The "Ultimate Marvel" RPG


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Jan 27, 2004
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The "Ultimate Marvel" RPG

GameMaster: Spider-Man9x17
Deputy Mod: Electro UK
Deputy Mod: Sparta*

This game is similar to the Marvel RPG, only based off of Ultimate continuity.


-Players can choose any hero in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Players who have proved themselves as good RPer's will also have the option to Ultimize a character, and/or take up a second character. No God-Like characters.

-Everyone exists in the Ultimate Marvel Timeline. No 616 or other alternate items may be used.

-No Killing. Unnamed faceless NPC's may be killed, but not comic characters. Someone else may want to take up the character, or they may be important to another story.

-You can go anywhere on Earth, or travel off planet, but do so within your characters means.

-You are your character, so act like it. Talk like them, use there dialouge. Do not exaggerate your powers, or pop-up here and there without explination.

-Several stories can be going at once, and you have the freedom to interact with other characters.

-No Time Travel.

-You must post at least once every two weeks, though it is preferred that you post more. If you go two weeks without a post without prior notice, your character is up for grabs.

-You must have at least 50 posts on the Hype boards to be eligible to play

-And of course, all regular rules of the Hype apply.

-Have fun.



Screen Name:

Character you would like to play:

Powers and a brief description of the character in proper English:

Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




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~Human Torch OR Cyclops~



The Question

Ghost Rider
Master Bruce

Ms. Marvel
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Major Mapleleaf
Weapon Z2

Captain Mahr Vehl



Green Goblin
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Doctor Octopus
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The Leader

Bios and References
Peter Parker walked out of Midtown High, looking down at his English assignment. A 2-3 page paper on the topic "Who Am I?"

"Yeah, that's really gonna happen," he thought to himself, navigating the congested sidewalk, using his spider-sense to avoid oncoming students. He turned the corner, heading for his bus, when he felt the sharp pang of danger.

It was too late though. An instant later, Peter was flying through the air, and landing hard on his face.

"Ten points!" Flash Thompson yelled, high fiving Kong, his mammoth lackey.

"No way dude. Seven at best."

Peter picked himself up, bruching off.

"Who am I? A human door mat." He thought glumly, getting onto the bus. He made his way all the way to the back, where he had been confined to since the first day of high school. He stare turned sharply to the left as he passed Liz Allen, sitting next to Mary Jane Watson. He could hear them fall silent, feel them looking at him. But he continued to ignore them.

He had to. He couldn't be with Mary Jane anymore. He loved her, and if he stayed with her, she would die. Everyone else had.

Peter slumped down in his seat, letting out a long breathe.

"Who am I? I'm everyone but who I want to be."
The Triskelion is situated on a small island near Manhattan. It is known as the headquarters of SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate), the world's most powerful and influential counter-terrorism and intelligence agency. More important than the FBI, more secretive than the CIA. The Triskelion is a base of operations for some of the most heroic people in America - those charged with keeping its citizens safe.

But The Triskelion is not only the home of the righteous. Beneath the building, in the depths of the island, there is a maximum security prison. Designed to hold superhuman criminals, this dark labyrinth houses some of the most dangerous, twisted beings on the planet. And this was where Nick Fury found himself on this day.

General Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury had seen a lot in his lifetime. He'd fought for his country most of his life, and had seen the depths of man's hatred and desperation on the battlefield. But even he felt a knot in the pit of his stomach every time he descended into this dark necropolis, with no sign of natural light or humanity.

No, Fury knew that there was no humanity to be found here. These people could justify their actions all they wanted, call themselves victims, but when it all boiled down to it, they were nothing more than killers. The Government stuck all these so-called "supervillains" in here, hoping to forget they ever existed. But Fury knew they were here. All these monsters, gathered in one place. It was enough to make him sleep with his one eye open.

On this visit, he was here specifically to see one of these killers, one of these monsters. He didn't often do this, but he felt it was time for a little chat. He passed through the seemingly endless gauntlet of guards and security systems, and finally found himself at the door of the cell he wanted to enter. He turned to the guard positioned outside.

"I don't want you coming in," Fury said, "Leave this to me. Wait outside, I'll call you when I'm done."

The guard nodded. He knew never to question any order from Nick Fury. The steel door opened, and Fury stepped into the cell. He spotted a creature that someone might mistake for a normal man. But Fury knew what he really was. He wasn't human. To be human, you had to have a soul. And this guy didn't qualify. Fury had seen first-hand how he killed not only with cold, surgical precision, but with a sense of sadistic pleasure. He had looked into his cruel, scarred eyes. He knew there was no humanity in there. And he stared into those eyes now, even though they were concealed with glasses. Fury waited for nearly a minute, before finally breaking the silence.

"Otto Octavius..."
He sat in his cell with a feeling of emptiness.It was a feeling that he was missing something.And that something had been missing for 5 months now.5 long months since he lost his 'arms'.

When he first found out they were welded to his body he felt anger.......then acceptance......and finally he came to care for them as if they were his own flesh and blood arms.He could feel them,hear them,and loved them.

Then S.H.I.E.L.D. surgically removed them.But that made no difference.His mental link,his bond with his mechanical arms was as strong as ever.He could still feel them,still hear them.And was soon reunited with them.

But then the unthinkable happened.After the boy,the little Peter Parker known as Spider-Man managed to defeat him,his arms were removed again and he destroyed them right before his very eyes.He could feel the pain like a thousand knives of fire stabbing him when his arms were dropped into that boiling liquid.

And ever since that pain has remained,that emptiness grows with every passing day.And so does his hatred.His hatred for Spider-Man and especially for Nick Fury.His jailer,his captor,his tormentor.

The only thing that prevented Octavius from trying to throttle Fury with his bare hands was a feeling deep within the pit of his stomach,buried in the darkest regions of his mind.The feeling that his arms were still around in some shape or form.He may have seen them destroyed,but he never stopped hearing them,feeling them.Despite the pain,despite the emptiness he felt in their absence.

His train of thought was interrupted as his cell door opened.He looked up thru his dark glasses and saw him standing there.For a few moments there was silence.Then Fury uttered his name........."Otto Octavius".

Octavius smiled at Fury."If you're going to address me by my name then please call me Doctor Octavius.You may have temporarily killed Doctor Octopus but Doctor Otto Octavius is very much alive,as much as that disappoints you Colonel Nick Fury".
Hank Pym sat in the darkness of his apartment, situated in a part of town that even the murders and rapists were afraid to enter. He looked out across the city through his window, which was actually a hole in the wall created by bullet holes when the pervious owner was gunned down for being late on his rent.

