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Sequels ***Official X4 Campaign*** [JOIN US!]


X-Men United!
Oct 15, 2012
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Hello everyone, we are so happy to announce that we have just started the official fan campaign for X4!

We would like to ask for the support of users on this board to help us make our dream of an X4 a reality!

Both Angamb and I have created a campaign for an X-Men sequel with the original cast set in the present.

Lauren Shuler Donner said herself that an X4 was in the works. We want this campaign to remind her that there is a fanbase out there that would love to see it. http://screenrant.com/x-men-4-5-development-rob-108012/
A year and a half ago, I posed the question of whether Bryan Singer could return to the X-Men franchise to helm X-Men 4. At the time, he revealed he was in talks with Fox and expressed his love for the franchise and cast. It only seemed fitting that he we return to right the ship, so to speak, for a franchise he established.
We all know now he later signed on to direct the prequel, X-Men: First Class, instead and following an interesting turn of events, he had to drop out of the director’s chair due to at-the-time scheduling conflicts for Warner Bros.’ Jack the Giant Killer. Well, we may have been right from the start regarding Singer because X-Men 4 is still in development… and so is X-Men 5!

Obsessed With Film shared a tidbit from the latest issue of Empire Magazine, which featured a very intriguing and buzz-worthy quote from X-Men franchise producer, Lauren Shuler-Donner.
“We took the treatment to Fox and they love it… And X4 leads into X5″
She explains that the films are in “active development” and what that truly means is anyone’s guess but franchise Lauren Shuler-Donner has been talking up her interest in X-Men 4 for quite some time now. Dating back to the home video release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, she revealed that she was working on plans for an X-Men 4 which would bring back the cast we’re all so familiar with from the trilogy.
This is however, the first we’ve heard of X-Men 5 so we can connect the dots and assume the plan would be to film both back-to-back, the only logical way to keep costs under control. X-Men: The Last Stand cost $210 million back in 2006 and it sucked.
The big question mark is if X-Men trilogy staples Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Shawn Ashmore and Famke Janssen return alongside X-Men 3‘s added mutants played by Ellen Page, Ben Foster and Kesley Grammer. We all know Berry’s need for screentime and Paquin’s appropriate desire to actually become the Rogue we know from the comics and partake in the action. Plus, a few of these characters may need to return from the “dead,” including Cyclops who was never allowed to become the leader he was meant to be.
It’s going to be expensive and they’d need to find the right director to handle such a large project. Someone like Bryan Singer…
From Bryan Singer almost two years ago:
“I’m eternally intertwined with X-Men now… What takes an audience four hours to watch – the first two movies – took six years of my life. So, to not be part of it….It’s a shame.”
Fast forward almost a year later, and in an interview alongside Donner, he joked about wanting to take on X-Men 4:
“Hold that one off for just a little, I’m fixated on the other one right now.”
Singer’s got a lot on his plate at the moment, but Jack the Giant Killer is currently his only project filming, with casting underway and a release date already set. His other two directorial gigs include Battlestar Galactica and Excalibur, both in pre-production with no timelines or casts as of yet.
Looking at Fox’s timelines, they have X-Men: First Class this year, potentially The Wolverine next year with a question mark around the dates for Deadpool. Assuming it’d take them two years to get underway on the X-Men 4-5 double feature, Singer is a legitimate contender for the job and I have no doubt he and Donner have spoken about it. I would like to see him return and finally have the opportunity to take advantage of unused ideas for what X-Men 3 could have been.
Check our some of our thoughts from before on what we need from X-Men 4. What overarching storyline could (or should) X-Men 4 & 5 tackle?

You can Like the campaign on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter

This thread can also be used to discuss all things X4.
Characters you want to see and actors to play them, storylines you want adapted, directors, writers, costumes etc!


Please Support Us!
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Hi Nana! :D

Now that Anna, Ellen and Shawn are back, the possibility of X-Men 4 feels stronger than ever.

Fox isnt stupid, the hype for this sequel is getting bigger month after month, and we can really see the net asking for Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Beast, and even Storm, from some users here and there.

The hype is there. Fox just needs to give it the ultimate greenlight and push this franchise to the next big phase.
They will probably greenlight X4 if DOFP turns out to be very successful. For now, its too early.
Days of future past Is actully both X4 and first Class 2.

Now If they do as some suggest and pull a abrams trek and erase the trilogy,Origins,and
the Wolverine there will never be another X-Men sequel with just original cast just more
sequels with first Class cast.If you want another sequel with OC more have to be against
this Idea than me.

To do age of apocalypse on screen you would need 2 films to do It properly
It seems DOFP is X4.I think it likely that by the film's end the "original" continuity will be over and they'll resume the "First Class" series.I'd rather the reverse,quite honestly,but the original cast is aging,and this sort of feels like Singer's "ST: Generations".A way to give the old cast a proper send off,while making the new cast the heirs to the legacy.
Yeah, X4 means follow up to X3. Which is what DOFP is technically. DOFP is litteraly the closest thing to an X4 people will have. The original cast are already back and it happens post X3. No need to worry about Fox making more X films because they make lots of money, otherwise they would have gave the rights up. I seriously doubt any film will ever be called X4, and also willing to bet we wont have the same roster as X3 by the end of DOFP.

