The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

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    The road to hell is always paved with good intentions. And none now know that better than the heroes of the DCU. In the midst of a cataclysmic event perpetrated by the cosmic overlord known across the universe as Darkseid, heroes and villains alike found themselves caught between a power struggle of epic proportions. It was once believed that The Green Lantern Corps were the sole wielders of the most powerful weapons in the universe, but that all changed with the emergence of the color factions. Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet, and even Black Lantern Corps began to emerge from the cosmos, bringing both hope and destruction in their wake - a fact of which Darkseid was determined to reap for reward.

    But with his inevitable defeat at the hands of The Man of Steel, who had triumphantly returned from a multiverse spanning quest to revive his fallen cousin Kara Zor-El, only questions were left in the void of Darkseid's nearly prosperous invasion of Earth. For Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern of Sector 2814, it was how to carry on following the tragic death of his infant son Martin - for who he was forced to kill himself, threatened by the menace of Sinestro Corps' member Kryb. For Bruce Wayne, The Batman, it was how to keep Gotham City under control in the midst of his greatest enemy's promotion to Yellow Lantern. For Barry Allen, The recently returned Flash, it was how to keep up in a world that had seemed to pass him by while protecting his loved ones from the cosmic menace. And for all of Atlantis, it was why they suddenly felt a deep void enter their lives without explanation.

    Now there is both hope and bloodshed left for them all.

    With his reign of chaos over, The Joker was fatally shot through the skull and left to a death without comedy.

    Aquaman, The King of Atlantis, finally materialized after being lost within reality itself.

    Damian Wayne, the son of Batman, has now found a new mentor in The Dark Knight's psychotic ex-partner, Jason Todd.

    Dick Grayson has just had his marriage proposal accepted by longtime love Barbara Gordon.

    Superman has just received the news that his wife of many years, Lois Lane, is expecting a child.

    And perhaps most surprisingly of all, Guy Gardner - banished from The Green Lantern Corps - has now received a power beyond any the universe has ever seen.

    The time for grieving is over, as the final dawn eclipses the entire DC Universe. The end draws near in this penultimate season of seven years of grand storytelling. World of Heroes, Season IX: The Final Chapter is here!

    This RPG is based off of post-Crisis on Infinite Earths and pre-Identity/Infinite Crisis.

    If you want to take part in this, just fill in the application at the bottom of this post and we'll put your name and character on the first post here. First come, first serve. Two characters are allowed.


    • You can choose to be any superhero or supervillain in the DC Universe, as long as they:
    Are to be established on Earth, as in, if Lobo is to be involved, he has to reside in a DCU Earth city...

    Are NOT deities, gods, or people such as Shazam the Wizard. People like Superman and Captain Marvel are okay, though...

    Are true to the personality and abilities of the character, such as NO Pre-Crisis Superman, no moving planets, sneezing away the Milky Way, no amnesia kiss... EVERYTHING is set POST-Crisis, and Post-Zero Hour, in the current continuity of the character you are/wish to play/playing.
    • Don't do anything RANDOM like chopping off board user's heads or what not, unless your a villain chopping off inanimate victims heads, then whatever, go with it, as long as it's not technically RANDOM.
      Don't kill people without reason.
      Don't randomly kill NPC's.

    • You know your weaknesses and strengths, what you can do or can't. Black Canary will lose against Superman one on one, but may be able to use her allies to help her out or she can run away. (HA! Yeah ri-ght)

    • Don’t kill a PC unless you have a plan to bring them back.
      Don’t kill your character when you quit the RPG, this robs a person from playing that character.

    • If there is a problem between you and another player,
      or if you have question's please talk to one of the Gamemasters The list of Game masters is at the top of this post.

    • There should be MINIMAL cussing and swearing in posts.
      There will be NO By-passing the censors. This is a Hype rule, and NO exceptions will be made for the RPG.

    • No obscene topics!

    What to do in the RPG-
    • Act like your character; ASSUME their traits and personality...

    • You can form super villain gang’s superhero teams, alliances, the works.

    • There can be a number of stories (or arcs) going on at once, using different people.

    • There are endless places to go and endless things to do: ENDLESS possibilities so get creative...
    People who disobey these rules, some more major than the others, will get BOOTED by the GM. If need be a Moderator will be called in.

    For more of the ‘rules’ see- RPG Etiquette



    For those who are new to Role-Playing...
    For all your RPG needs!
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    I watch the penthouse across the street with a vigilante eye. It's been five hours since I learned my son was kidnapped, going on thirty-six hours since I've slept. In that time I've had the Joker confront me with my worst fears, faced off against the forces of Anti-Life, and watched one of my best friend come dangerously close to reshaping the world in his image. My shoulder throbs and aches from Black Hand's attacks, but I push the pain to the back of my mind. I can prioritize my pain, my suffering, and anything that hinders my mission. It's something I've learned to do well in my years as Batman. My shoulder and fatigue can wait. For now, Damian is all that matters.

    I see movement out the corner of my eye. Someone walking through the penthouse. A man padding through the darkened living room matches the man I'm looking for. Romeo "High-Rise" Romero. A former Italian gangster come to Gotham to make a living. He knows what I need to know.

    Firing my grapnel into the sky, I zip across gap between buildings and come crashing through the glass window, startling Romero. "Holy ****," he shouts as he turns to leave, but I pull a bola from my belt and toss it at Romero's feet, entangling the sleepy crime lord and causing him to tumble to the floor. "Boys, help!"

    Three men come bursting out of a side room and begin pulling their weapons. I zip batarangs across the room at their hands, knocking pistols from their hands. While they focus on the distraction of pain, I quickly cross the room and go to work on the three men. I roundhouse kick one in the jaw and sending him flying back into a wall. Another guard pulls a switchblade and comes at me. I grap hold of my cape and swing it up to misdirect his wild attacks and blind the man. Grabbing the distracted man by his shirt, I drive him into the floor and knock him out of the fight with a well-aimed kicked to the ribs. The last guard strikes me in the back of the head and causes me to lose my balance. I wobble forward and manage to right myself before falling, turning around just as the guard grabs a lamp and swings for my head. I duck and deliver a hard punch to the man's sternum. He drops the lamp and lets out a gasp of shock. I do a quick one-two combination on his face and send him to the floor, he's unconscious by the time his head hits the carpet.

    "Romero," I growl as I step over the unconscious bodies and walk back to the mobster. "You have an apartment. You own it through your various front companies. A young man in a red hood used that apartment hours earlier to kidnap a child. They have since cleared out of that apartment and are now somewhere else."

    "I don't know what you're talking about!"

    "Yes, yes you do know."

    I bend down and grab Romero's large head, pulling it up so he can make eye contact with me.


    "You're going to tell me everything you know about this man, his plans, and where he's going next."

    "Or what," he says with a sour look on his face.

    I stare at him for a moment before I let a smile appear on my face. Romero's tough look suddenly turns into one of fright. I push his face back into the carpet and let him struggle against my grip.

    "I was hoping you'd ask that."
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    I'm going to be a dad.

    It's not really something that you can grasp the full reality of until you stop yourself and actually put those words into your head. The idea of it, especially at my age, is almost too absurd. But it's happening, and there's no turning back now. Rose is eight months along, and I only have weeks - if even that - to enjoy a life without real commitment and responsibility. I feel like I should be overjoyed, I mean... I'm going to have a little boy of my own. To teach and love and watch grow for the rest of my life, until he becomes a man and ventures out onto his own. I don't doubt that he'll be something, however he turns out. He's got the blood of an amazing woman running through his veins, and he'll have some of the best people around to protect him. And yeah, even with everything that's happened, I am happy about that. Terry's going to be the happiest part of my entire life.