He took a swig of whiskey, and wondered how his life slipped so low. How he went from a member of the premire superhero team in the country to living in this hole. How he went from having a beautiful wife to an on again-off again affair with a barely legal wanna be superhero.

Hank was in Hell. No, scratch that. Hell was a step up from this place.

Hank took another swig, and heard a clatter in the next room, his makeshift lab.

"Probably a rat," he thought, standing up. He walked around the corner and into the tiny room. Nothing seemed out of place. was gone. Hank scoured the junked up corner of the room. His Ultron robot was gone. The Vision 2 stood in its power pod, but Ultron was gone.

"Godd**mit," he muttered, finishing off the bottle of whiskey. Ultron was his ticket back to the top, even if Nick Fury didn't want it. Somebody would buy the designs. Hank picked up a duffel bag containing his AntMan uniforn and helemt, and crawled down the fire escape, since the stair were less than suitable, to the alley below. He checked his wallet. A paperclip, expired drivers licence, and receipt for the whiskey.

"Looks like I'm walking," he said to himself. This wasn't the first thing to be stolen from his apartment, but it was the most expensive, and probably dangerous. Fury may not have wanted the designs, but Hank was guessing he didn't want anyone else to have them either.
"Oooh my head." Ben Peterson said regaining consciousness. He slowly opened one eye. His surroundings were dark and dim. He sat up and looked around. He was in a small room, no one else but him inside.

What had just happened? The last thing he remembered was being dismissed from camp. A sort of congratulations for completion of the Army training course. He'd hit the town, going into a few clubs.

After midnight, he'd stumbled out of the fire exit of one club, too much booze made him vomit. After that, blackness.

Rubbing his head, he could hear the door in front on him slowly beginning to open. In walked a large, masked man. Ben swore he'd seen the figure before, but couldn't put his finger on where.

"Up." Ben looked up to the man, slowly getting to his feet. With the door open, he could hear screams in the background. Screams of pain. "Let's go." the man ordered.

But Ben was going nowhere. The last place he wanted to go, was towards those sreams. He began to march forward, before turning round and letting out a vicious kick, it sent the man flying backwards. The guards outside ran to his aid, one grabbed Ben's arms while the other hit him across the head with his gun.


Ben awoke, attempting to move his arms to aid the aching pain in his head, but he could do nothing. He was bound down. The huge man was back in front of him, his mask now off, an evil smirk across his face, Ben's foot mark still clearly seen.

"W-who are you? Wait... did you win the world pie eating contest last year? I knew I recognized that face!"

The man let out a huge laugh. "Always were the joker weren't you Wade?"

"Wade? I'm not Wade. I don't know any Wade."

"Quiet down Alexander, we don't want to fill his brain with too much information all at once." a short man walked onto the scene, he was wearing safety specs and a white lab coat.

"What the hell is going on here?" Ben asked, "Who are you people... and why the hell am I naked?"

"Settle down Ben. All will be explained in time. I need you to just sit back and relax."

"Relax? I don't know who you are buddy, but if you think being kidnapped, stripped naked and then lying on a metal bed suspened in the air above god only knows what is relaxing, then you really have issues."

"Must you joke at a time like this?" the short man said walking towards a panel filled with buttons.

"Well maybe you could tell me what a time like this is."

The man gave out a short laugh. "Maybe this will help. A small piece of machienery came out next to Ben's head. It flipped out a needle and drove into his neck.

"What the---" the short man walked over to the T.V screen by his side and looked at the image projections.


A young Ben waited in line at the enlistment tent. He was going to be in the army. He was going to fight for his country, America and become a legend. He'd go down in the history books as the greatest soldier of all time.


Ben stepped up to the table. An officer sat, observing each person in the que, seeing who looked promising. Ben was a short skinny lad with glasses, it was no surpise when the officer looked him up and down and in two seconds had said, "Go home son."

Ben looked shocked. "No- no you don't understand, I'm going to be in the army!"

The officer laughed, "You got the spirit kid, but your just not up from the job."


"Go home."

Ben hung his head and marched out of the tent, the others in the que laughing at him. As he truged out, dissapointed, he walked straight into an already enlisted member.

"Hey watch it you short little freak." Ben shrugged his shoulders and passed by. The man kicked him as he passed, laughing to his friends as Ben stumbled over.

Ben got to his feet and brushed him self off, blind with rage. He threw his glasses onto the floor and lashed out. This was his chance to proove himself.

5 minutes later, he fell face first onto the the ground, battered and bruised. Blood streamed out of his nose. But it wasn't over. The soldier picked him up and tossed him across the camp.

Ben felt his ribs crack as he landed on the floor. He coughed up blood before passing out.


"I seem to be doing that a lot lately." Ben said as the screen went black. It wasn't long before an image reappeared.


"Amazing, simply amazing."

"Shh, he's awake." Ben opened his eyes to see the short man and the officer that had turned him down earlier.

"D-did I do good?" the officer laughed.

"I'm sure we can work on your physique, welcome to the army son." he held out his hand. Ben shook it, delighted his little stand had got him a place in the army.


The slide ended, Ben turned to the man in the lab coat. "You think you were excepted becuase you put up a terrible fight?" he laughed. "No no my boy, that soldier gave you such a thrashing that you should be dead."

Ben starred blankly at the man. "Ben, you have an extended healing factor. You're a mutant."

Ben's jaw fell wide open. "I'm a what? Is this the X-mansion? Wow you really need to get a better decorator."

"No Ben." the man replied. "You're not anywhere near there. Watch on."

The T.V flickered to life again.


Ben wiped the sweat off of his forehead before giving 3 more blows to the punching bag.

"Excellent." his personal officer, Garry commented. "Your skills in hand to hand combat are exceptional Ben. I've never seen a stundent learn so well."

"Thankyou sir." Ben replied finally having caught his breath.


Ben turned back to the man. "Good at hand to hand after only a few months training? Ha! I can't believe they fooled you."

"Fooled me? Didn't you see? I was kicking butt!"

"Yes, yes you were but how had you risen to be the best in such a short time?"

"I dunno... luck?"

"Luck has nothing to do with this Ben. Look on."

This time, the T.V revealed something that wasn't from Ben's eyes.


