Lords of the Fallen: a next-gen RPG inspired by Dark Souls, Borderlands


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Dec 27, 2005
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Lords of the Fallen: a next-gen RPG inspired by Dark Souls, Borderlands

Lords of the Fallen is a next-gen RPG that takes cues from Dark Souls and Borderlands, according to its executive producer.
The title will release for PC, PS4 and the next Xbox next year, and according to executive producer Tomasz Gop it won't shy away from difficulty.
"It's a challenging game, action RPG, which means a lot of advanced combat," said former The Witcher 2 producer Gop during an interview with Eurogamer at the Digital Dragons game festival. "When you walk through a location, and you have to fight 10 enemies, that takes around an hour."
Gop mentions Dark Souls as an influence in terms of trial and error difficulty, adding that the game's skill trees have been influenced by the Borderlands series.
German studio Deck 13 is handling development, though the project is helmed by Sniper: Ghost Warrior creators CI Games.
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Lords of the Fallen: a next-gen RPG inspired by Dark Souls, Borderlands


Helmed by Sniper: Ghost Warrior studio

Haha! Nice.

I think they are publishing only and a studio called Deck 13 are developing. Although I don't know anything about them.

Edit: sorry it already says that above..misread my own posted article!
"When you walk through a location, and you have to fight 10 enemies, that takes around an hour."

I'm interested in that quote. I can't picture how that would entertain me, so I'm really keen to find out how it works in an engaging way.
Never heard of this game until now.. but the 7 min game play has me VERY interested. Also, it's ONLY coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. No last gen hardware (or WiiU.)

LotF Gameplay
There was a thread about this game, I'm sure of it. Pro ably must got pushed way back. But the name is familiar.
Excessive difficulty on these kinds of games isn't really my thing. I don't mind on shooters but I haven't got time to get amazing on every type of game just to experience the full story at my age and with much less time to devote to them. I'm cool with there being one big hard fantasy game in Dark Souls but that's more than enough for me.
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Lords of the Fallen dev addresses complaints about slow-moving characters

(1 hour ago)

Lords of the Fallen, the Dark Souls-ian role-playing game from Deck 13 and City Interactive, has had trouble communicating what it's all about to potential players ahead of its release on October 28. Looking to better explain his game, Tomasz Gop of City Interactive released a video detailing the different ways Lords of the Fallen can be played.

Following a number of YouTube videos and live streams of the game, Gop moved to address criticisms that characters move too slowly. "The first thing I wanted to talk about it movement speed," said Gop. "We don't believe the game is too slow or too fast for anybody because you can adjust quite easily the way that you move."

He goes on to explain how weapon and armor choice significantly change the speed with which your chosen character can dodge and block attacks. Gop also reiterates that the game will take approximately 50 hours to complete, and that as with nearly all role-playing games characters change dramatically over that time.

Joystiq's own time with Lords of the Fallen during preview sessions at E3 demonstrated how difficult it is to get a sense of the full range of character options with just a short time with the game.

[Images: City Interactive]

reviews are up

source: GI & GT
This game has some serious crash issues for PC. Buyer beware.
well wait for a patch . Man I hate when that happen with the pc side

Lords of the Fallen Review

they took on the Lords of the Fallen it has great graphic's with fun & challenging combat. but there are bad camera angels & it plays like a last gen game.

Shaun's score 7.5 & Steve's score 7.0

And here's the full show below
November 4 – Reviews on the Run – Full Show

A friendlier take on the Dark Souls formula awaits in Lords of the Fallen, DC Comics hits the small screen with Arrow and The Flash, spend more time in Middle-earth with The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition, and become a femme


source: EPN.TV& GI
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PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Lords of the Fallen ‘Ancient Labyrinth’ DLC announced
Published 37 mins ago. 7 comments.

New location, puzzle gameplay, and more coming this winter.

The first downloadable expansion for Lords of the Fallen is called “Ancient Labyrinth” and will be available this winter, CI Games announced.
The new campaign will focus on puzzles and exploration, as well as challenging battles with undead demons.
Here are the highlights, via CI Games:

  • A powerful ancient Lord, a magical foe who changes his powers continuously throughout the battle, keeping players on their toes
  • A new location, The Library, filled with puzzles, environmental riddles and history of Harkyn’s world
  • A new puzzle-based gameplay mechanic
  • An all-new quest centered around the story of immortal, powerful demons
  • Side-quests and NPCs with an agenda that affects the war between human and demonic realms
  • New armor and weapons
The Ancient Labyrinth content will be accessible through a new door found within the game world.

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