My Prince of Persia Film Idea


Sep 24, 2005
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Some Main Characters:

The General:
Could be a friend of the Prince's who is the commanding force of a Persian army.

Two Companions to the General:
Have two other companions for the general, one being an archer, and another maybe with two short swords or axes.

She should be able to fight, using a new fighting style to that of the Prince's. She would be weaker but her attacks have range. Throwing knives, arrows, acrobatic duos with the Prince, etc etc.

The Old Man:
The old man should use magic and his staff as his primary weapon.

Story: Similar to that of the original PoP but instead of the Vizier betraying the Maharaja, a jealous brother of the Prince (who is jealous as his brother was just named heir to the throne as he and his friend (the General) just conquered Babylon) sides with a Babylonian Priest to release the Sands. When the Prince believes he is stopping it, he actually releases the sands. Prior to this, the General and his fleet had been sent back home to defend the Empire's capital as the defending forces in the new territory needed to be strengthened. Also, instead of finding the dagger he finds a gauntlet. When the sands are released, they begin to spread in a slow radial sand cloud, engulfing everyone but the Prince, the Princess of Babylon, the Priest and the Prince's Brother.

During the releasing of the Sands, the Priest, who is actualy a worshipper of Ahriman (although he claimed to be a follower of Ahuramazda/Ormazd) makes the Prince's brother swear an oath to Ahriman to ensure his survival and leads him out a secret passage way.

The Prince tries to barricade the room but the sands make it out anyways. He tries to run down the hall, trying to get ahead of the travelling sand cloud and soldiers keep converting into sand creatures on the way and attacking him, he needs to fight them and run ahead of the cloud to get into the hall and warn his father away. He bursts into the room, barricades the door and quickly explains the situation, the King orders some men to rush by horse back to warn the general and to order the general to protect the people of Persia. Just as the messengers run out, the Priest appears telling the soldiers that if they want to servive they must swear their allegiance to Ahriman, the King becomes angered and walks towards the Priest and just then, a spear comes piercing throught he door, hitting the king in the chest, sand leaking through the hole in the barricaded doorway. Soldiers begin praying and swearing as the sand creatures begin cutting through the doorway. The Prince goes over to his father and speaks to him as he dies. While they speak, Soldiers are either slain, consumed by sand or are overcome by a blue light, lifting them into the air and dropping them back down. As the Prince cries over his father's body, some sand creatures walk up behind him, he looks over his shoulder and when he draws his sword, he is thrown back by his father who was overcome by sand. Eventually, he fights the sand creatures, has a 1v1 fight with his father, can't kill him so he breaks through a closet and jumpes down a well using a gauntlet to slow himself down.

We see a scene of the messengers reaching the General in the streets, telling him the warning, and behind them a giant sand cloud starts forming. Quickly they begin escorting civillians and then sand creatures begin appearing. We follow the General and two of his companions mostly as the rest of the army continues in the background. Eventually, the rest of the army and civillians get ahead, and as the three remaining warriors look back to the sound of screams, they see the cloud is closing in on them. They mount their horses to try and outrun the cloud.

The Bad Prince comes to the Priest in the throne room (where there are a few lesser Priests and soldiers who just converter standing along the walls) angry about what had happened and at the fact that his father is dead and the Priest replies "Your father was a weak old man anyways. Persia requires a much stronger Shah." and the Priest hands the Bad Prince his father's crown. He holds the crown looking at it and asks "What do you need me to do?" He asks the dark prince to take the soldiers with him and round up as many followers as they can. The Prince sits on the throne and wears the crown.

We cut back to the Prince running crying in the dungeons. He asks Ahura Mazda what he has in mind for him, and just then he sees a light pass far away in the dark. He runs after the light and just when he turns the last corner, the torch goes out and he is alone in the dark. Suddenly, an arrow hits him in the chest and time stops. He looks down at the arrow in pain, looks to the glowing gauntlet and clenches his fist, slowly the arrow comes back out of his body and time resumes as he steps out of the way. "Who's there!? Show yourself!" The Prince is holding out a sword and a smaller dagger. A woman with an arrow appears befor the Prince and they talk. The woman is actually the Princess of Babylon and she thought she was the only one innaffected. Her father had not been affected by the sands as he had killed himself on a pyre before the Shah had entered the Palace. She doesn't know why she can't be transformed to a sand creature but she thinks it has to do with a Pendant (in the shape of the faravahar) she received from her Persian mother before she past away. When the Prince asks where she was going, she says that her mother's father, a Priest is living in a temple where the dungeon tunnels leads. The two decide to head there together.