Secruity camera footage showed Ben and his fellow men, sleeping in there beds.

A light suddenly shon from the other end of the room. Two men came on screen and picked Ben up. They then marched off again.


As the screen went black, Ben kept starring at it. "That's all we have for the T.V footage." the man said as the needle came out of Ben's neck.

"What... what did you do to me?"

"We used you Ben. Everynight." the man said walking back round to the front of him. "My name is Dr Tom Lorrence. You're name is Wade Wilson. Your code name, Deadpool."

Ben starred blankly at the Dr. "When you slept, we took you down to the lab and put you into the stabilizer for about an hour. When you awoke later, Ben would not exist, you'd be Wade Wilson, our secret weapon. You took extensive training courses for a few nights, learning easily. You mastered martial arts, and other fighting techniques."

Ben took a cold expression to his face. It was all coming together. He was nothing more than their puppet. "Once this training had been complete, we sent you on a range of one man missions. You're healing facotr created the excellent oppertunity for a small one man force to take out enemies."

He headed back over to the control panel. "When you'd acomplished your task, we'd take you back, turn you to Ben again then rest you back in bed. You'd have no memory of what happened that night."

Ben's fists tightened. This isn't what he's signed up for. Not to be used. He wanted to fight for his country with his men, not act as a one man mindless S.W.A.T. team. "So why stop now?" he asked, angrily, "Why not continue to use me?"

"Because all this time, you served another purpose. He took a sample of your DNA and experimented onit, trying to find a serum that would give others your rare gift."


"And we believe we've found it. Only one tiny piece of skin isn't enough to create a whole enitre army of healing troops. We need all of you."

"But... thanks to my healing factor what ever you're gonna do to me won't kill me right?"

The doctor took a long pause. "Look down Ben." he looked down to see a vat of liquid. It was green and it bubbled. "You're about to be dipped in there. The outcome on you, we arn't sure but if you die, you will be a hero to this country.

"But I don't wanna die! I've still got to get my butt out in front of my old head master! Or b!tch slap the directors of Matrix for making those crappy sequals!"

The Doctor pressed a button, Ben began to lower into the vat. "Goodbye Deadpool." Ben kicked and screamed, trying to break loose. It was no good, the bed of metal sank into the liquid, Ben going down after it. He didn't give up fighting.

He began to sway from side to side. Hoping for some sort of miracle. He began to feel his skin, swell and crack. He screamed in horror, swinging madly in the air. The pain was unbearable.

SMASH! The metal sheet hit the side of the vat. Ben's left hand's chain broke free. With all his might, he forced his left hand down onto his right, managing to free it. Forcing the bonds off of his legs, he grabbed the side of the vat and hauled himself out.

Two guards entered at different sides of the room. Ben kicked one to the floor as he approached and grabbed his gun. He quickly shot down the other guard before kitting the other out cold.

He raised his gun for a higher level. The Doctor was gone. All that remained was another image on the T.V


Ben was in line once more, arm out ready for his injection. Army procedure apparently. As he sat on the chair, he turned to see a huge man, holding the needle. "Hold still." he forced the needle into Ben's arm. Blocking out the pain, he noticed other members seemed to have gone faster than his.

Finally, the needle came out. "Have a nice day."


Wham! Ben fell to the floor, the gun spinning out of reach.

"Figured it out yet dumbass?" the huge man said coming up from behind. "Have a nice day!" he raised his foot and brought it above Ben's head, he dodged as his crashed into the floor, taking his leg behind the man's and bringing it back on his knees.

"The bigger they are! The harder they fall!" he grabed the man, and brought him over his shoulders, heading for the vat.

"No Ben! Please don't!" the man begged.

"Ben? I'm not Ben. I don't know any Ben. My name is Wade Wilson." Ben said chucking the man into the pit. But he was Ben no more. The vat had changed his identity once again. He knew nothing of Ben Peterson.

Wade grabbed the gun and roared into the air "LORRENCE! I'm coming for you!" as Wade headed for the door, he caught a glimpse of himself in the door window.

His face. It had been horribly deformed. He looked like a monster. As had the rest of his body. With a might roar, he brought his fist up and punded it into the glass. If he was a monster, he'd act like one. Tom Lorrence was a dead man.
Pietro Lensherr had been called many things in his life, ussually derogatory remarks, but they all stopped when they heard of who his father was. Not that it mattered much, since half of the things said came from his father himself. A fact that made the man both loathe and love his father at the same time.

He would end up betraying his lineage, the Brotherhood and all that he used to stand for, and went to become a member of the Ultimates. Providing sanctuary from all who sought to kill the mutant Judas, as they had come to refer him, Quicksilver became in their service, something commonly called a 'superhero'.

Truth be told, all he cared about these days was enjoying the fine things in life, and as long as being a part of the Ultimates meant he could stay alive, he'd be with them. As a part of them, he could still live his life, although a lot more sheltered. It didn't matter, for joining him for his company, was none other than his sister the Scarlet Witch.

"Ah, dear sister. Already awake?" Quicksilver said as he came into their room with breakfast served onto a platter for them. Sitting across to him, on the bed was his sister, languidly dressed in a red morning robe. "You know I can never can really get tired without your... help." She replied and she gave a little smile.

Setting the plate on the bed, he moved towards her, till he suddenly stopped and left for the door, and immediately running to the guards' room, expertly dodging people as he used his superspeed.

Appearing suddenly behind the guards, he turned off the camera that monitored his and his sister's room. One of the guards dropped his bagel as Pietro appeared and was about to question his actions when he spoke. "I'm sure you don't mind giving us a little privacy, do you... mr. Baker?" He said as he ran off again.

"... put your sister to the test..."


A word I'd describe everything that's ever happened to me.

And not the good kind of amazing,either....

It's amazing that my father's legacy happens to be my curse.

It's amazing that I have powers that most people could only dream of....and I can't fully enjoy them.

It's amazing that I'm even ALIVE....

It's amazing.....that my best friend....the only person I thought I could trust....turned out to be Spider-Man.

Really,I didn't see that one coming.

Parker.His name used to make me think of our friendship,and how our father's were going to change the world.

Now,it only makes me think of hatred....and the desire to crush his guts out,and kill him.

And believe me,Parker....That day WILL come....

His traitorous blood fill fill my hands as I eat him alive.

...See,Now to a normal person....something I used to be....That would seem vile.Disgusting,even.

