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The Last Great Movie You've Seen - Part 1

This is obviously a spin off of the last terrible movie you've seen thread...
Now for this thread, when I say great, I don't just mean a good movie, but something great, almost perfect in all areas; something I feel is as rare to find as a truly awful movie.

My most recent great movie experiences:

Matchstick Men: Loved the direction(couldn't believe it was Ridley Scott) and was really invested in the relationship b/w Cage and Lohman. Also has one of the most unexpected and cruel twists I've seen in quite a while.

Black Swan: Horrifying, powerful and completely captivating.

A Serious Man: The acting and writing is top notch. Simultaneously depressing and hilarious.

Pi: Probably one of the best Sci fi movies I've ever seen.
Strangers on a Train. Hitchcock is rad y'all
Silver Linings Playbook

My wife and I just finished watching it. Good times.
The Young Frankenstein and Airplane!

couldn't stop laughing
I just recently had a PTA marathon when my friend came in town who had never seen ANY of his films. So I'd say:

Hard Eight(Sydney)
Boogie Nights
Punch Drunk Love
There Will Be Blood
The Master

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