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Michael Giacchino WILL score The Batman

Giacchino has not missed once yet.

I was never a major fan of his before, but Jesus Christ what did this dude TAKE?

Every song I've heard so far has subverted expectations of what I'd think that song would sound like and it's been an absolute banger.

Edgy Batman? Nope. Tragic, emotional, dark yet heroic, painful yet hopeful.

Quirky Riddler? Nope. Sad, bordering on pathetic and reminiscent of a twisted children's lullaby, but also grand, bombastic and downright terrifying.

Playful Catwoman? Nope. Literally something I'd expect to hear at the start of a classic Noir movie or The Godfather, along with something borderline seductive.

Giacchino's looking to be the best Batman composer since Walker at this rate.
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I actually hear some parallels to both Elfman and Zimmer's themes with this one, but yeah the jazz/noir influence mixed with a bit of Bond and Godfather vibes set it apart. I dig this one a lot more than Riddler's theme. This is definitely the most noir-sounding thing we've heard so far.
Catwoman's theme is most like what I thought the score would be. Romantic, noirish, a little more subdued.
The Catwoman theme reminds me a lot of Jerry Goldsmith's work for The Russia House

Good shout out, although the link is broken.

While Williams is obviously Giacchino's strongest influence, we should remember he is pretty awesome at channeling Goldsmith (Star Trek and Apes).
Hot damn. The score is an hour, 41 minutes even without the previous three themes.
Hey guys, those whole have listened to the whole thing, which tracks are closest to the music we heard in the official trailer? I want to listen to those first.
To preface this, I love the music in that second trailer and I'm hoping they pulled the themes from the second half of the trailer strait from the score. But I can't listen to the score yet, so I would appreciate the help
Just listened to the "Can't Fight City Halloween" track and I presume that's the opening titles of the film.

It sounds absolutely majestic!
i'm on track 1 and it's already incredible.
I thought the main motif was a little bit repetitive, was concerned it'd reflect the overal ost. Glad I was wrong.
I will admit, outside of the main Batman theme, I was a little concerned I wouldn't be into this soundtrack. After listening to a few of the new tunes released I'm fully on board. I can't wait to listen to more when I get home from work.

Is it March 4th yet?!

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