    I just wish I wasn't thinking this while avoiding a pair of M-16 automatics grazing every car that the cycle passes. Bullets whiz past my head as I kneel myself down to avoid them, the speedometer just now hitting 90 MPH. A car full of Russian underlings for the latest international boss to hit the Gotham weapons' market caught me doing surveillance and they've been chasing me up and down mainstreet all night. I've got no hope of shaking these idiots before they manage to catch up and skin me alive. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

    Because I'm not looking to lose them.


    After a count of three, I leap off of the Ducati and perform a double backflip at a speed that would probably turn me into sidewalk dressing without practice. The car that was tailing me tries to come to a stop before I land, but it's too late. The soles of my books kick into gear and magnetically graft me to the car's roof, causing them to vocally panic and start firing wildly into the air. I recognize their accents - natives of Czech, possibly from the Prague rackets? Doesn't matter, I don't have time to make observation anymore. These scum are gonna wish they hadn't stepped over international borders by the time I'm done.

    Reaching into my belt, I pull out a miniaturized sonic defibrillator and smack it on the hood. Handy little gadget in the case of any faulty vehicle troubles, or jumpstarting a human heart, but put one on a car that's working perfectly fine and you'll end up with some pretty nasty results. As the men below me are just now finding out, by the sound of their motor failing them. The car skids into a circle as I hold on tight, bashing against the streetline parking at top speeds that they can't even control. The driver feverishly tries to slam the brakes, but to no avail. I finally punch through the windshield and toss a grenade into the back seat, just to get their attention. They take the risk and jump out of the car.

    Good boys, I tell myself, activating the detonation key and gliding off with my paracape. The car becomes an instant fireball and rockets into the sky, toppling over into a flaming pile of rubble in the distance. Not work that Batman might necessarily approve of, mind you, but better the car than the freeway traffic.

    Now. Let's get to know eachother.
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    It's been a few days since that whole end of the world thing. And since I proposed to Babs. My wounds have healed up, though I'm still favouring my left arm, and I'm ready to go out on patrol again. As such, I'm perched on the corner of Sloane Street, my eyes fixed on the jewelers across the street. Some of Oracle's street level contacts have given the word that a new gang is going to christen itself by robbing the place. It's not exactly Killer Croc, but it's a good way to ease myself back into the business as far as I'm concerned. And as far as Babs is concerned.

    A multi-coloured Beetle pulls up outside the jewelers, braking hard enough to make the brakes squeal painfully. The door burst open and five big thugs with spikey dyed green hair pile out, looking obscenely like a clown car. Oh. Right. I get it. I was wondering when he was going to turn up again. I use the grapnel to descend from the building at speed, running towards the clowns.

    "Hey kids!" I shout.

    They turn, and I quickly judge them. One has a baseball bat, another has a crowbar, a third has a chain wrapped around his wrist and the other two have knives. It's five on one. But I've got the jump on them, and presumably I'm better trained than they are. Lets see how this goes.

    "Well look - " the one who had designated themselves the leader says.

    I cut him off by launching myself at the fat one holding the baseball bat and knocking him into the ground. I throw a punch that I can feel break his jaw and he curls up on the ground groaning. I allow myself a smile at the satisfaction.

    "Where," I state. The clowns look blankly at each other, and then go on the offensive.

    One of those wielding a knife lunges towards me with the blade. Clumsy. I grab the arm between my arm and my body. As he tries to pull away, I break his arm in two places with the palm of my hand. I dodge out of the way of the chain that came whipping towards me, letting it brain the face of the knife-wielder who was sneaking up behind me. Crowbar-man brings it down very heavily at my head - again I dodge, letting the force of the blow carry his arms to the ground. I bring my knee up into his face and he falls flat on his back. I face the first guy.

    "Where is he?"

    "Where's who, man?"

    "The Joker," I growl.

    The thug looks at me and grins.

    "You don't know man? The J-Man's dead!"
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    "<#$%*! Where is he? Where is he?!>


    They can't see me coming until I'm right ontop of them, and by then, it's way too late for them to react. Eight of the disc batarangs fly out from the skies and embed right into their palms before they can get too trigger-happy and go wild on me. Not that it'd matter, at this point. They're scrambling like wild dogs, still winded from when they jumped out of their own car as it was tearing down the streets at 90 MPH. They're lucky the impact didn't kill them, but what boggles my mind is that these guys are supposed to be three members of Russia's top exporting weapons' rackets. It was made clear to me going into this fight, through experience and several off-hand accounts, that once these particular grunts been taken out of their element and put into a smuggling world capitol like Gotham City, they might aswell be fish out of water. And as pathetically unprepared as they are, they wouldn't have stood a chance against someone like Batman. Let alone me.

    "Zapome&#328;te na zbran&#283;! Nakopat mu prdel!! <Forget the guns! Kick his ass!>"

    The leader exclaims this while cracking a fist clad in brass knuckles against my spine, taking me down on the pavement. I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt, but that's what I get for letting my guard down. Bruce taught me better than that - he'd have hit them so hard and fast that they wouldn't have the chance to even talk before they'd be strapped up for the GCPD. But that's where his expertise ends and mine begins. In the weeks since I began going after this insane mission, I've come to learn one thing. If you want to keep the animals out of the den, you've got to show them who they're crossing if they do. And as much as I respect him as a mentor, and definitely so as a father, there's a few things that the myth of The Batman isn't anymore: Ruthless, hard-edged, and out to prove a point.

    That's where I come in. That's where the myth of The Red Robin is gonna take shape.

    Sliding my fingers across the side of my belt, I grab the third capsule from the left and squeeze it hard, just as the goons are about to circle and beat me within an inch of my life. It expands in an instant to one of my new and improved titanium bo-staffs, courtesy of a host of arsenal upgrades I've been making over the past few weeks. With a twirl to distance them, I engage the closest head on and strike him hard across the jaw. The second charges me while the others rip the razors from their hands and try to reclaim their weapons. I wind him with a careful elbow to the face and grab his wrist, clasping it into my gauntlet and giving him a jab to the neck before he can protest. With a hard swing, I somehow (I'm not even kidding, I don't know how I pulled this off) manage to toss him over my shoulder and pinball at three of the remaining four. The fourth succeeds in grabbing his gun and fires on me, which I carefully avoid with a series of backwards somersaults.

    Typical. You spare a guy from getting clobbered, and what do you get...

    With a few more of the discs in hand, I dismount off of my final flip and vault forward, tossing them directly at the gun. Have to remember to thank Dick for teaching me that little maneuver. Surprisingly, the gunman manages to shatter one of the discs before the other two slice at his fingers and whip across his forehead. Which doesn't so much as take him out as it just makes him angrier, wiping the blood away and running at me as if I'm not armed. For a second, I consider just slapping him with the staff or tripping him as he runs, but I decide against it. In the heat of the moment, why not indulge the stupid ones?

    He grabs another automatic from the ground as he runs, attempting to shoot me at close range. But I'm already three steps ahead of him as he advances, the soles of my boots just ready to spring off of the street.

    "<You American crusaders are in way over your head! When word of this gets back to the Moscow trades-...!>"



    "<Go ahead and save that for the boys at Interpol.>"

    I try not to enjoy feeling his nose break under my fist as he hits the ground. Honestly, if he thinks threats are going to sway me in any capacity, he isn't very familiar with the Gotham capes. I've faced down everything from cyborgs, ghosts, monsters, zombies, psychopaths, serial murderers, assassins, and whatever you'd classify The Joker as before I even hit the age of sixteen. One trade racket in Russia isn't about to slow me or any other members of the team down in their tracks. And that's exactly what I'm out to prove in taking these and every other sorry punk down within the sizable radius of The Narrows. Scum like these aren't about to get away with operating in our city anymore. I won't let myself raise a child in the same Gotham that I grew up in, so it's better that I start working on this now than pick it up after he's born. Even though I haven't seen her in a month, I'm sure Rose feels the same way. If she's not too busy cursing my name for not being in even the most limited direct contact with her for the last two weeks.

