Michael Bay has killed Transformers for me

Discussion in 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' started by knowsbleed, Oct 13, 2010.

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    Well it's a good thing for me that I can form my own opinion on things and I don't just follow the masses than isn't it.

    The "Reality" as you so eloquently put it, is that there is and always have been a hyperbolic criticism surrounding Micheal Bay and the Transformers Movies. And you just pointed it out with your response. I don't see how this isn't clear by now.

    You're acting like a film has never gotten a bad rap before.

    actually you did say that, but I digress

    Transformers has tasteless humor but the Hangover is the comedy hit of the year. There is no right or wrong way to do humor. Just people that get bent out of shape when their franchise isn't taken seriously.

    Transformers2 got "bad reviews" but it was also the highest grossing film that year...we're not here to talk about the masses or the critics.

    I know exactly what it was implying actually. I just happen to think it was done in a "tasteful way" when one stops to consider the alternatives to such a gag.

    I never said it didn't have the representation of the male anatomy, but you seem to not understand the difference between representing something and showing it. The day the show balls in a transformers movie is the day I jump on the hate wagon myself.

    You know the 90's batman movies had nipples in them...god forbid.

    you addressed my "approach" first, I simply showed you that you were doing the same thing except no one was calling you names for it.

    As for relaxing, I'm not the moderator or anything and you have broken any rules, it's just for someone that seems to talk of respect as much as you do you punctuate your weariness very strongly. At a certain point you said it was like talking to child...just saying you should exercise more patience with people.

    It might be, I just haven't seen any proof.
    But I can see why people that don't like these new movies would be ready to believe it.
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    Ahh, ok.

    And Hound may have met them when they landed.

    True the film is filled with errors, but this isint evidence of one of them.

    Hound was actually never seen on that shuttle.
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