But those days are over.My days of being 'normal' are long gone.Now,theres only me,and the suit.

The suit laughs at me.Taunts me.Makes me want to kill myself just because I'm attached to it.

Maybe I'm just going nuts,and the suit doesn't really have a mind of it's own...

Or....Maybe....I should just embrace it.

It refers to me as it's 'Other'....Even though it drives me more than I actually do myself.

It makes the decisions,Not me.No,not weak little Eddie Brock Jr.....No,I have to be in the passenger seat for this one,folks.

I walk across the streets of Manhatten.The suit....'Venom',as my father called it....has decided to rest up,giving me a little time to myself.

Truth is,part of me doesn't want this.Part of me wants to be like Parker,as strange as it sounds....

Then again,Parker's really nothing special either.The newspapers mock him,and redicule him,turning him into as much of a menace as 'Venom' is.


Bastard.He deserves every bit of it.

I look over,as I try to cross over on 5th....Only to see an issue of the Daily Bugle.

I see him.

Spider-Man.Peter Parker.My sworn enemy.He's staring at me.

Not literally,but on the front of the newspaper.It reads "MASKED MENACE FOILS HIJACKING:STUNT,OR PLOTTED?".

Even when Parker does good,they turn it into a crime.


As I take a moment to chuckle to myself,I feel something inside of me.My eyes widen.

"Oh...Oh no....Oh...GOD...."

It's coming.HE'S coming.

I need to get outta here,before people see me.....and lock me up.

Not that they'd have a chance in hell of stopping me....But I'm enjoying my short lived freedom...

I duck into an alleyway,as a dark purple shadow swirls across my hands,and up my neck.

My muscles are getting bigger.....Even to the point of my clothes starting to shred....

As the mouth starts to form over my face,I let out one desperate scream....

A waste of time.

He's here....And He's hungry.

"FeEdiNg TIiIiIimE..."

Remember that Eddie Brock dude I mentioned?

Yeah,well He's not here anymore.

Instead,It's only US.WE drive now.

And we call ourselves...


"It's done." Quicksilver said as he returned to the room and immediately started packing his bags at superspeed. "Hmm, I still have trouble sleeping you know." she replied as Quicksilver moved over to her and embraced. "Now, now sister. They're already calling me the fastest man alive. We wouldn't to add onto that."

He changed into his uniform and grabbed his bag before giving his sister a peck on the cheek. "I need to go before Fury finds his way into that room, or the guards live up to their predictable pattern. You might have to play to the camera for a while. I'll be back... as fast as I can."

And he was gone, leaving the Triskellion before he could be detected, he made off, out into the world, not stopping with running till he was well out of reach.
The taxi stopped in front of a large gate leading to a even larger mansion. Kevin stepped out of the taxi eyeing the building up and down through the gate. A sign hung from the brick wall next to the gate, it said: "Xavier's school for gifted youngsters."

You would think someone is trying to compensate for something with a home like this. - Kevin chuckled to himself.

He pressed a button on the wall, and a few seconds later the gate started to swing open. Kevin stepped through and walked to the front door of the mansion. He knocked and waited. As he waited, his hand inexplicably changed into some sort of paddle with a ball and string attached. He started playing paddleball while he waited.

The door suddenly opened, and Kevin was now staring at a large silver man taking up the whole doorway. Can I help you? He asked.

Yowza, you are a big fella! I got a letter from some someone named Xavier, said they could help me with my know...special situation. I'm sure you understand, being like you are, like you know big and metal and stuff. I'm gonna stop talking now. He looked at the big metal man nervously.

Come on in, I will lead you to the professor. He led Kevin down a long hallway. What is your name.

My name is Kevin, but most people call me Morph.

I'm Collossus, but my friends call me Peter. Nice to meet you Morph.

When Peter looked over, Morph suddenly looked like a spitting image of Elvis Presley. Thank you…thank you very much. They came to the end of the hallway, and to a pair of doors.

This is it, the professors study. Peter said.

Good, you would think with a mansion like this, he probably looks like James Bond, or maybe Patrick Stewart. Or maybe the professors really a hot chick in need of some lovin'. As he said this he morphed into Pamela Anderson, and did a little butt wiggle.

Do you ever stop talking? Collossus asked annoyed.

Not since grade school, ye ol' shiny one.

Collossus opened the door and led Morph into the room. Behind the desk sat a man in a wheelchair, staring at a computer screen. Morph, this is the professor.

Not quite James Bond is he? Morph wispered this to himself so as not to let the others hear him.

Now Morph, that is not a very nice thing to say is it? Morph gave a start, not expecting this old man to hear him. Oh, I didn't hear you, or at least not in the general sense. I heard it from your mind.


My name, Kevin, is Professor Charles Xavier. I am the headmaster of this school and the founder of the peacekeeping mutant team, the X-Men. I am also one of the most powerful telepaths in the world.

Why did you ask me here Daddy Warbucks? Morph said with a grunt.

Morph, what I do here is try to train mutants to learn to hone and master their mutant abilities. I also use the X-Men as my peacekeeping taskforce to try and build a trust between Homo-Sapien and Homo-Superior. I have a dream for Mutants and Humans to live in peace together on Earth. My hope is my X-Men can eventually make that happen.

But I can control my abilities fine. I have no interest in schooling Warbucks.

For starter Kevin, stop calling me Warbucks. Number two, I did not contact you for enrollment in my school. I want you to be part of my team, I want you to train with the X-Men. You have a gift, and you should use it for the greater good. I am sorry that you have had to live for the last two months in a homeless shelter. I am also sorry for how your family treated you in regards to your powers. Kevin Sidney, I am asking you to join my X-Men.

The whole time the Professor talked, Morphs eyes bulged more and more. You want me....your gonna make me cry like a little school girly. I accept, I would love to be an X-Man.

It's settled then, Morph. Collossus, will you please show our new recruit to the room I had set up for him. It is the room between yours and Bobbies, Peter. Thank you. Welcome to the X-Men Morph, I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience.

With that, Peter led Morph out of the room, and closed the door behind them.
Quicksilver had made his way over too the house pretty fast, but what was to be expected? He was essentially, one of the fastest people alive, and he knew it. The limp he had gotten from his father's 'punishment' was nothing more than a nuisance, and it did little to impair his running ability.

It almost seemed like a mansion, but was a tad smaller, and it was in the worst condition it had been in ages. It had only one occupant. Beyond the servants hired to bring her food from time to time, always different, always forced to wear a mask through which they could have no contact with the person inside.

