigon’) in Australia.”

Cameron had more—can you imagine Geoffrey Rush, the Oscar and Golden Globe Best Actor Winner for “Shine” as the Engineer? Cameron recalled:

“Ironically, another person I didn’t take for that show was Geoffrey Rush and only because he looked too Caucasian. But he was brilliant. I remember saying to Geoffrey, ‘If I were doing Fagin (from ‘Oliver!’), I would be pleased to have you.’”

The producer cited the serendipity: “And it shows what happens in life—six weeks later, Geoffrey got ‘Shine.’ Who knows what might have happened to that early part of his career if he was under contract with me for a year and he was not available for that role? It’s just weird how stuff happens so thank you, God. I always go, God on high.”

Cameron turned to Hugh and joked, “I turned you down, too, did I?”

Hugh laughed and offered his own “Les Miz” connection. When he auditioned for an Australian production of “Beauty and the Beast,” Hugh sang Javert’s song, “Stars,” from “Les Miz.” Cameron reacted with, “I told you that you should play Javert at one point.” “You did,” Hugh said.

Male leads

Hugh shared what the “Beauty and the Beast” audition folks told him: “‘Why did you sing that song? It’s not really applicable at all to this.’ I said, ‘It was the only thing I had music to.’ They said, ‘Well, you can throw that away.’ ”
Looking at Cameron, Hugh cracked: “I don’t think you’ll ever do that one.”
Cameron volunteered that he had always thought of Hugh and Russell as his male leads for the film adaptation of “Les Miz.”

He said: “Over the years, I did often think, because I had worked with Hugh on ‘Oklahoma,’ that God, Russell and Hugh—wouldn’t they be brilliant in the roles? Initially, I thought it would be the other way around (Hugh is Javert; Russell is Jean).’ I used to have an office in Sydney because I did so many shows there. I saw Russell do ‘The Blues Brothers’ when he was starting his career. He started in musicals like ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and ‘Blood Brothers.’”

Both “Miss Saigon” and “Les Miz” still resonate with the times, according to Cameron. “It’s interesting to see how the Asian markets absolutely adore it (‘Miss Saigon’),” he said. “When I went to the opening (of the production) in Holland, I hadn’t seen it in four years. The world has caught up with ‘Miss Saigon.’ All the stuff in it—the resonance of (modern day) pirates and refugees is about Europe and people coming in from Africa. It has a completely different resonance now from when we did it. Sadly, we have so many wars in the world.”

Same case

“Nobody’s really thinking about the story of ‘Les Miserables’ in the context of the 1830 counter revolution—that it could come from today’s headlines everywhere,” Cameron continued. “It’s the same with it (‘Miss Saigon’). It’s interesting that the ‘American Dream’ number which ends badly turned out to be a premonition of what greed does to the American dream in the (economic) collapse. All of that is starkly there without (us) changing a single word so that number is very timely.”

Cameron maintained that “Miss Saigon,” like “Les Miz,” has creative potential as a film. “It was always an incredibly powerful story,” he stressed. “It’s about the ultimate mother’s sacrifice. I’ve always felt that if there was a market for dramatic musicals, that (‘Miss Saigon’) would be made.”

Back to “Les Miz”—which Tom Hooper directs—we asked him about the new Schonberg-Boublil song, “Suddenly,” which was added to the film version. “It happens exactly the very first movement that, having promised Fantine to look after her daughter, Valjean rushed to save her and this little girl immediately trusts him. There’s a fantastic scene in the movie where they meet in the forest which is really one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

And one of the "convicts" tweets (he has a singing line, forget which one):

Josef Altin @JosefAltin
La laaaa la laaaaa la la la la la laaa!!!!! Getting ready for my ADR for this Monday #LesMisMovie :)

Caddy @Caddy_AT5
@JosefAltin ADR?

Josef Altin @JosefAltin
@Caddy_AT5 voic over :)
My personal ranking of the likelihood of Oscar attention for Les Miserables castmembers:

1. Anne Hathaway - pretty obvious; a lot of people think she's the frontrunner for this, assuming the movie delivers.
If she's not nominated I may have to send out Anne-thrax. :funny:
This looks F'n amazing I have to admit.
Pickups are being filmed.


Pulteney Weir in Bath

For just one evening – this Sunday evening – the Pulteney Weir area on the River Avon in Bath is going to be transformed into the Parisian banks of the River Seine in France. The big film boys have arrived to do a ‘pick-up’ shot for the multi-million pound screen adaptation of a musical that’s been seen on the stage by 60 million people in 42 countries and in 21 languages. It’s Victor Hugo’s epic tale Les Miserables which is due to hit the big screen in January 2013. Hugh Jackman plays Jean Valjean, Anna Hathay Fantine and Russel Crowe the police chief Javert. The movie is directed by Tom Hooper who did the Academy Award winning The King’s Speech.

Film lighting lorries start to assemble by the Empire Hotel

No stars in Bath tonight l am told – only stunt doubles – and with the raging torrent of the Avon doubling for the waterway of revolutionary Paris my money is on the moment when Javert ends it all. Is Russell Crowe’s stunt double going to get wet? Filming is due to get underway around 5.30 this evening.