    It's not like I have a choice right now. Between my day work, my night work, and the occasional hour of sleep, I don't have the time to get wrapped up in anything else. I'm about to embark on a new life, and preparing myself for that is gonna be a long road filled with all sorts of regrets. If I just keep at it and keep at it hard enough, I know that I'll be able to make it up to her later. But right now, it's a nonstop world of pain. So in that sense, it'll be a nonstop world of pain for my enemies, too. All in the effort to make an example to keep this side of Gotham clean for even the smallest amount of time that I can manage. Then I can tuck the cowl away and focus on the important things. Because unlike Bruce, this isn't an obsession for me. It's a goal that's heading directly towards a finite end.

    Doesn't mean I can't relish the moment, though.

    Hearing the three toppled thugs get to their feet, I twirl the staff again and look them all dead in the eyes. They're not backing down, but I've made it clear that I'm sure as hell not either. And so we've reached a standoff. The two to the side of the center guy grab the nearest guns and both aim for my head, while he feels content enough to crack his knuckles. I give them a smirk and recoil the staff, as if I'm suddenly contemplating surrender. That's it, fellas. Take the bait and come a little closer. Because as it stands, I've got you all exactly right where I want...

    "Hope I'm not late to the party!"

    Crap. Stephanie's here. The Spoiler.

    I swear, it's like clockwork. Always showing up at the worst possible time.

    The two gunmen turn to the nearby rooftop as Steph makes her grand entrance by diving through the air and connecting both of her knees to the nearest's chest. Predictably, the other gunman's attention is fully focused on her as he aims for her head instead of mine. The difference between those two instances being that my cowl is lined with a blunt armor casting coated with an underweave of kevlar, while her mask is probably only made of spandex weaved in with, well, spandex. I immediately dive ahead and toss the brunt of my staff at the gunman's arm and break it before he can fire, tackling him to the ground and giving him a hard roundhouse in order to knock him out. Shouldn't have been how this went down, but Steph's habit of arrival usually puts the best laid plans to rest and leaves me to improvise.

    The only problem with that is that it also gives the bad guys a chance they wouldn't have had otherwise. The center guy rushes up and grabs me by the cape, attempting to strangle me into submission. Spoiler runs at him with a prepared maneuver but another one of the thugs grabs her by the leg and trips her up, sending her into a faceplant on the ground. The Russian smiles through gritted teeth as I struggle for air.

    "<You should have sent The Batman for us. His sidekick would not have been so... problematic.>"

    There's that word again. "Sidekick". As if it isn't bad enough that Stephanie's deluded herself into actually believing that, now I've got to hear grief from second-rate weapons pushers who got in a lucky shot. Angered, I slam the back of my skull into his face and push myself backwards, connecting my shoulder into him hard enough to send him into a stumble. With a spin, I come at him with a direct jab to the eyes, following with a hard kick to the groin, a series of roundhouse punches, and a palm strike upside the jaw. By the time I'm done, blood's trickling out of his mouth and nose and he's hit the ground, completely out. Spoiler rises from the ground, rubbing her head, but sees the unconcious criminal and gives me a supportive thumbs up.

    "Well what do you know? That was easy. Go team!"

    I simply glare back at her, completely unamused. With cop sirens in the distance and every crook accounted for, I decide that it's best to leave the scene. Don't want to be around to explain why their car is sitting in the middle of 5th street, completely ablaze from my little grenade stunt to get them out and about. Applying pressure to my sore shoulder, I walk over to Steph and grab her hard by the arm, yanking her away from the scene. I care for her alot, more than she even knows... but sometimes I feel like she makes for a good vigilante about as much as Two-Face makes for a good guidance counselor.

    "With me. Right now."

    "What? What did I do this time?"

    I shoot her a look from over my shoulder. I can almost see her shrink like a scolded child.


    Firing a grapple line into the air, I wrap my arm around her waist and hoist her up into the night's sky, scanning for a proper rooftop in the distance to give us some privacy. If I'm going to start sending the crooks of Gotham a well delivered message, it's time that I had a nice little chat with my "sidekick" about throwing a proverbial wrench into my plans.



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    Slowly, my eyes open. I'm confused, disoriented. My head feels very heavy, like a dead weight. As I come to, my vision is blurred. I close my eyes and shake my head, trying to stir myself into consciousness. "Come on, Conner," I mutter to myself, my throat hoarse and raw. I can feel the metallic taste of blood. "Come on. Focus. Focus."

    My eyes shoot open, and I'm horrified at what I see. Megan is tied to a wooden stake. Beneath her, a raging fire licks at her legs. I can see the sweat rolling down her face. She struggles against the ropes which bind her, occasionally letting out a blood-curdling scream. "AAAAAAAAH!"

    Next to Megan is a large tank of murky water. After staring at it for a minute, I see a silhouette materializing at the bottom of the tank. The figure flops and wiggles in the water. I catch a glimpse of his face and hold my breath. It's Zach, gagged and handcuffed so that he can't say any incantations. I've never seen such pure terror in his eyes.

    I try to force my way towards my incapacitated teammates until I realize that I'm chained up as well. I'm standing in a glowing pile of Kryptonite. Suddenly, the discomfort rippling through my body makes perfect sense. "Megan, hold on!" I thrash back and forth, trying to break free of my chains, but I don't have the strength. "Megan! Zach! No!"


    A dream. It was just a bad dream. I stare up at the ceiling of the common room, trying to forget the nightmare. Unfortunately, it seems the images and sensations are burned into my brain. I roll my head over, looking at the flickering television screen. I start to sit up straight, and in the process I knock over the bowl of popcorn which was delicately balanced on my chest.

    After scooping the loose popcorn back into the bowl, I sit up and rub my tired eyes. "It was just a dream, Conner," I continue to remind myself. But I know it was more than just a dream. It's my greatest fear - that Zach and Megan are going to follow me to their deaths, that somehow I'm going to get us all killed. Every time we go out together, I worry that one of us won't come back.

    "Conner? You're still up?"

    I turn around, seeing Zach making his way towards the kitchen. "Uh, yeah. I fell asleep on the couch, and I just woke up," I explain. I stand up and stretch my cramped legs. "What about you?"

    "Uh...not online chatrooms, if that's what you mean." He takes a carton of orange juice out of the refrigerator.

    "Hey, if you're having some, mind pouring me a glass?"

    Zach shakes the carton. "Yeah, should be enough," he remarks. He grabs two glasses from the sink and sets them down on the counter. While pouring the orange juice, he clears his throat and says, "Hey, man. You got anything you want to talk about?"

    "What? No. I'm fine."

    Zach holds out my glass of orange juice. "But if you weren't, you'd tell me, right?"

    I take the glass, nodding lightly. "Yeah, of course."
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    The Visitor

    Billy Batson is riding a train that is slowly pulling into its final destination

    I still can't believe that I'm doing this. Mr. McPherson says this is a huge deal for WHIZ because this is the first time we've tried to establish a fully functioning independent media bureau outside of Fawcett City. I mean we got the one in Metropolis but that isn&#8217;t too far away this one is really outside of our usual zone.

    He begins reviewing his housing papers and a list of contacts within the city.

    Okay the apartment is near the downtown area and about a block away from the station. The person meeting me at the station is Mrs. Freemont the station assignment editor.

    The train pulls to a halt and Billy grab his duffle bag and leaves his train car.