She was practically a prisoner, although she could have left at any moment, but to her this was as a good as place as any. She had been abandoned here, and she might as well die here. Nobody would care. Except him.


Norman Osborn lay in the cryogenic containment device. He'd been in it since Captain America and his bunch of merry men had put him in there. The amount of tests they'd done on him. It made him sick. He wasn't something that should just be experimented on.

He wasn't some animal at the zoo. When he got out of here, he'd kill every single person in this place, then raise Nick Fury's head on a spike along with Peter Parker. Oh yes, revenge would be sweet for the Green Goblin.

His body ached all over. The arrows from Hawkeye, the lasers from Iron Man, the shield of Cap. All of them had left their marks on him. If only he could just move a little. Suddenly, his eyes opened, something was happening. He should be out cold. But no, he was watching asthe scientists fled the room in panic.

He smashed his arm through the box's door. Free. It was good to be free. He morphed back into the full Green Goblin and leapt into the door, smashing through it with a mighty roar.

Revenge was now. He tore through a corridor of screaming scientists. Screw The others, he was getting Fury, now.

"Dad! Stop!" Norrman almsot tripped at the sound of his son, Harry.

"You... you gotta stop Dad!"

"Harry? Fury's treid this trick before. Run boy. I'm not letting him get me that way again."

Suddenly, Harry disappeared before his eyes. "Well that seems to be a development. Finally."

Norman wasn't in the corridor anymore. Instead, he was in an open area, a round wall of a force field surrounded him. "What is this?"

"It's the same test we've run on you for about the 256th time." said a scientist standing on the other side of the field


"You think you could actually break out that easily? We created that simulation in your mind. 255 times, you've swept your own son out of the way and lifted Fury into the heli-copter blades just as he was about to board. This time, the delay allowed Fury to get away."

A frown came across the Goblin's face. "Thanks for the tip, I won't delay next time."

"That's if you remember this little talk." the scientist said looking down to a sheet of paper making various ticks and crosses. "Second you get back in that container, this memorie's gone, just like that."

As Norman layed back in the container, hundreds of guns aimed at him, he planned the perfect escape. He had done 255 times already. He never seemed to remember them.
"Peter, dear, I'm headed to my wine class," Aunt May called up the stairs. "I'll be home late."

"'K, Aunt May. I'm going to a, ummm, movie later."

"Don't be too late."

Peter watched as his aunt got into her cab and it disappeared up the street. Opening up his bedroom window, he pulled on his red mask. Making sure none of the neighbors were watching, Spider-Man lept from the window, bouncing across several rooftops before hitching a ride on the top of a tractor & trailor to the Queensboro Bridge. He fired a webline at a support beam, and swung out into the concrete canyon that was New York. Being Spider-Man was still realitively new to Peter. He'd been doing it for just under a year, but he loved the freedom that came with it, and recently started doing regular patrols, instead of just showing up when a problem arose. The perfect way to clear his head.

He'd been doing a lot of that lately.

"Who am I? One confused little teenager."

Doc Ock said:
He sat in his cell with a feeling of emptiness.It was a feeling that he was missing something.And that something had been missing for 5 months now.5 long months since he lost his 'arms'.

When he first found out they were welded to his body he felt anger.......then acceptance......and finally he came to care for them as if they were his own flesh and blood arms.He could feel them,hear them,and loved them.

Then S.H.I.E.L.D. surgically removed them.But that made no difference.His mental link,his bond with his mechanical arms was as strong as ever.He could still feel them,still hear them.And was soon reunited with them.

But then the unthinkable happened.After the boy,the little Peter Parker known as Spider-Man managed to defeat him,his arms were removed again and he destroyed them right before his very eyes.He could feel the pain like a thousand knives of fire stabbing him when his arms were dropped into that boiling liquid.

And ever since that pain has remained,that emptiness grows with every passing day.And so does his hatred.His hatred for Spider-Man and especially for Nick Fury.His jailer,his captor,his tormentor.

The only thing that prevented Octavius from trying to throttle Fury with his bare hands was a feeling deep within the pit of his stomach,buried in the darkest regions of his mind.The feeling that his arms were still around in some shape or form.He may have seen them destroyed,but he never stopped hearing them,feeling them.Despite the pain,despite the emptiness he felt in their absence.

His train of thought was interrupted as his cell door opened.He looked up thru his dark glasses and saw him standing there.For a few moments there was silence.Then Fury uttered his name........."Otto Octavius".

Octavius smiled at Fury."If you're going to address me by my name then please call me Doctor Octavius.You may have temporarily killed Doctor Octopus but Doctor Otto Octavius is very much alive,as much as that disappoints you Colonel Nick Fury".

"General Fury," replied Fury with a smirk, "And I can call you whatever the hell I want. Be thankful I'm calling you Otto and not Inmate 023."

Fury unrolled the newspaper he'd brought in, tucked under his arm. He slammed it down on the table. The paper was opened with a full-page article, "10 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide" in front of Octavius.

"Does this girl look familiar, Doctor? Maybe you see the resemblence to her father. You see, her dad worked here. Until the day you killed him. Ring a bell? Of course not, with psychos like you, all the murders become...a blur, don't they? Well, Tanya Craig, just 10 years old, only had her father, because her mother died in childbirth. She had to get put into care. You took away everything she had. Because of your actions, this little girl took her own life. Look at her. LOOK AT HER!"

Octavius finally looked down at the newspaper. There was a picture of little Tanya, smiling brightly. The indifference on Otto's face was clear. Classic sociopathic non-reaction. Fury lunged forward, giving Octavius a backhand slap across the face, sending his shades scuttling to the floor. That got a reaction.

Fury stood up, throwing his chair against the wall. He stalked round behind Octavius, breathing right down the back of his neck.

"If I had my way, you'd be dead right now. Monsters like you should be executed. But apparently, since you're insane, we can't kill you. And so I'm stuck with you. It sickens me to my stomach knowing that scum like you lives on while an innocent little girl dies."

Fury calmed himself, sitting on the desk in front of Octavius.

"But you know what? Maybe it's more fitting that you be kept alive. We already killed Doctor Octopus. Your precious tentacles are long gone. And all that's left is pathetic, worthless Otto Octavius, Inmate 023. You're going to rot in here, until one day, you'll die - old and forgotten."

