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Days of Future Past Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask - Official Thread

Aug 19, 2004
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The latest addition to the X-Men franchise. :woot: I don't watch Game of Thrones, but I know this actor won Emmys and Golden Globes before, so this is good casting.
Is he confirmed to be in the film or is it just speculation/negotiations?
Not idea but I am so beyond excited.
This is awesome news! And as to who he'll play, I'm thinking Puck. Someone else on these boards mentioned Sugar Man and Doop.
Only non normal character he could play is Brain child from the Savage Land. :oldrazz:
Saw Puck for the first time - what an ugly looking character.
Puck is an interesting and unexpected character to be included in DOFP. Though I'm not sure if he will really play Puck. I think Dinklage will play a really important role in the movie and he could be the main villain of the movie. So for that, I don't see him playing Puck.
I'd love for him to be the human antagonist. Maybe a part of Nixon's administration?
Perhaps he'll play a 'mutant' character that isn't a traditional mutant in the X-Men's super-powered sense but possesses the mutant gene. It could be played with in some sort of way to show that even those with harmless mutations are persecuted, if he's to appear in the future scenes.
He is going to sit on Patrick Stewart's shoulders and play the head of Onslaught!
Supposedly he's a "key role."

Could be one of the time-travelers.
I wouldn't be surprised if he's a scientist who creates the means to travel through time.

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