    He sees a woman about 35 years old with blonde hair holding a sign saying, &#8220;Billy Batson.&#8221;

    Billy walks up to her and says, &#8220;Excuse me ma'am I&#8217;m Billy Batson.&#8221;

    She turns and says, &#8220;Hi Billy I&#8217;m Joan Freemont let&#8217;s get your luggage, get you to your place, and then get you to the office a-s-a-p.&#8221;

    Billy replies, &#8220;Well golly Mrs. Freemont I was hoping to take a day to get settled in and&#8230;&#8221;

    She interrupts, &#8220;Sorry kid you can do that on your own time. This ain&#8217;t Fawcett City things move fast in this town. You stand still you miss the story about someone robbing a bank, or a politician being arrested, and if you&#8217;re really good you might even catch a glimpse of a shadow that looks like Batman.&#8221;

    Billy shakes his head, &#8220;Batman? Wow! Really?&#8221;

    Freemont says, &#8220;If you get an actual picture or confirmation of him you can write your own ticket. Come on let&#8217;s move. Oh yeah, welcome to Gotham City!&#8221;
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    Poseidonis, Atlantica
    Outside the City Limits

    Things have gone well for Garth ever since order was restored to his Kingdom and Hagen and Triton were put back in their respective cells. And with the Ocean Master teleported to Atlan's Realm--mentor to Garth and father of Aquaman who is more than capable of containing such a powerful villain--the King of Atlantica has been able to sleep peacefully. Now he roams not too far from the city, taking a simple and relaxing swim.

    But all good things must come to an end. Even something as small as a simple swim.


    " going on?"

    "I shall make this quick, welp!!"

    The enemy comes from seemingly no where, attacking the young King of Atlantica. He slashes at Garth's back, and he lets out a cry that is quickly muffled by the villains gargantuan hands who covers Tempest's mouth as he grips tightly.

    "Strange that he would be here of all places, beneath the tides, but I will find him and no one will get in my way. Consider this mercy, for I will make your death quick."

    Garth muffles something, but the words--not even underwater--are audible the villain's grip is so hard. Distracted, he loosens his grip, and the young hero is able to utter a few words.

    "Nothing, actually. Just needed you to distract you."

    The water around Tempest suddenly rises to uncanny temperatures now that he is able to concentrate and harness his powers claimed by his birthright. Singeing the villain with several high degree burns, Garth is able to break free. He turns around.

    "What? You?"

    Going on instinct, he tries to blast the villain with his eyebeams. But this familiar face is far too powerful and cunning to be taken down by Tempest's mighty beams. Suddenly, Tempest cannot control his very body.


    "Can't...stop...the energy. What are you doing to me?"

    "Hahaha. Right now, whatever I wish. You are my puppet, boy. My pawn. Now...shush, child. Sleeeep."

    The magical beams stop, and Garth does just that. Just like that. The King of Atlantica drops to the seafloor, unconscious and asleep. By the mere power and control of a villain far greater than he. Looking down at his victim, a quick victory, he decides that the minnow isn't worth his time killing. By the time he is awake and no longer under his influence, his personal vendetta and mission will be complete.

    He looks over at the greater city of Poseidonis which resides not too far from his current location. Looking down at Tempest with glee, he smiles.

    "It is a marvelous kingdom you have, boy."


    "But should any of you Atlanteans try to be heroic, I will be sure to put in the time to tear it down piece by piece. He is still there. Ah...good. He did not sense this little squabble we just had. I do so desire to make a fine entrance."

    Poseidonis, Atlantica
    The Royal Palace
    Bedroom Chambers of Aquaman & Mera

    "Kym learned a new word the other day, J'onn."

    "How delightful. And what was it?"

    Orin chuckles, walking over to his wife, and kissing her on the cheek.

    "It was the silliest thing, really. We couldn't quite make it out, but it almost sounded like...oreo."

    Picking up an empty box of oreos from the table, the Marine Marvel gives his friend and comrade a smirk. It doesn't surprise the former Sea King though, that his daughter would learn such a word. Oreos have for a long time been J'onn's favorite snack and he has been like an uncle to Aquaman's daughter; making frequent visits to check on both Kym and Mera.

    "Well then, I do believe that my mission was a success. Now you will surely stock this palace with more, won't you?"

    The two friends chuckle, and Kym starts to reach up her arms at J'onn. As Mera lets the martian hold her daughter, she enjoys the smile on J'onn's face.

    "We still haven't gotten her to say 'J'onn', though. She can barely say 'Orin' but I think she just prefers 'dadda' so I don't mind."

    "It is fine. As I told you the day that you came to me, revealing that you would name your own daughter, in the memory of is enough. Your constant hospitality and kindness, is always more than enough."

    "Come, J'onn."

    Taking little Kym, and placing her into her crib, the Aquatic Ace puts his arm around the Martian Manhunter, and starts to head for the door.

    "I think I too could go for some more oreos."
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    Jason Todd- 'Deadline'
    I only bought us some time. Well...myself rather. Woke the kid up, and we were on the move. The time isn't being spent devising a plan to lure and trap Bruce. Nor is it being used to gather my arms and gadgets for when he eventually finds us.

    I'm using this time to *****in' heal.

    I know how The Batman thinks. He's going to realize that I was smart enough to not have any places to stay under my name, but I lack the resources to have false IDs--which is something he would've done--to use instead. He's going to find and locate Romeo Romero and go from place to place until he finds us. That Wop is going to spill his guts it is going to be so easy. I don't know how much time I've got to prepare.

    Still a bit drained and damaged from the encounter with those zombie things and if I'm lucky I'll get some of my strength back. Damn, maybe I should've made it to one of my safe houses I have stacked with weapons. The kevlar bi-weave in my suit was torn in several places by the claws of those walking undead freaks like if it were tissue paper. Overall, it is still better to wear what I've got than toss it. I keep my cool though to not let the kid realize that for the first time in a while I'm a bit scared.

    Also, I don't even want to think about the fact that he is the one that initiated contact. It didn't take any detective skills on Bruce's end to find out about Damian's whereabouts the little punk phoned Alfie and checked-in.


    Damnit, kid, of all the times to phone in why did you have to pick tonight.
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    .Chapter 1.

    Seven Months Ago.

    Thomas stretched and yawned, pushing the white satin sheets from his naked torso. Silently he slipped out of the bed and padded across the moonlit room to the dresser in the corner. His cell phone was set to silent but was blinking furiously. Glancing back at the bed, the dark haired woman there barely stirred as he grabbed the cell and answered it.

    "Yeah" he answered curtly.


    "Mr Blake. We have a job for you".

    "I'm listening" he replied as he made his way out towards the balcony.

    "There's a man in Gotham City known as the Gray Man. He has in his posession a box. I want that box and its contents".

    "What's the payment?"
    Blake asked.

    "One million now. Two more when the box is delivered".

    "Where am I delivering it to?"

    "We'll contact you".

    Blake sucked in a long breath of cold night air and rubbed at the stubble on his jaw. "Alright" he said. "I'll do it".

    The cell went dead and Tom turned to head back inside. The woman in the bed stirred and rolled over, drawing the sheet up to her chin. "Come back to bed Tom Cat. I'm cold".

    Blake shook his head and padded to the other side of the room. "I've got work to do Jade".

    Jade groaned and rolled around, her eyes following his naked form around the room. slipping the sheets away from herself she groaned dramatically again and succeeded in turning his head. "But kitten I'm reeeeeeally cold..."

    Blake sighed and allowed a smile smile to spread across his face. "Alright. Work can wait awhile" he smirked.
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    Gotham City.

    A city at the crossroads of crime and vice, a crucible that made my father the man that he is, and the cliff upon which he’s cast his life like a wave crashing against a rock – as though willing it to break. I’ve seen the man, I’ve seen the people of Gotham for what they are, and I’ve fought the fight to try and stem some of the corruption which spawned the Bat. And I hate this place more every day. I’m not even sure how many days its been since my father elected to make himself part of my life by forcibly removing me from the only one I’ve known with the only parent who ever at least remembered my birthday. The Batman doesn’t even know what day that is. At least my mother went through the motions of pretending to care about me, thus far my introduction to my father has been marked by a cold shoulder with sporadic episodes of scorn.

