Stupid People Doing Stupid Things Thread - Part 1

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Upper East Side Man Ruins $100-a-Month Rent Deal With Dumb Lawsuit


A 39-year-old man who inherited his grandfather's sweet $100-a-month rent deal on a four-bedroom Upper East Side apartment may have blown the whole thing by suing to have the high rise next door torn down, the New York Daily News reports.

Chad Ian Lieberman lives on E. 86th St., in the unit formerly occupied by his grandfather, who agreed in 1997 to let developers put up a 25-story building next door—blocking some of the air and light to his apartment—in exchange for ludicrously low rent.

After his grandfather's death, Lieberman continued to enjoy the benefits of the massive, rent-controlled space, but didn't want to live with its drawbacks. He sued, claiming his grandfather's agreement was illegal, and the 246-unit building next door was thus illegally depriving him of the enjoyment of his 8-room palace.

Lieberman, who moved in with his grandfather in 2009, and stayed in the apartment after he passed away last year, demanded it be restored to its former condition by eliminating the neighboring building. Seems reasonable.

A judge threw the request out, finding that Lieberman had no standing to sue, as the deal was between the building owner and his grandpa, who knew exactly what he was doing. Even worse for Lieberman—but great for anyone who pays $3,000 for a studio and loves schadenfreude—the lawsuit backfired by reminding the landlord that the rent-control part of the deal also only applied to his grandfather.

Looks like that $100 rent won't last much longer.

See what being a pompous moron gets you?
Dad Bites Off Guy's Ear at Bowling Alley Over a Spilled Drink


A 4o-year-old father was arrested by police last Friday on a felony maiming charge after he allegedly bit the ear off a man he got in an argument with at the Lanes at Coffee Creek bowling alley in Owasso, Okla. Doctors were apparently unable to reattach the ear.

The fight allegedly broke out Aug. 31 at the bowling alley, where Desiree Lyons and her husband Chris were bowling with their daughter. Desiree apparently spilled a drink on their shared table with a group of seven girls. Upset over the spilled drink, and reportedly after shouting at the Lyons family, the girls left the bowling alley vowing to return "with their boyfriends."

According to court documents obtained by the Smoking Gun, they returned with Thomas Foster, apparently the father of one of the girls. A shoving match turned into a fistfight, and that's when Foster allegedly bit the ear off of Chris Lyons. Police tried to arrest Foster after the brawl, but apparently "were unable to locate him." They finally arrested him on an outstanding warrant, months later, when police pulled him over last Friday for speeding.

Foster is a convicted felon who previously served time for shooting with intent to kill and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; he was released from jail after posting bail Saturday. Lyons will reportedly have to undergo skin grafting and plastic surgery to repair the damage to his ear.[/QUOTE

And it's things like this that just reassure my chill attitude in life. It's not worth getting an ear bit off
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