Personally I would like to see them put Uncanny in front of the next title, and a change of roster with maybe a few remaining members.
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DOFP isn't really X4 especially with the cast of First Class being in this movie.

AND DOFP isn't the closest thing to a X-Men 4. The producers had a back-up plan for X4 incase First Class didn't end up as a success and that X4 leads to X5. There's always a possibility for a true X-Men 4 movie.
Days of future past was probally originally planned as a stright X-Men sequel but they decided to make It event film with cats of trilogy and first Class.

If they use time travel to erase all X-Men films except first class,past part of DOFP,and pre vietnam prologue of Origins you won't be getting any X-men films except first Class sequels after DOFP like some are advocating.
I doubt that would happen. Its not like there's a big demand for First Class sequels that they have to erase the previous X-Men films except for First Class.
so none of you have followed the campaign profiles?

Where are the hardest x-men fans? Lol

DOFP isn't really X4 especially with the cast of First Class being in this movie.

AND DOFP isn't the closest thing to a X-Men 4. The producers had a back-up plan for X4 incase First Class didn't end up as a success and that X4 leads to X5. There's always a possibility for a true X-Men 4 movie.

Its a sequel to both FC and X Men. I think this is gonna be as true of an X men film as you get personally.

I dont get what people mean by a true X4. Just another modern X Men movie? A follow up to the X3 roster? Of course we are getting another X Men film after, but DOFP will change things pretty heavily. Any X Film after this will be a sequel to DOFP and not X3. So calling a post DOFP film X4 is kinda pointless imo. It will be a different roster and have different events.
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DOFP isn't a true X4 if the cast of the original trilogy is sharing the film with the cast of First Class. Unless the cast of the original trilogy gets 70% of the airtime then this movie could be considered as X4. DOFP is a cross-over film just like The Avengers. And they could still do a X4 movie even if only 25% of the cast from the OXT returned and 75% of the cast is new.
Yeah if the cast gets less then half the screen time I can see that point of view. With all the announcements it doesnt really seem that way right now though. At the same time FC is a prequel to the X series its not a completely different film series, like say Thor, Iron Man or Hulk. They are the same characters. It existed to set up characters from X1 unlike those films. I guess I just dont get what everyone considers a "true X4". If its just getting the cast back then thats pretty close to DOFP. I get wanting a modern X movie after DOFP but that still is not gonna be a follow up to X3. Its just gonna be a new X Men movie.
I'm assuming an X4 is coming after DoFP... I bloody hope so, anyway.

Who do you guys see in the roster?

I'm liking to think Anna, Shawn and Ellen being back for this, all but confirms they'd be up for more. And Hugh would never say no.

Alan Cumming back? Whole new supporting cast of X-Men?
I'm assuming an X4 is coming after DoFP... I bloody hope so, anyway.

Who do you guys see in the roster?

For X-Men:
-Storm (if she returns in DoFP)
-Colossus (bigger role)
-Angel (biger role)
-Psylocke (new member)

Apocalypse and his henchmen (not the 4 Horsemen yet)
Im sure that Days of future past will make possible the return of Cyclops. If not by the end of the movie, for the very next film.

Soo..... taking into account that, and if Bryan is attached to direct X4, thing Im sure would will do, Bryan will get back not only Cyclops but Nightcrawler too. And.... hopefully they show Gambit joining the x-men finally.

If Fox and Singer do that, Im 100% the hype would get crazy.

Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Rogue and Gambit more the rest on the same movie would be such an epic watch. And Im sure the 90's show fans will be really really hyped.

Just to imagine James Marsden, Hugh Jackman and Taylor Kitsch sharing some scenes together..... Wow, would be amazing. and the girls would get crazy, for sure! lol
Angel is one of the few I wouldn't like to see back. In the original role, anyway. I wasn't a fan of Ben Foster.

Did Nightcrawler sit out X3 because they didn't want him back or was it down to Alan?
Nightcrawler didn't much role in the script of X3 thats why. The paint work for Nightcrawler was just a plus.
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I'm assuming an X4 is coming after DoFP... I bloody hope so, anyway.

Who do you guys see in the roster?

I'm assuming an X4 is coming after DoFP... I bloody hope so, anyway.

Who do you guys see in the roster?

Storm (hopefully)
Cyclops (hopefully)
Nightcrawler (Hopefully)
Psylocke(new member, hopefully)

Marauders: Vertigo, Blockbuster, Harpoon etc
Thanks to Angamb for telling me about this. Will join for sure. :up:

I'm greedy though. I know it's probably impossible but I'm waiting for the day when we get all the main X-Men including supposedly dead ones in one film.
you're welcome! :cwink:

and nothing is impossible on Hollywood, my friend :woot:

Lauren S. Donner has answered on twitter about X-men 4!!! after a full month without tweeting

says "trying!!!"

:wow: Its coming guys, we told you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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