    What can I say? I’m the son of the Batman and he’s the mother****ing dad of the god damn year. All ten of them.

    The medicine in the cabinets is pretty dated, but really all I’m after are some quick clot pads and bandages to patch up both Jason and myself. I picked up some wicked road rash when I got booted into traffic. Jason’s obviously trying to walk off the ass kicking from the black lanterns. He’s had worse, so its nothing he can’t recover from.

    Me? The physical discomfort is simply the product of what could only be described as a distraction. My fight isn’t with slumdog drug lords. My fight isn’t with black ring corps space zombies. My fight isn’t even with Timothy Drake.

    My fight is with my father.

    Jean-Paul Valley was just a warm up for the inevitable battle to come. I’ve already gone a few rounds with a Batman, but to say that the prospect of a fight with the Batman is intimidating would be an understatement.

    Sleep is a forbidden fruit. I’ve been riding the edge for everything it was worth. Faces haunting me everytime I close my eyes. Grandfather describing to mother how he would use my body for his next resurrection. The homeless man getting beaten right across from a cop buying a hooker. The woman screaming as she watched the flames drawing closer to her and her baby. The vacant expression of the toddler lying dead in a pool of blood, gunned down right in front of me. Azrael punching straight through a man’s chest, his heart impaled on the steel-tipped fingers of Jean-Paul’s glove.

    I lean back against the wall and lift my head up as though wanting to believe there might actually be some good lord above and let the tears run down my face.

    Why doesn’t anything make sense anymore?
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    Billy and Joan make their way through the busy Gotham Bureau of WHIZ.

    She says, "Keep up kid this is where the rubber meets the road."

    Joan yells, "YO STAFF HUDDLE UP! NOW!"

    Everyone files out of their offices and gathers in the center of the room.

    Joan says, "All-right people this is Billy Barton from the Mothership in Fawcett city he's here to help us get things up and running."

    Billy says, "Um actually it's Batson ma'am. Hi everyone glad to be here and..."

    Joan interupts, "Sure super Batson. Got an assignment for ya. Oak Hill retirement center oldest resident just turned 105 today nice human interest peice. Let's ease you into things here. 4 Blocks west of here. Go get to it."

    Billy is somewhat in a loss for a moment in his thoughts as Joan says, "Batson! Move it! Get going! Peterson whatcha got on the union dock negotiations...."

    Before there is an answer the news-alert system activates. Everyone looks at the plasma monitor and sees the following message:


    Billy doesn't even finish reading the rest of the message as he blots out the door.

    He takes off down an alley and sees no one standing around.

    I was actually hoping for a much more subtle introduction but that's the way it goes.

    Billy sees no one around and says, "SHAZAM!"

    A thunderbolt nails Billy who is transformed into Captain Marvel.

    He takes flight and looks around. Marvel finally locates the bridge and sees the supports are going quickly.

    Holy Moley! I gotta move fast!

    Marvel swoops to the bridge and flies under the center-arch. With his Herculean strength he shoves the bridge upward and levels the bridge.

    Several people who were screaming are now silent and they gradually file out of their vehicles. A gathering crowd points and some begin to applaud and cheer.

    Marvel yells, "Get in your cars and clear the bridge if you can so the rescue workers do their jobs please!"

    Those who can get off the bridge while rescue workers begin helping in the bridge. Several support barges begin arriving and sliding into place underneath the bridge as gathering media helicopters begin to arrive and focus in on Marvel.

    Marvel feels the supports give the bridge a solid foundation.

    The Barge Captain yells though a bull-horn, "Okay Marvel we got it from here!"

    Marvel nods and lets go. The bridge settles on the supports as he flies to the Fire Captain.

    He asks, "Do you need anymore help sir?"

    The Fire-Captain replies, "Yeah there are several cars that still need to get cleared out so we can have a clear through line to Gotham Mercy."

    Marvel nods and takes off. He then begins using the speed of Mercury flying cars off of the bridge. Once they are clear Marvel then begins flying the Ambulances to the Hospital to save time.

    After he gets the last ambulance to the Gotham Mercy Marvel returns to the bridge and the Fire-Captain says, "We got it from here Captain Marvel thanks for your help."

    The 2 men shake hands as several reporters begin to approach Marvel. Shouting various questions such as, "Why are you in Gotham?" , "Are you here permanently?" "Have you met Batman?" and so on.

    Marvel says, "You're welcome Captain Holmes just helping where I can. I better take care of this excuse me sir."

    Holmes smiles and says, "Not a problem it'll make my job easier so I don't have to deal with them."

    Marvel holds up his hands and the reporters begin simmering down.

    He says, "First off I happened to be in the area I am just here to lend a hand where I can that is all I am here to do. The real work is being done by the men and women behind me. The real heroes in this situation. They are the ones who should be applaud and thanked. Thank you all."

    Marvel takes off into the Gotham skies and begins to make his way to the Senior Center. He lands a couple blocks over and seeing no one around he transforms back into Billy Batson.
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    Romero cracks. Everyone cracks eventually. He gives me what I need, all the information about an apartment he was coerced into giving to Jason. Apparently, there's a few more safehouses Jason and Damian could be holed up in.

    I drive the batmobile across town to one of the spots Romero confessed to owning. Kicking open the door, I find no signs of life in the small, one room apartment. But it's obvious someone has been living here recently. I tap my temple and activate the UV lenses in my cowl. The room burst to life in the ultraviolet light. There are stains on the floors, ceilings, and walls from liquids I don't even want to think about. One stain in particular catches my eye. It's a blood stain and it's more vibrant than the others. I bend down in front of the stain and use a spare batarang to scrape away flakes of dried blood. I place the blood flakes in my hand and let the microprocessors in my suit analyze the sample.

    Analyst Complete
    Blood Type AB+

    AB+ blood. That was Jason's blood type. He was here recently, or so I hope. I need a more detailed analysis.

    "Mic, activate. Alfred, are you in the cave?"

    "Yes, sir. I'm doing a bit of tidying around the gigantic penny."

    "I have data in need of analysis. I'm sending it to the batcomputer. Run it through the DNA databank and see if it hits a match."

    "Very good, sir."

    I transmit the data to the cave and investigate the rest of the room while I wait on confirmation from Alfred. If Jason was bleeding, then he's wounded. It may be nothing more than a flesh wound. Then again, it may be a mortal wound. There's no way to tell by one small blood stain.

    "And we have a match, sir. Blood is a perfect match for Jason Todd."

    "I thought as much. Continue analyzing and let me know if there's anything unusual in the blood cells, like traces of drugs or an unusual mineral. Anything that might be a clue as to where Jason could be hiding."

    "I will do my best. Just realize how far-fetched that may be."

    "It may be, but it's worth taking a chance. Batman out."

    I turn off the microphone and deactivate the UV lens. I quickly leave the apartment building, but stop short before I climb into the batmobile. I walk over to a nearby dumpster on a hunch and dig through it. Lying underneath a bag of garbage is a collection of bandages, dried blood caked all over the cloth.

    Jason's hurt, alright. He's a wounded animal and I'm slowly backing him into a corner. When the time comes, he'll lash out at me or Damian. I just have to be prepared for that moment.
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    I'm talking to Renee Montoya, a good friend of my father's and a good friend of mine to. We're chatting over coffee, about the recent events that were deemed as ''The Blackest Night''. It feels like a brand new age, and I'm glad I'm going to be spending it with my friends, my family, and my soon to be husband. "So how's the Gotham City Police Department holding up with all the mess? I mean, it must be hard for you guys to clean up after a near apocolypse, right?"

    "You got that right. I've been working extra shifts just to clean up this damn city. What's the use of superheroes when they don't even help out with the aftermath?" We chuckle, but I know Renee's laughter has a slight hint of bitterness. I then blow gently on my steaming coffee, putting it to one side and leaning forward.

