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Most obvious plot "twists" (spoilers)


Jun 24, 2007
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What were some plot "twists" in movies you've seen that you predicted from miles away, even when the writers thought they would be shocking?

I got the idea for this thread when I watched TDKR again recently. I thought it was kind of ridiculous how Talia's inclusion was played off to be this big "dun-dun-DUUUN" kind of moment when, really, even casual Batfans probably would've been able to piece together who "Miranda Tate" was early on in the film. Marion Cotillard herself even tried to outright deny that she was Talia in interviews before TDKR's release, which I'm sure a lot of people on these boards got a good chuckle at.
Yeah as soon as she and Bruce Wayne randomly slept together I knew what they were dong. In retrospect I'm not sure if it was meant to be a twist or just really lazy writing, but when I first saw van helsing as a kid I saw the whole 'van helsing becoming a werewolf 'thing coming as soon as they showed that weird moving painting thing.
The whole twist with the nerdy guy actually being Bruce Willis' girlfriend in The Colour of Night was pretty obvious.
Fight Club. Called that twist in the airplane scene. If you think of it, it was pretty obvious
You called that they actually were living in modern times in woods? Yeah doubt that

Actually, I got that too. Not sure why but it just came to me because I was expecting an M Night twist.
You called that they actually were living in modern times in woods? Yeah doubt that
My dad and brother-in-law watched it alone together one night. My dad told me the next day he saw the movie and there was a plot twist at the end, to his surprise I guessed it.
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You called that they actually were living in modern times in woods? Yeah doubt that

Uhm. I remember the discussion threads when the trailer came out. A lot of people called this before the movie was even released.
I watched The Usual Suspects a lot later after it came out but i found that twist to be blindingly obvious
The Bridges brothers being the badguys in Iron Man and Max Payne.
I knew Ewan McGregor character in Angels and Demons was the bad guy in his first scene.
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For the GA, the Talia twist wasn't obvious at all.
I was a bit surprised with the Talia twist. Never read spoilers or saw set pics. There were clues to her real identity like "restore balance to the world" but aside from that I was genuinely surprised with the twist.
I never guess a damn thing. Seriously, I am a plot twist's wet dream. Everything surprises me. My girlfriend will see things ten minutes into a movie and predict the ending. Not me. I sit there jaw a gape, thrilled at how cleverly those devious script writers tricked me again.

Of course, I have to care about the story and characters. Sometimes the twist will occur in a boring movie and I'll only enjoy it because it's one step closer to the credits.
The Crying Game, new that was a man as soon as I saw him/her
Batman Begins and Rises, knew the twist there.

About the only movies that really got me were Fight Club and Sixth Sense.
Shutter Islands twist was painfully obvious I thought. After he had talked to the warden the first time I guessed it.
Devil was even more obvious. I dont even know if you even could call it a twist really... I mean, could the devil really be anyone other than the old lady? In any story ever? l o l
Lois's son being Superman's, in Superman Returns
Shutter Island most definitely. Saw it coming a mile away.
Usually when an actor is trying to disguise their voice as the villain over a communication device, I can tell that it's them just due to knowing their voice so well lol. As a writer, that's part of my job - learning the ups and downs and certain ways things are said by a particular person.
Olivia Wilde being an alien in Cowboys and Aliens. They showed that shot in the trailer of her standing around naked in front of the fire...yeah women don't do that. Watched it on HBO and voila...
Kyle Reese being John Connor's father. It would have been more of a twist if he wasn't.
One of my crowning achievements in life so far has been guessing that Willis was dead about 15 minutes before the climax of The Sixth Sense. I wouldn't call it an obvious twist at all, but I sniffed it out.

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