Fury paced across the cell, picking up the shades. He walked back over to Otto, placing the glasses back on his face.

"I'm leaving that newspaper here. Maybe it'll give you something to think about...Doctor."

With that, Nick Fury turned away from Otto Octavius, and had the guard let him out. Once the door was closed behind him, he let out a deep breath. A scientist ran up to him, showing him the latest test results from Osborn. Another monster.

"This looks promising," he said to the scientist, "Make sure that this time he stays here."

For everybody's sake, they all better stay here...
Elektra landed in front of the window. The mansion belonged to Trey Langstrom II. One of the most highly respected business men in New York. Last year he paid for a case against his son, a rapist, to be dropped. His son is dead. He could care less. This assignment was personal. The last Langstrom was going to die. The massacre would end.

The beautiful assassin bolted up the stairs. All she needed to do was walk to the end of the hallway and open the door. The rest would all come at ease.

“Trey Langstrom! You guards are dead. Give up now,”

No reply. Slowly, she walked down the hallway. Pushing open the door, she walked inside. Trey’s body was thrown over the floor. Green smoke was rising from the slits that had been sketched into her assignment’s flesh. A tall figure wrapped tightly in white cloth stood over his body.

“I beat you, gaijin” Elektra looked fearfully at her opponent.

“Who are you?”


She unlatched one of her sai and pitched it at the masked man. He laughed as the sai was two inches from piercing his face.. Like wind brushing the ground, Krigi began to disappear in a whirlwind of swirling leaves.

“What the hell,”



In the offices of Wilson Fisk

The moon sent a flicker of light into the Kingpin’s office. Elektra had kept the events of the night to herself.

“Elektra, I have an assignment for you. I want Hank Pym dead,”
Octavius reached down to the floor and picked up his shades.He took a tissue from his pocket and wiped the lenses slowly as he looked at the newspaper.His eyes were fixed on the smiling little girl.

"You stir no pity in me for your ridiculous suicide act" Octavius said to the newspaper picture.

"Your father was just another crony of Nick Fury.They thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if they left my mechanical arms on me.Oh yes your father could have removed them when they found me in Osborn's lab.But he and his little team of scientists chose not to".

Octavius smiled.

"And they saw first hand what would happen didn't they.And now they think they have killed the spirit of Doctor Octopus.That all that remains is a shell of a man rotting in one of Nick Fury's cages".

Octavius swiped the newspaper off the table.

"But they don't know about the protoype arms I made.The adamantium arms I created for the OZ project.And since all the items of Osborn industries were in Norman Osborn's hands after my accident.Then he knows where they are.And once I know they shall come back to me".

Octavius looked around his cell."But first I need to see Norman.We have to renew our old partnership.Just like old times".
I stand here, on a rooftop. Don't know which building. Doesn't much matter. The rain soaks my cloths. Every movement is followed by the creak of wet leather.

My name's Matt.

Folks around here call me Daredevil.

I was born Matthew Micheal Murdock (my parents had a weird sense of humor). I grew up in Hell's Kitchen. My mom left us when I was about three. My old man.....well, my old man was hardly a saint. He was an alchoholic, and had a bad temper. But he tried. He tried to make sure I didn't end up like him.

My dad was a boxer. Jack "The Devil" Murdock. An anouncer once said he fought like the devil incarnate. The name stuck. My dad was awlays wearing his red leather kacket and gloves. The jacket had an embroidered D on it for his nickname. If there was one thing I remember about my dad, it's his constant smell of Old Spice, talcum powwder, and leather.

My dad was a champion back in the day. But "back in the day" doesn't really count for anything. By the time I was twelve, he was an official has been. But he kept on fighting. Kept on trying. I always admired him for that.

My dad wanted me to make something of myself. Wanted me to make more of myself than the dum palooka he always saw himself as.

So, I hit the books.

Of course, as you can imagine, my high grades and not being on any sports teams made me a target for ridecule. But no matter how much they antagonized me, I didn't fight them. At least, I never started any. the "cowardess" they saw in me earned me the (very sarcastic) nickname, "Daredevil".

After a while, I got fed up with the abuse. So, I went to Stick. Stick was an old, blind man of Japanese decent living on the streets of the Kitchen. He was a bit of a local celebrity. Always despencing sage words of wisdom to whoever wpould listen. He could also fight better than anybody. He lived on the streets since he was three, so it's hardly a surprise. He was the guy who taught my father how to throw a punch. I went to him, and begged him to teach me. AFter some thought, he did.

I trained with Stick for a few months. Now, it was nothing like that "Karate Kid" movie. It was brutal. He wasn't teaching me how to do any fancy moves. He was teaching me how to fight. And the difference between what you see in a movie and what you see in a fight is imense.

Things went well, until my dad found out. He wasn't mad at Stick. He was mad at me. He took me home, and told me to never do anything that involved physical violence (paraphrase, his words were a tad more simplistoc) ever again. I did what I was told.

For a while.

My dad had to get work. So, he fell in with a bad croud. He started working for the mob. They fixed his fights, and he did some "errands" for them. One day, I was walking home from school, and I found him "at work" in an alleyway.

I ran.

I ran right into the road.

A truck carrying toxic waste swerved out of the way, and one of the canesters fell of the truck. It shattered, and it's contents landed on one very scared fifteen year old boy.

The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed. Before anyone told me, I knew.

I was blind.

My father was racked with guilt over it. He promised me, he would go legit. He started winning more and more fights. Eventually, he got to the tittle bout. But his "maniger" told him to throw the fight. Told him that there was no way he could win.

My dad won in two rounds.

Everything was fine for a while. Weeks past, and nothing special happened. But one day, I came home from school. I called for my dad, and got no answer. I walked into his room.

I called out to him again.

No responce.

But there was something. The smell. The smell of leather, old spice, and talcum powder.

And blood.

I walked over to the bed, and felt my dad's limp body lying there. I checked for every sign of life I could think of.


And on the bed, there was something that was out of place.

A rose.

After the funeral, I was a wreck. I didn't know what to do. The cops had dad's "maniger" as a prime suspect. There was even a trial. But there wasn't quite enough evidence, and he had hired a lawyer greasyer than his hair. And sitting in one of the seats behind the defence was a rather heavyset man.

And from what I could smell, he had a rose in his front coat pocket.