So, no word on the trailer? (I'm not counting that unconfirmed information about the November release of the trailer).
Nope, no word yet. Last time they announced it was coming out about five days before it was released so maybe they'll do the same thing this time around.
Bunch of tweets from the "barricade boys" - sounds like they went back for ADR:

Gabriel Vick @TheGabrielVick
Amazing day at #lesmismovie ADR - the snippets of film we saw were stunning - very exciting. Great crack with #barricadeboysareback.

Joseph Peters @Joeypetes22
Back in today for some more homo erotic fun with the #barricadeboys #barricadeboysareback

Jonny Purchase @jonnypurchase
Up bright and early to do some more work on the @LesMiserables film. Will be good to see everyone after so long! #barricadeboysareback

Killian Donnelly @killiandonnelly
@russellcrowe all the #barricadeboys missed ya today mate #LesMis pic.twitter.com/egVUGbTJ

Killian Donnelly @killiandonnelly
Myself, Hugh, @gblagden, @frafee, @alistairbrammer reunited at last #barricadeboys pic.twitter.com/N0yW2z9w

Iwan Lewis IwyLewis
Almost back in Cardiff after a long day of shouting in a studio for the Les Mis movie.Haven't laughed so much in a long time! #TopLads

Fra Fee @frafee
Amazing being reunited with the #barricadeboys today..! This movie is gonna be EPIC..! Also. I'm now voiceless... #shouting

Fra Fee @frafee
@IwyLewis too ****in funny..."YES GAVROCHE KEEP PULLING! YES!"...kill me...x

Jamie muscato @Jamiemuscato
Great night with the #barricadeboys tonight! @frafee @killiandonnelly @JosSlovick @Joeypetes22
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In the Estonian version of Pop Idol one guy sang "Stars" and qualified for the final, even though he was quite awful. It was exciting to see some Les Mis in that show, though.

Conversation between one of the convicts and a Lovely Lady on doing ADR:

Julia Worsley @JuliaClaireW
Looking forward to doing some ADR tomorrow on Les Mis movie - cheeky sneaky peeky!

Josef Altin @JosefAltin
Ok guys and girls just came out from meeting Tom hooper at the ADR and let me tell you ...woooooooooow!!!!!!! Looks amazing! Omfg!!!!! :)

Julia Worsley Julia Worsley @JuliaClaireW
@JosefAltin I'm in tomorrow!! Is it good hun???

Josef Altin Josef Altin @JosefAltin
@JuliaClaireW omg julia!! It will blow u away!!!! Good luck! :)

Julia Worsley Julia Worsley @JuliaClaireW
@JosefAltin can't wait! X

Some new pictures there, I believe ... of Amanda&Eddie. And an interesting article in general.
Yeah, that's from the Entertainment Weekly article (in the link) that I think was posted in the previous thread. Here are two new ones:

Cosette and Marius found on tumblr.com:


And Enjolras from aarontveit.net:

We get a new picture of Amanda&Eddie like every other week and they all look exactly the same ... they really should switch to releasing pictures of Thenardiers instead.
I REALLY hope some of this is online! Eddie is joining Anne at her show Wednesday night.

Harvey Fierstein, Audra McDonald, Raúl Esparza and Eddie Redmayne to Join Anne Hathaway for Evening of Cabaret at Joe's Pub
By Adam Hetrick
23 Oct 2012
Tony Award winners Harvey Fierstein, Audra McDonald, Linda Lavin and Eddie Redmayne as well as Tony nominee Raúl Esparza will be part of Perfectly Marvelous: The Songs of Cabaret with Anne Hathaway and Friends Oct. 24 at Joe's Pub.

The sold-out 7 PM concert promises songs from the stage and film versions of the John Kander-Fred Ebb classic, Cabaret, including "Willkommen," "Cabaret," "Maybe This Time" and "Perfectly Marvelous."

Hathaway, who plays Fantine in the upcoming film of Les Miserables, will be joined by fellow Les Miz film cast member Redmayne, as well as Fierstein (Hairspray, La Cage), McDonald (Ragtime, Porgy and Bess), Lavin (The Lyons), Esparza (Company, Leap of Faith), Darius Nichols (Hair), Bryce Pinkham (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson), Noah Radcliffe (Into the Woods) and Michael Winther (Mamma Mia!).

Hathaway, McDonald and Esparza all appeared together in the 2009 Shakespeare in the Park production of Twelfth Night.

Tony Award winner Ted Sperling (The Light in the Piazza) will direct the concert that will be musical directed by Mary-Mitchell Campbell (Company). The one-night-only event is part of a celebration of The Public Theater's newly revitalized Lafayette Street home, which is in the final stages of a $40 million renovation.

"I am delighted to reunite with The Public for this special night to celebrate the theatre's rededication, and support its mission to spread great theatre to all the people of New York (tourists are welcome too)," Hathaway said in a statement.

Hathaway performed the role of Viola in the music-filled 2009 Shakespeare in the Park production of Twelfth Night. Her screen appearances include "The Dark Knight Rises," "Rachel Getting Married," "The Devil Wears Prada," "Love and Other Drugs," "Brokeback Mountain" and "Alice in Wonderland."

Visit Public Theater. The Public Theater is located at 425 Lafayette Street in Manhattan.
Yeah, I saw Harvey post about it yesterday on fb, though he never mentioned Eddie. He did mention everyone else.
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