We return to the three warriors racing against the sands which all closing in behind them, as they also fight sand creatures who are passing through the sands beside them. This is a fast-paced chase scene and the once they catch up to the other soldiers, many of them fall with their horses into the sands. They ride down a cliff to avoid the sands and reach the next city.

When they speak with the old man (also wearing a faravahar), he explains the origins of the sands and how they are connected to Ahriman and that him and the Princess both wear pendants of the Avesta, protecting them against Ahriman's darkness. He aslo explains how the Priest is trying to collect one thousand converted souls in the name of Ahriman to bring out his appearance.

We get a scene of the Priest in meditation, communicating with Ahriman (we only hear voices) and how the Dark Shah is only a tool to collect more followers, and their dialogue keeps going. Think Darth Vader speaking to the hologram of the Emperor in Ep. V

The Dark Shah and his men, take a small village and collect 100 followers.

We see the warrios make camp and talk.

The Warriors awake to the sounds of royal trumpets as the Shah and a group of soldiers stand atop a hill. They have come to explain their side of things and find followers. A small number of soldiers leave the camp to join the Shah, and the General calls to speak with him. They meet between their two groups of soldiers and the General warns off his best friend's younger brother (the dark-shah). The Dark Shah tells the general that his friend/the prince is dead and for him to just join and that there isn't anyway of undoing the Prince's mistake. The General gets upset to learn the Prince releases the sands but tells the Shah that he will not stop until he either finds a way to undo what has been done or die trying.

The Old man trains the Prince in using the gauntlet. He then casts a spell on the Prince's dagger telling him that in order to undo what has been done, he needs to first take the Priests soul and then stab the hourglass from which the sands were released. To control time, the Prince must reload the gauntlet by tabbing an infected or converter person with the dagger and then grab at a light that streams out of the wound. This will also preserve the lost souls of the converted and infected. Once the Hour Glass is destroyed, the souls will return to their rightful owners. The Prince says that he cannot take the Palace alone. The Priest says he will join the Prince and the Princess but first the Prince needs to retrieve his lost army. The Priest gives the prince a box of pieces of wood with faravahar's engraved in them and tells him to pass them out to un-affected soldiers. The Prince and the Princess leave as the Priest goes down the dungeons towards a stronghold hidden in moutains.

End of Part 1

Eventually, the Prince and the Princess catch up to the warriors, distribute the faravahar's and charge through the clouds. Their numbers are becoming few as they reach the city. The Prince learns that if he plants a faravahar in the wounds left by the dagger once the light has been pulled out by the gauntlet, that the original soul can remain as long as the faravahar remains bound in the wound. All of these people join the Prince and the General and charge the Palace. The Priest and the lessor priests leave before the army arrives and the Dark Shah leads his own army of converted to battle the Prince and his army. The battle takes place and eventually, the Prince and the Dark Shah battle in the throne room. The Prince kills his brother and backs away from his body falling back onto the throne as his army enters the hall victorious.

End of Part 2

The Prince (now Shah) tells his men what they must do. They leave to go meet the Princess's grandfather, and on the way another battle immerges. Eventually they reach the Stronghold, and the old man tells them that the only way of bringing back Ahriman now would be for the Priest to assume the throne. It comes down to evil winning if the Priest kills the Prince or good winning if the Prince kills the Priest. The old man says that the Priest has probably gone to the gateway to Ahriman, in the "Tower of Ahriman".