I was sent to live with the Nelsons. My friend, Foggy, helped me alot after my dad died. But I felt cheated. I needed justice for my father's death. One night, when Foggy and his parents were asleep, I snuck out and looked for Stick. I asked him to train me again. I told him that I needed help. I needed the skills to bring my father's killers to justice. He told me he would help me as long as I chose the path of justice, not vengence.

For months, I atended school while training with stick. I learned everything from stealth manuverse to pressure points. I attended my last year of high school and the begining of colledge. One day, I went to meet Stick, and he was gone. All that was left was a note saying "You're done, punk".

Throughout colledge, I began investigating organized crime in New York City.

What I found dumbfounded me.

Everything from low level smack peddlers to major organized crime figureheads went untouched. Major criminal organizations had major footholds every neighborhood. They had a major stranglehold on Hell's Kitchen. I couldn't just ignor all of this while narrowly focusing on my personal vendetta. New York needed someone who would stand up for them. More imortantly, Hell's Kitchen, my home town, needed someone. Someone who wouldn't be tied down by red tape and burocracy.

Me and Foggy graduated from lawschool, and opened a lawfirm in the city. One night, I got together some sports gear, some stuff I found in an army/navy store, and my dad's old clothes. I fasioned his old jacked and gloves into a costume of sorts. Sewed in some kevlar padding. I altered my cain into a weapon of sorts. Installed some electronic devices and non leathal weapons. And I steped out into the night as Hell's Kitchen's protector.


At first, I thought I was crazy. But as I saw the suffering in the Kitchen, I knew I made the right choice.

That was two months ago.

Right across the street from me, I hear a woman (I can tell by the heels and how much noise they make) walking by an alleyway. Someone walks out at her. I can hear what they're saying.

"Hey baby. C'mere, and be quiet."

"O...okay. please don't kill me."

I grab my grappler and jump over to the next roof. I hear them in the alley below me. Metal clanks in his hand. Most likely a gun. I hear him giggle to himself as paper crunches in his hand. I jump down, and extend my billy club into a staff. I hit him in the stomach and strike him across the face. I take a rop out of my pocket and tie up his hands. I rais my grappler into the air and shoot up a line. The woman slowly walks up to me.

"Wh...who are you?"

I turn my head to her.

"Call me Daredevil."

I reel in my line, stand up on the rooftop, and run off into the night.
Toronto Canada, 1989.

Young Lou chases after his brother through the living room well playing there favorite game, Major Mapleleaf vs the nazis.
"ILL GET YOU EVIL NAZI!!" yells Lou as he ponces at his brother with total disregard.
The sound sends shivers up Louis's spin.
He hadn't seen the lamp behind his brother he hadn't thought before he leaped.
"What was that?!." asked his father as he entered the room.
"Sir...I....I didn't see th-" Lou answered with a squawk as his throat began to choke up.
"THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!" snapped his father well inspecting the wreckage.
"It wasn't all Edmonds fault." interrupted Michael as he stepped between the two.
"Michael, go to your room, Ill speak with you in a minute." said Lou's father as he pushed Michael in the direction of the door "but rate now I have to speak to your brother."
"I'm sorry sir...." sobbed Lou as a flood of tears ran down his face.

"So am I." answered his father as he began to remove his belt.
My first memory I remember is a voice talking to me through the giant glass test tube that seperates me from him.

Voice- "This time it'll be differant this time its going to be 24 hour watch, Im not letting you get away from me again."

I could'nt see his face because of the liquid swerling around me, but I was able to make out the name tag on his lab coat, the name was Ben Reily.


Damn. Phone.

I reach for it and answer.

"God, do you know what time it is?"

"Matt, it's 11:00 AM."

"Foggy? What do you....11:00 AM?!?! ****! The meeting..."

"I've got it covered. But Matt, this is the third time this week."

"Foggy, I'm so sorry. I...I've been suffering from insomnia lately. I guess I just got used to the late night study sessions."

"Fine. Just try to get here on time from now on."

"I'll be there in five."

I hang up the phone. I stand up, and realize I'm still wearing my costume. I take it off quickly and stuff it in the back compartment of my closet. I get dressed and head outside.


I walk throiugh the door of Nelson and Murdock. Karren, our secretary, is sitting at her desk.

"Mr. Murdock. You had a call."

"From who?"

"Nick Fury."

"The military general?"

"Yes. He wanted to ask how you wanted the money for the Banner trial sent to us."

"Tell him to send the money directly to the schools in Clinton."

I hear the door to Foggy's office open as I say this.

"Waitwaitwaitwait! You want him to do WHAT with our money?!"

"Foggy, the whole trial was a farce. They new they were going to exicute the poor bastard. They just went through the paces so it would be legal. I want none of that blood money. And the schools in the Kitchen need it more."

"Matt, that would be fine if you haven't taken so maney goddamn pro bono cases. I mean, our last client payed us in fish!"

"Foggy, I didn't get into this buisness to get rich."

".....yeah, well I did."

"That's nice Foggy. How did the meeting go?"

"Fine. The guy's some vigilante charged with assault. Called himself the White Tiger. Says he was never going to kill anybody. He was just trying to 'look after his nbeighborhood'. You wanna take the case?"

"Of course. You know how much I support civil servants."

"Civil serv...he's a vigilante!"

"The only difference between him and a beat cop is that he doesn't get paid."

I walk past Foggy into my office. I sit down, pick up my rubber ball, and start throwing it against the wall.

Fury. Never liked how that base of his is in the harbor. Too dangerous for the city. I might have to talk with him about that.
"Hi!" Hi! relied Doug as he went to his computer to look at his messages left from shadowcat16.

Yeah i'm chatting to an actual x-man. "Do You want to go to the mansion?" Yeah I'd love to how do i know your not joking though? Well because I'm right behind you.

Shockedby hearing what he read on the computer he bolted around to see Kate Pryde.

How did you do that? Well your actually chatting to Nightcrawler right now. Oh, this is so cool let me just get some clothes on. No wonder she was looking at me so weird better get ready. He went downstairs to tell his parents he was off to a friends. As they boarded the X-Jet they saw Nightcrawler Hello Douglas(IN german) Nice to meet you to nightcrawler.

You know German? Yeah i know a lot of languages.(English) What are you talking about said a jealous Kitty. We should get going anyway. What are you thinking? said Marvel girl as she approached Doug and Kitty. HUh? I'm reading your mind but i'm not understanding what your saying at all. Oh it's aremaic I like to think about it when i'm nervous.