    I think about all the previous events. Who perished, who rose. I was one of the lucky ones. Selina Kyle, Catwoman, now unable to have children during a battle with Harleen Quinzel, former villain, former Star Sapphire. The world had changed before my eyes, and I didn't like it. But there was nothing I could do. I could only hide, take the survivors in. But I couldn't fight. I couldn't go out there and blast the souless creatures with my heat ray, I couldn't go out there and wrap them up in my Lasso Of Truth, I couldn't go out there and throw my bat-a-rangs around.

    All I could do was wait. "Did you ever encounter one of...them."

    Renee bows her head down. It's probably a difficult question for her to answer. Before I can retract my question, Renee pipes up and takes a loud slurp of her coffee, staring me directly in to my eyes."Detective Bennett. My old partner. We use to work together, me, Bennett and Yin. That was before I decided we'd bust a drug joint, despite your father telling me it was a wrong move. He was right. I came out alive with a few scratches and grazes, but the two of them weren't so lucky. Bennett died and Yin fell in to a coma. She's still in it from what I hear--"

    I interrupt Montoya quickly and calmly, taking her soft palm in to my hands. "You don't have to tell me, Renee. We've all done things we aren't proud of. Me being one of them. That Black Lantern was not Bennett, it was a souless minion belonging to Darkseid. What ever made up the good qualities of that man were gone, and there was nothing you could do about it."

    She smiles and finally perks up. She takes one last sip of her coffee, before sliding it across the table. Her chesnut brown hair gently falls in front of her forehead. Her eyebrows being to raise and her eyes shine like the sun. I finally grasp what's caught her attention. My ring. "Is this the ring? Barbara, that's one heck of a shiner! How did he afford that!?"

    I laugh quietly and smile. The subject's quickly changed, so I carry it on quickly. "I don't know and hopefully, I never will. I'll just shut up, smile and enjoy having this lovely reminder of me and Dick's everlasting love."

    We continue to chat about various other things. The news, the crime, heroes, the weather, and just a general catch-up. The topic of me joining the police force is quickly brought up and forgotten, then again with the Birds of Prey, which I'm quick to dismiss. By the time Renee's left, I finally remember the coffee I made two hours ago. I look over at the once warm liquid. What are you doing with your life, Barbara?

    As much as I would love to sit her and re-evaluate my life as a so called ''crime-fighter'', I have other things to attend to. There are heroes out there right now who need me. The first of those, being Helena. Haven't seen her since the whole invasion crisis. Come to think of it, I haven't seen any of the ex-Birds since the crisis. I really do need to get out more often. Perhaps I could call Dinah once this whole situation with Helena's over? Maybe the three of us could get together, just like old times. Just coffee and croissants of costumes involved.

    "Long time no talk, Helena."

    The voice of Oracle transmitts it's self all the way over to Helena's ear peice. Something I have to all of the birds, before we split. Good to know it can actually come in handy. "As much as I would love to sit and chat, I'm more focused on keeping these b*tches off my tail!"

    "What do you need? Car, helicopter, bus, back-up, train?"

    "A train? You supply those things?"


    "I can handle two of them, it's just that last chick that's got the crazy *****! I don't know where she got that sword from, but it certainly ain't america--"

    "What does it look like? Where is she wearing it?"

    "It's, it's Chesh---BZZZKTTT--- crap."

    "Helena? Helana can you hear me?"

    As the communicator takes time to repair, I quickly type in the descriptions Helena gave and await the results.

    Request not matched. Please try again.

    Crap. I begin to speak slowly back in to the computer, wondering if Helena's still awake on the other end.

    "Helena!? Are you there, Helena!?"

    "Sorry, Helena Kyle's not available at the moment. Please try again later."

    A female voice. Soft yet empowering. I leap to the keyboad, my fingers barely taking a break for the amount of typing I manage to fit in. The computer begins to scan the voice, whilst I listen to a sinister laugh explode on the other end.

    "Even the Oracle didn't see this coming."
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    Jason Todd- 'Deadline'
    Damian makes it back from grabbing some supplies from the other room. A few meds to help this splitting headache, bandages, some pads: the usual. It looks like something is on his mind but I shrug it off. Gotta focus. I don't have the energy to relocate and continue this game of cat and mouse with Bruce so this spot is going to be it.

    "Wait a sec, kid. First, give me that."

    As I'm applying some alcohol, which burns a tad, Damian hands me a few cloth pads. Quick fix up on my ribs but stitching up this slash on my shoulder is going to be a pain in my ass. I take a deep breath, picking up the needle and thread and start on closing up the wound. Making it about halfway, I know that with my sight not as clear around the other side of my shoulder I could risk messing up.

    "Damian, you got a steady hand right? Think you can give me a hand?"

    He nods, and I'm not too worried. If he was raised by the League of Assassins the chances that they taught him how to tend to such serious wounds are high. Plus, he already patched me up a bit while I was passed out from blood loss so what's there to worry about, right--


    I lose it, getting up as Damian lets go out of the thread and needle out of fear. I just stand there for a moment, glaring at him. Backhanding him, I walk over to the table. I take a few deep breaths as I lean on the edge of the table. The kid starts to walk over to me but I put my hand up for him just to let me be.

    "I'm sorry. It's ok, just--"

    And then I lose it again.


    I flip the table over, then take one of the wooden chairs, and hurl it to the opposing wall right over the kid's head. It's not the shoulder wound that is bugging me at all, and I keep avoiding it. You'd think that by now I've exploded.

    But I haven't even begun. In an hr, in several minutes, who knows maybe in a few seconds, Bruce might be kicking down that door and come in here to face me. It's come down to the deadline on my deal with Darkseid. It's simple: if I kill Bruce I live if I don't I die for Darkseid. I'm not going to be anyone's puppet any longer than I have to be. And for the first time in a long time, I'm scared.

    I'm scared out of my *****in' mind. I'm not in the shape to fight him.

    Not now.

    I'm going to die tonight after the crap I've put Bruce through.

    I finally let out what has bugged me the entire time as I walk up to the kid, grabbing him by the collar of his suit.

    "Why'd you have to do it, kid? Why--"

    I shove him to the ground.


    Nothing is going according to plan anymore.
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    Poseidonis, Atlantica
    The Royal Courtyard

    Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter take a stroll through the city, into the Royal Coutyard, completely unaware that they are being watched. While there would be no true reason for them to be on the complete defense and on their guard, the one who watches them would remain undetected regardless. For not even their telepathy would be able to sense his presence.

    None are a match for such a mind as great as his.

    "It has been rather quiet around these waters as of late."

    "Yes. To my luck any terror involving the Seven Seas has been away from Poseidonis at least. Just last week, as he was being transported to a new government facility after killing several inmates, Mort Coolidge aka The Eel, almost broke free. Luckily I've kept a close watch on all activies concerning him and was able to stop him before being back at his full power."

    "Superman has seemed...a bit different lately."

    "Oh? Well he did for but a moment harness a power so great that he could have reshaped the very universe. Perhaps the experience brought much to his mind that didn't occur to him before."

    The Martian Manhunter is silent for a moment, which confuses the Marine Marvel. In his mind, the former Sea King supposes that Clark has been a bit different ever since his duel with Darkseid although it has not been something of worry. And Orin also knows that while J'onn could easily pry into his subconscious mind, the martian wouldn't dare doing such a thing. After all, many a time J'onn has told the Aquatic Ace himself about respect among colleagues and their ability of telepathy.

    Then I believe you do not know your friend, as well as you think you do...



    The Marine Marvel looks around, seeing no one. J'onn grown with concern, places his hand upon Orin's shoulder as the Sea King startled speaks.

    "That...shouldn't be possible."

    "What is it, Orin?"

    "Someone just probed into my mind, through all my passive telepathic defenses as though it were tissue paper."

