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The Amazing Spider-Man Should Harry Osborn have a drug problem in ASM2, ASM3, or never?


Psychological Anarchist
Jan 25, 2008
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Would that be too depressing or too adult?

Or would it be a perfect fit for the Webb films?
It would be perfect in any film, imo, but Spider-Man 2 just switched it with alcohol.
I want that to happen.

EDIT: "Too adult" is not a good reason enough not to do it. It's a very well known thing from the comics, no reason to **** it up because they need to water the trilogy down for children. Kids are smarter than that.
I think that the drug problem would be just the thing they should do this time. Something exciting has to be done with him and I definitely don't want that to be "goblin junior"...
in that case what drug?


lol... somehow I don't see Sony being on board with that. Although I personally would totally be on board with any of those.

Spectacular Spider-man covered Harry's drug addiction. The show didn't even use a metaphor for it. They made it clear that he was an addict. So I don't see why it would be too "adult" for a live action movie.

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