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Texas Chainsaw 3D | A sequel to Hoopers classic


Feb 10, 2010
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Lionsgate’s TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D continues the legendary story of the homicidal Sawyer family, picking up where Tobe Hooper’s 1974 horror classic left off in Newt, Texas, where for decades people went missing without a trace. The townspeople long suspected the Sawyer family, owners of a local barbeque pit, were somehow responsible. Their suspicions were finally confirmed one hot summer day when a young woman escaped the Sawyer house following the brutal murders of her four friends. Word around the small town quickly spread, and a vigilante mob of enraged locals surrounded the Sawyer stronghold, burning it to the ground and killing every last member of the family – or so they thought.

Decades later and hundreds of miles away from the original massacre, a young woman named Heather learns that she has inherited a Texas estate from a grandmother she never knew she had. After embarking on a road trip with friends to uncover her roots, she finds she is the sole owner of a lavish, isolated Victorian mansion. But her newfound wealth comes at a price as she stumbles upon a horror that awaits her in the mansion’s dank cellars…

I liked Platinum Dunes remake, but the original has a helluva lot more charm to it. I'm glad this isnt a remake of it but actually takes the original into consideration and does something new with it :)
Zoinks, that will give some people nightmares walking past it in the theatre.
^Yeah. I also speculate that there will be tons of meltdowns about it, like with Saw II's original poster.
Uh oh, time to be a Negative Nancy. It's a beautiful poster, but I bet that poster will be so much better than the actual film...

Shock till you drop has a first pic of Leatherface! I'll spoilertag it cuz it's kinda big:

Boring shot but I'm getting more and more hyped about this :)
I'm actually kind of looking forward to this. Especially since I was disappointed with the remake.
:lmao: They should of stuck with the first poster.

I agree, it's a lot better. This new one isn't horrible, but the first one really stands out.
I think the second poster is alot better in connection to the original film. The first poster is more in the veins of the remake-feeling with its more brown dirty and sweaty aura, while the original film had posters like:

which has a more grotesque-realism aura. I think this new poster has this kind of same feeling but modernised.

... if that makes sense :p
Beautiful teaser poster... hideous one-sheet art.
It definately has the connection to the original poster but unfortunately Leatherface looks like an oaf.
Alexandra Daddario is in this and she is GORGEOUS!!!

But in the trailer to this film she looks really anorexic...

seriously... did some acting coach tell her to lose more weight? thats ashame

The preview doesnt look good..looks cheesy and hollywood-ish, just another flick in the "cash money" franchise despite the contrary words..does not look that good.
Here's the poster moving:

liked the white one better but 3dposters are always cool
I want this to be good but every time I see Leatherface, I think he looks like crap. The original will always have the best look.
The original had a great look. Part 2 was cheesy as hell, sliding more towards comedy than horror. The director's cut of Part 3 was pretty good in comparison to Part 2, and from what I understand a vast improvement over the theatrical release (I've only ever seen the director's cut).

This one looks pretty good so far. And with them doing another Texas Chainsaw sequel so many years after the last one, it kinda gives me hope for more sequels to other franchises like Friday The 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street.

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