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Oct 24, 2004
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OK, the rules are pretty simple.

+1 will be given to the person you are in a transaction with for each good transaction. Be sure to give a good compliment about the transaction, especially if it went better than expected. Note: Even if you received multiple figures in one package, leave a +1 only since its only one complete transaction.

-1 will be given for each unsatisfactory transaction. Unsatisfactory terms can be anywhere from getting damaged merchandise when it was intended to be new to receiving the wrong items to the worst which is not getting anything at all. This thread isn't intended to become a place for flaming and/or humiliating anyone so keep your comments brief and to the point. As I've been told be a moderator already we need to be mature here and responsible for our remarks and transactions. This thread is for us to have faith in one another when trading and avoiding those that have bad intentions. Note: Anyone that begins to flame is subject to being put on probation or an outright ban. Its nothing new, the rule applies for every other thread here on the Hype.

Also, and this is just as important as the feedback, PLEASE use the complete/correct usernames of the person you were involved with in the transaction. This includes capitalization, underscores, numbers, etc. If the username is Johnny123 don’t leave feedback for johnny123 or just Johnny. Copy and paste the username so that it is exact. If not you risk losing the feedback that you and the person you traded with deserves due to error.
Any questions or problems please PM me.

I'll be updating this first post with all the names and feedback scores for us here on the Hype. By no means is this the ultimate safeguard against those with bad intentions, but it is a start.

-1 The Lumberjack
-1 GothamsGuardian

Venom_uk/Jack Skellington +2
Goldenage Batman +6
B.U.M./Unleashed +7
spideyboy_1111 +16
SpiderHulkThing +52
OneDistubedSOB +1
CowboySpikeX +1
boywithahorn +4
qc_mohawks +1
CaptainStacy +2
Ncrawler333 +18
richardez-8 +16
Guy Gardner +6
XwolverineX +1
Roughneck +22
The Avatar +1
VaderRISE +1
Cable Guy +1
Saint553 +22
Ben Urich +2
Thebeast +1
Assassin +1
Wimm3r +3
HCpride +5
Rogue1 +2
greedo +1
SsM +20
mec +4
vog +1
lin +1
Yeah, I modeled it after Fwoosh. Their's works, so why not use the same formula.
We've tried this before, it gets stickied than after a few months it goes away.
This one won't. I'm gonna keep track of it and update it.

Aslong as we stay on track we it will last.
Doubt all you want.

And what don't you understand Doomie??
Well, I guess it really doesn't matter since you don't collect figs anyway. ;)
After we finish our current trade I'll show you how to post feedback for me. OK???
+1 for SpideyHulkThing

Figures arrived promptly, everything was in great condition. Thanks.
+1 for BathRat, A.K.A The Avatar
Figs arrived promptly, everything was intact, and bonus items were included! :D:up:
SpiderHulkThing +1

Payment received, look forward to future trades.
Thank you for the feedback, how was bishops finger??...LOL
ez-8 said:
SpiderHulkThing +1

Payment received, look forward to future trades.
Thank you for the feedback, how was bishops finger??...LOL

Ha, i forgot about that until you said something again. Awesome. I'm pretty sure someone was having a bad day and packed him in like that. Things like that and the finger nails and hair you here about being packed in is probably a joke for some of the people who package figures. Thanks again man and I look forward to future trades. Let me know if you need anything that's currently out.
FTB, did you get my 30 + PM's? Check the latest man.
Well, not sure where you may be but I sent you a PM with the confirmation # in it and you should be getting your package in about 3 days.
+1 for Fear The Bat, thanks for the Doom and Namor. Packaging was great.
+1 Saint553
Thank you for the MO and spiderman.
Excellent packaging

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