    Looking around, Aquaman tries to scan the area telepathically trying to locate the mind that just spoke into his. The Martian Manhunter's hand starts to quiver a bit on Orin's shoulder, soon letting loose of his comrade, and is silent. The Aquatic Ace can only assume he is trying to do the same when he calls out to him.

    "Can you sense it, J'onn? I could've sworn that--J'ONN!!"


    "Step aside, dweller of Atlantis. Or I will be forced to do the same to you. This is personal."
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    The boy's brooding was interrupted by the sound of Jason moving around the makeshift hideout, the child brushing away the wet lines on his face as made an attempt to look 'cool' about everything that was happening. People were dead, either as a result of crime, Black Lanterns, or Damian. He'd fought Jean-Paul Valley, and been nearly killed. And now he was inexplicably drawn to the character of Jason Todd, a man he'd sworn to kill because of the affection that fath-- that Bruce had once shown the pretender son. Strange as it seemed, Damian felt as though he could understand Jason.

    More to the point, it was like Jason could understand him. And no one understood Damian. Not grandfather. Not mother. Certainly not father. And least of all Damian himself.

    The boy looked up as though having utterly forgotten that the man was even there, lost somewhere between exhaustion and the twisted emotions which seemed to be creeping in his soul. Nodding finally, the young Wayne stepped forward to pass the padding over to Jason as though he were nothing but an automaton. Going through the motions, feeling nothing. So hurt that he'd just gone numb. When Jason passed him the needle, the boy had made the best attempt at stitching the wound that he could but the child was close to coming apart at the seams, so far on edge that his hands were shaking.

    The outcry startled the boy, the needle slipping from his trembling fingers as the back of Jason's hand connected with the side of Damian's face. The hot flash of pain only skin deep, unable to thaw the nerves gone cold which refused to feel anything any more. "tt," the boy uttered with a click of his tongue, merely standing there with his head still cocked to the side by the blow.

    Perhaps Damian knew by the angle that the chair was going to sail over his head. Perhaps Damian just didn't care whether the chair struck him or not. In either case, the boy didn't so much as blink an eye as the furniture was flung in his direction. He was a mannequin, a shell... or just another unwanted kid.

    If Jason was going for a reaction, then he was rewarded. Staring up at him from the floor, Damian's large blue eyes were filled with utter and complete pain. His face pale with a look of horror at the words which so finely nailed home every torturing nightmare that had clawed and wrestled with his conscience since his 'introduction' to his father. The Batman.

    And the shadow of the Bat engulfed the son in darkness.

    Jason's answer was written plainly across the boy's face. He didn't know why he'd tried to call his father. He'd thought about everything Jason had said, and more, and had those words running through his head for almost everyday for the decade that was his entire life. And he believed those words.

    And he didn't want it to be true.

    Drawing his knees up, Damian wrapped his arms around his legs and tucked himself into a tight, fetal ball as he sat there beneath Jason's glare. Jason had won, he'd dealt an emotional blow that did what physical blows wouldn't. He'd wounded Damian. Broken open old scars which refused to heal. The pain so deep that no tears would come, because they'd gone dry years ago.

    "I could ask mother for help."

    It was the only thing the boy said. He wasn't sure that he believed Jason's fear that the Batman was coming. If he was, it wouldn't be for Damian. But if they wanted to escape the Batman... the League of Assassins made a career out of escaping the Batman.

    And mother knew just how to handle father.

    Damian was proof enough of that.
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    "Put me down!"

    To say that my relationship with Stephanie Brown has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride would be an insult to theme parks everywhere. I've known her ever since Batman and I crossed paths with her father, The Cluemaster, all those years ago when I was just starting out as Robin. She had been motivated to become a vigilante in order to take her dad out once and for all and became The Spoiler, much to Bruce and I's shared chagrin. But unlike Bruce, who saw her from the beginning as nothing more than a nuisance, I gave her a chance and allowed her to continue developing her craft, offering my help and limited expertise whenever she needed it. But that was years ago, and through our battles, our passion, our disagreements and especially our love for eachother, I've come to know Stephanie as an inherently good person with noble intentions. For that much, I'm proud of her.

    But this Spoiler stuff's gotta stop. There've been many instances where her limited skills as a combatant and an amateur tactician have put myself and others in serious danger. And at the rate she's going, The Spoiler will eventually consume her life and take it. Violently and cold, in a place where I won't be around to protect her. And with the feelings I've had for her for all of these years, thoughts like that frankly scare the hell out of me. As much as I wanna see her succeed and support everything she sets her mind to... tonight is where I draw the line.

    Landing on the rooftop of the Gotham Metro building, I release her from my grip just as she starts to protest. Based off of experience, I just decide tune her complaints out as I'm reeling in the grapple line. By the time I've finished, she's just at the tail end of her little rant. "-...AND I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW RUDE THAT WAS! What the hell is wrong with you tonight?!"

    Narrowing my eyes, we stare at eachother for what feels like an eternity. She's right, in that I've never been this strict with her, but what else can I do? Almost getting herself killed threw me for a serious loop, not to mention ruining the months of preparation I spent trying to get that weapons' racket into submission.

    "Steph, do you have any idea of what you're doing?"

    She crosses her arms. "Yeah, yelling at a complete jerk for treating me like his luggage!"

    "That's not what I meant, and you know it."

    I approach her, making no attempt to hide my irritation. "Those men back there were trained professionals, some of Prague's most dangerous weapon smugglers. Just a notch below the KGB in terms of firearms' training. The fact that I caught them off guard is the only reason that they didn't turn me into swiss cheese."

    "A guy with a gun is a guy with a gun. I'm no stranger to seeing stuff like that, especially in a town like Gotham."

    "I suppose that's why people like Deadshot are so high on the FBI's Most Wanted list."

    She tries to argue, but can't.

    "Alright, point taken, but what does any of this have to do with me?"

    I sneer back at her. "You jumped in there without a plan. You got tripped up midway through the fight, which certainly proves that you weren't paying attention to your surroundings, and furthermore? You ruined what was supposed to be a simple intimidation tactic."

    Knowing Steph as long as I have, I expect her to realize the error of her ways and back down. But to my surprise, she doesn't. Instead, she gets right in my face about it. "That's why you freaked out on me? Because I made a few mistakes? Listen to yourself, Tim! You're so busy chastising me that you won't even acknowledge the mistakes you made!"

    My eyebrow arches. "What are you talking about? I didn't make any-..."

    "You were nearly strangled to death."

    "Yeah, because I was busy trying to save your-,"

    "I was watching the fight. I saw what you did to the car. Do you have any idea of how many people you could've hurt pulling a stunt like that?"


    "Look, that was-,"

    "And above all else, before you get onto me for apparently not knowing what I'm doing, you were the reason I was taken off guard in the first place. You didn't tell me anything about your plans. You knew that gang was dangerous - more dangerous than the normal creeps that operate in the city - and yet you went off half-cocked and tried to take them down by yourself. If you had just called and relayed your strategy, I would have totally helped you take them down! And you know I could have helped you!"


    As much as I want to go back at her with something that puts down the argument, I have to admit, she's got a point. Whether or not she's good at this is irrelevant, I could have easily used her for numerous parts of the strategy. Whether it was distracting the heavies from the rooftops or scoping out the fight to make sure I wasn't in danger, utilizing Steph in this should have been a no-brainer. It's not like I can't rely on her for that much, I've been relying on her for the past few months to help me move things forward to get it all pushed to a head.

    So why didn't I? "Look, you're right. I didn't include you, and I apologize."

    "Thank you."

    I shake my head. There's more.

    "But that doesn't mean what you did was any less of a risk to my plans. You can't just go in like that and expect to be able to help me out. Whenever you enter a fight, whether you're following proceedure or not, you become an instant liability to me. You have no idea how much you simply being there throws me off, because I..."