Sorry if anyone is hte above listed characters. :o
the Leader. his head it.. I would call it more tall than big, but.. Anyway, he has arrived. In Midtown Manhattan, a green-skinned mindtaker has appeared out of thin air, demanding that he be made king. Why?

"Because the Leader Commands It! Ooh-wee-ooh! I am a powerful Mind-taker (not some cheap brainthief, oh no.), and my powrs are far beyond your comprehension!"

After recieving a few blank stares, he erased the memories of those who saw him.

"Well, I tried. Nobody ever believes me. *Sigh*... I shoulda gone into law. Yeah, my mother would have a fit, but still..." He said, to nobody in particular. He is the Leader, the one true master. The Universe's best kept secret, he may just be having a big coming out party soon.

OOC: Q, your first post reminds me of Marvelous Bob. Probably not on purpose, but still, that was great.
"Brotherhood!" Magneto shouted at the group of mutants gathered before him "The time has come" he said hovering above an enormous pile of rubble and metal that used to be his fortress in the Savageland.

"We must reconstruct my fortress to its original glory...we must regain what was taken from us by the human lovers" he hovered over towards the mutants and landed infront of them. He began pacing up and down passing them all.

"With the recent defection of my weak ignorant children Pietro and Wanda, and the failure of Wolverine in finishing the task I assigned to him, I find our numbers very...lacking. They, like every other human lover, mutant or not, will suffer the same fate once our full power is gathered" He said eyeing them all

"Blob, Toad, Mastermind, Forge, Harddrive and Multiple Man, we must be vigilant in our efforts. Once my fortress is reconstructed I have very important missions for you all. If we are to rule over the humans like the dogs they are we need to recruit more mutants to our cause. I have come upon some information about certain Weapon X members that I very much desire to aid me in my quest. When we have re-established the fortress I will give you further instructions" Magneto said stopping infront of them.

"Forge, you will design me a machine I can use to track the location of any mutant I desire...with your infinite technological aptitude, i'm sure this will be a feasible task" Magneto said

"Yes, lord Magneto, it will be done" Forge replied

"Excellent...with that I will track down the most powerful mutants to add to my brotherhood...all humanity will bow down before me! and I inturn will smote them down. I have seen firsthand the atrocities these homosapiens are capable off family, my life, destroyed before my very eyes. They will pay, oh yes, they will all pay very dearly for their lack of vision. Soon, with my full strength consolidated, humanity will beg me for mercy" He said hovering above the ground once more.

"You promised us we would rule over the earth already, and look at your fortress...or what remains of it now" Harddrive said, regretting it immediatley.

"YOU INGRATE" Magneto shouted absolutley infuriated as his eyes turned white and his hands crackled with raw power.


He pulled up some barb wire from the pile of rubble and wrapped it around Harddrives body. He lifted himself high into the air, and levitated Harddrive before him. "I offered you the chance to rule over the humans like Gods! I gave you the honor of being in my be a ruler when I dominate all life on this wretched planet, and you jest? You naive fool!" Magneto said as he slowly made the barb wire rotate around Harddrives body...digging into his flesh.

"I'm sorry lord Magneto, I was wrong to doubt you" Harddrive pleaded. Magneto moved the barb wire faster as blood began to stream down Harddrives body. Harddrive howled in pain.

"It is the last mistake you'll ever make..." Magneto said pulling the barb wire from around harddrives body quickly and sending his cut up body spinning 100 feet to the ground. His lifeless corpse landed before the remaining brotherhood members.

"I will not tolerate insubordination" Magneto shouted from above them "It would do you all well to realize it now, before you suffer the same fate as your misguided friend. Toad, dispose of him, the rest of you get to work on rebuilding my has been to long since the world has tasted my wraith" With that Magneto levitated away and left them to their work.

Multiple man split into his maximum amount of duplicates and began to sort through the rubble with Blob. Forge designed the plans for the mutant tracking device, and Mastermind went in search of materials. Toad picked up Harddrives mangled corpse and tossed him in a nearby river.
Newyork, 16 years later.

Lou walks down the street dressed as Mountie should be, when meeting with a respected member of society, in his dress uniform hat and all.
In his hands he has a map for he is haplessly lost.
"Pardon me but-"
"Eat s***" replied the passer by.
"Sorry you must be busy." says Lou as he turns to another.
"Hello mama, you couldn't...." the women just kept on walking down the street ignoring Lou entirely.
"....I understand you really shouldn't speak to strangers." yells Lou as he begins to back petiole down the street.
Lou falls to the ground after bumbling into a beast of a man.
"Oh, sorry sir, I really should of watched my steps." says Lou he rushes to the mans aid.
"Please let me help you up." Lou reaches out with his hand.
"Don't touch me." says the man as he gets to his feet.
"Now sir, I can understand your upset but-" *CRACK!! SMACK!! BANG!!*

Minutes later....

"Are you all right?" asked a unrecognizable voice.
"I'm fine..." answered Lou as his eyes took focus on what he believed to be an angle.
"My god your beautiful." Lou said with a tenderness in his voice.
"I get that a lot, here let me help you up."
Lou scanned the women from head to toe.
She wore a short skert, tank top , high heals and more make up then a clown.
It was obvious she was hooker but are good minded Major was oblivious to the fact.
"Oh dear, your mid-section is showing." said Lou as he covered his eyes and looked away.
"You know it maybe a good idea to cover up, you don't know what kind of a sicko could be watching in this city."
"Riiiiiight, well I got to get back to work Doudly." she said as she walked towards the corner.
"My name is not Doudly, its Louis Edmond Sadler, Jr., the son of the Great Major Mapleleaf." said Lou with a great amount of pride.
"Ok then..." she said turning her back to him.
"Ummmm....." Lou picked up the map and stared at it blankly still unable to find his location.
The women looked back over her shoulder at the confused Major.
"What is it?"
"I'm lost....could you possible show me were I need to go?" asked the Lou as cheeks began to go a rose red.
"I told you, I'm working."
What kind of job could you do on a street corner?
"Well.....I'm really lost...."
The womens rolls her eyes.
"I guess If your this desperate."
"OH golly gee thanks."
"But you have to wait untell I'm done, so go wait at the bar down the street." she pointed to her right.
"Tell them Tammy sent ya, there could be a free drink in it for ya."
"Thank you so much, you know just goes to show you, there is kindness on these gritty streets."
"Ya, what ever."


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