They march for the tower and when they reach it, an army of millions of sand creatures awaits them. A battle rages on, and for every sand creature killed, another one emerges in its place. The Shah, the Princess, the General (and his two main companions) and the old man make it past the battle as the old man uses his staff to throw back those that stand in their way. Then the lost cavalry from the first one (the ones that fell into the clouds with their horses) emerge riding disfigured horses. The general and his companions atop the horses take on the sand riders so that the Shah, the Princess and her grandfather may enter the tower. The three fight their way to the top, and they reach a round room with all of the lessor priests inside. The oldman engages in battle with them as the Prince and the Princess move on.

Outside, the General is knocked off his horse, and as a rider goes to kill him, one of the two companions jumps off his own horse and pushes the rider off of his. He kills the rider, just as another one picks him up off of the ground, and the other companions shoots an arrow at the second rider. A sword is about to kill the companion still mounted (the one with the arrows) and the General, still lying on the ground throws his blade at the rider and jumps between two more riders, pulling them off of their horses.

They enter a large room where the hour glass has been placed in the middle. Just as the Prince takes another step, he triggers a plate that drops down some planks of wood. The Princess pushes the Prince/Shah out of the way and she is covered from the waist down in debris. The Prince runs over to help her but he is sent back through the glass wall by the Priest. The Prince holds onto the edge of the window where some remains of glass are still present, cutting his hands. His gauntlet will not turn back time. The Priest tells him that while inside the temple, the temple, the Prince cannot turn back time.

The General fights the first of the two riders as the mounted companion makes a round to return, and as the other companion stumbles to his feet. As he goes to stick the second rider, the first one (only wounded) stabs the General. The two companions get to the general in time to kill the other two riders before they could finish off their general.

The Prince's blood drips down his hand, touching the paved window sill of the temple, and the room lights up (as it was night), a blueish colour. The portal to Ahriman was opening in the middle of the hour glass as the Prince was reaching his end. As the Priest comes over the Prince, ready to hit his hand off with his staff, the doors slam open and in comes the old man. The old man and the Priest fight as the Prince, hears Ahriman's voice trying to trick him into letting himself go. Just then, the Priest knocks the old man back with a blast of energy from his staff, pulls out his sword and sticks the old man. The Prince in anger snaps out of Ahriman's seduction and pulls himself up the window using his gauntletted hand. The Prince and the Priest battle it out as Ahriman can be seen through the portal, faintly. Finally, the Prince sticks the Priest with the dagger, and tries to grab on to his light but cannot. He realizes that because he is in the temple he can't use his gauntlet, so he throws his dagger through the center of the hour glass, cutting it's foundation through two out of the three points. The dagger goes through a window and the Prince runs through the crashing hourglass, dragging the Priest behind him and the two jump out the window. While in free fall, the Prince pulls out the the blue light from the Priest's wound as he pauses time just before they hit the ground. Holding onto the light, and preventing it from returning to the Priest's body, the Prince rewinds themselves back up to the top of the tower.

Outside, a shockwave is sent across the army and all of the sand creatures callapse. And turn into humans.

The Priest with little life left withing him pulls out his sword and sneaks up on the Prince as he goes to re-clench the gauntlet, and we hear the sound of metal piercing through flesh. The Prince's eyes widen as he turns to see the Priest callapse. The Princess, still half under rubble had put an arrow through into his back. The Prince rushes over to the Princess and helps her out. He takes the oldman with himself and the Princess and they meet with the others outside. Infront of all the people, the Prince removes the gauntlet, and the light seeds return to the bodies of their rightful owners. When the Princess mentions that the Priest will come back to life, we hear the Prince's voice as the camera follows his lightseed heading up the side of the tower. He says that the gauntlet's powers do not work withing the walls of the tower. And we see the light circle the tower, launch into the air and explode into a large blue wave illuminating the night.

The Prince runs over to help the General but dies in his arms. There is then a funeral pyre for the Old Man and the General and the camera fades out.

The next scene is that of the Shah re-entering the Persian capital with the two warrior companions. He is accompanied by the Babylonian Princes and the two are wearing white, hinting that they are now married. They march to the palace as the Persians bow to them.

End of Part 3
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this is what the 2008 game should have been!!!!!

Why are you not writting for Ubisoft?
*Shrugs Shoulders* Dunno but that has a lot of actual Persian myths from Shahnameh and the Avesta. I tried to make it as Persian as I could without making it too unrelatable.

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