    And then I stop. Rather than indulge her with that next phrase, I simply look away. I've been thinking about the status of... "us", for awhile now, and I can't just turn back on my decision now. As hard as it is to admit, Stephanie's still apart of my life, but she can't be an intimate part of it anymore. What we had was in the past, and right now, I'm concentrated on only one thing. Taking as many people down as I can before the baby comes.

    "Tim? Tim, what is it?"

    She pulls off her mask, revealing a concerned expression. It's hard to look at her directly in the eye, so I start to back away. "Steph... we need to talk."

    "I thought that's what we were doing right now?"

    "No, not like that. I'm not talking about the work, or this..."

    I pull back my cowl aswell. "I'm talking about... us. What we've been doing."

    She can't look directly at me, either. We both know the shame of it, neither of us just chose to acknowledge it in the time since it happened. Since we consummated a relationship that was already dead from the get-go. Stephanie's got a life of her own to focus on, but my situation is entirely different now. I made a commitment to a woman that's carrying my child, and even if I may have betrayed that, I'm determined to see that commitment through. Steph knows that, and we've both known that this day was eventually going to come. I just wish it didn't have to be now, but it's already too late. It's already out in the open.

    "You know how I feel about you."

    "Yeah. I know."

    "I'll always care, no matter happens."

    "I care about you too, Tim."

    "But you know what we did was unfair to Rose, no matter how you feel about her. She's the woman I love now, and if I'm going to make it work, it can't continue between you and me. Not with the baby coming."

    She looks off at Gotham. I can tell she's disappointed, but she seems to be accepting. Frankly, it's not what I expected of her.

    "I know."

    "We'll always be friends. And maybe you can help me out on cases, from time to time, but right now I just..."

    She turns back to me and places a hand on my cheek. I wish it didn't have to be like this, but I can't continue living with myself if I know that I'm hurting Rose anymore than when I'll be forced to tell her the truth. I just have to wait until everything's settled, and we're secure in our new life together.

    "I understand. You need your space."

    "Yeah. And I need time, too. I just bought an apartment for us, and when Rose and I settle in, I'm gonna have to tell her the truth. If I'm gonna raise my child alongside her, there can't be any secrets. Not anymore."

    She nods. "It's okay. You've got alot to deal with, and I need to get back to my own life."

    Pulling the cowl back on, I nod back to her. "Thank you. For understanding, I mean. I don't know what I'd do without you, Steph."

    She pulls her mask on aswell, placing the hood over it.

    "Anytime. Call me if you need anything, okay?"


    Stepping up to the edge, I spread my cape and look back.

    "You sure you're okay about this?"

    "Totally. As long as you convince Rose to let me be the godmother."

    I smirk, half-heartedly. "Don't push your luck, but I'll try. I owe you one."

    "Don't worry about it. Stay safe, Tim."

    I look back out at Gotham. "You too."

    And with that, I'm off, feeling like a huge weight was just lifted from my shoulders. Do I feel bad about leaving Stephanie behind? Sure. I'd do anything to do this without hurting her and still managing to keep my promise, but this isn't a fairytale. This is real life, and I've just realized that I'm beginning to come to terms with that.


    * * *

    The Spoiler grabs her grapple line and heads in the opposite direction, expecting to seek out another crime to foil. But she realizes by the time that she's reached the edge that she's lost the greatest guy in her entire life. She still loves him, and yet she has to let him go. Fighting back tears, Stephanie stands there in solace, her shoulders slumping and her body shivering. She tells herself that it really is the end for her and Tim, and that by the time she's made it home, Tim will be with Rose when he should be with her instead. But she brushes past those thoughts and throws the line anyway, hoping that her emotions won't put her infront of Tim's happiness.


    Spoiler's eyes widen as she turns to face the sudden presence that appeared behind her. A horned shadow stands in the distance, it's arms folded across it's chest. Stephanie immediately tightens her fists, preparing for an argument that's been a long time coming. Where Tim motivated her, there was another man who constantly pushed her aside and never gave her the proper credit that was justly deserved. Where there was Robin, there was always...


    She storms ahead towards the dark figure, her sadness giving into rage as she prepares to strike out against The Cape Crusader's form. "You just had to have the last say in all of this, didn't you? You never approved of Tim's relationship with me, and now that it's over, you're here to throw it all in my face, aren't you?! You heartless...!"

    A gloved hand lashes out from the form and snatches Spoiler's wrist, catching her off guard.

    "Would not do that."

    Upon closer inspection, Stephanie realizes that the form of Batman is actually more womanly than usual. Then it becomes clear. Her surprise evident, Spoiler places a hand over her own mouth in regret. "Ohmigod... Cassandra! I didn't, I mean... I didn't realize it was..."

    Batgirl narrowed her gaze. "I followed you both. Listened to conversation. About your skill."

    Spoiler shrinks, feeling disgraced.

    "Yeah. I guess you agree with Tim, huh? That I really am a lost cause?"

    "Not at all. Infact,"


    "I want to help."
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    This morning I accidentally burned a hole in the roof of our apartment when I woke up; my Heat Vision had apparently been building up overnight, and released itself when I opened my eyes.

    I have it patched up in less than three minutes--granted, most of that time was spent flying to the old general store in Smallville where I know the best deals on the best parts, putting out a wildfire in southern California, and saving a six-year-old boy who'd fallen out of a canoe along the Mississippi River on my way back.

    Lois is still asleep when I head back into our bedroom. I decide not to wake her, but focus my X-Ray Vision so that I can take at how our baby is coming along.

    Suddenly all I can see is a sphere of light, darting about in my field of vision. My vision strains looking at it, like I'm flexing a muscle too hard....

    ....then I realize what I've focused too far. I'm looking at a quark, an infinitessimal particle that makes up the electrons in an atom, so small that they can't clearly be said to even really exist.

    I blink and my eyesight is back to normal. Something's wrong.

    Maybe it's the sudden stress about having the baby--this is something I'm not sure how to even really approach. I haven't told anyone in the League about it, not even Bruce. Right now I haven't even told Kara or Conner about it. Currently the only people that know that Lois is pregnant with my child, that I subconsciously altered reality itself to allow us to even be able to conceive a child, are myself, Lois, and Ma.

    News of this could shake the hero community to its say nothing of the villain community. Superman is having a baby, a direct bloodline descendant. An heir, if I'm going to see what I do in such a way. Both Kara and Conner have both earned the right to wear the symbol of Krypton a thousand times over, but this? This may be a game changer.

    I put on some coffee for Lois, then break up an armed skirmish in Gaza while I wait for it to heat up. Cleaning up the battle takes a little longer than I hoped; I meant to use my Arctic Breath to freeze a rocket-propelled grenade in its place, but accidentally created blizzard conditions throughout the region.

    After clearing off the roads there and showing a few of the local children the best way to make a snowman, I head back to Metropolis, and hear a situation brewing.

    "That's right, everyone down!" the man's shouting. "This building is now the official property of Intergang, and anyone who's got a problem with it can take it up with me personally!"

    I frown. I've been bringing in Bruno Manheim's thugs and muscle ever since I came back--someone's been financing them secretly, giving them armor and weapons that they couldn't possibly afford themselves. I have a very distinct suspicion as to who that someone is, but he's been very good about keeping off my radar.

    I touch down in the Lacey's Department Store where a good dozen heavily-armed Intergang thugs are holding the customers and employees hostage.

    "Excuse me," I say to get their attention. "Which one of you said to take it up with them if I had a problem with you holding innocent people hostage?"

    Despite the fact that they're armed with some kind of concussion rifles that, from the looks of their construction and the energy contained in their battery cells, could probably punch holes through solid titanium, most of them lower their guns and shrink away. Inwardly I smirk--and Batman thinks he's scary to criminals.

    The ring leader, though, doesn't flinch. In fact, he swaggers over to me like a cowboy.

    "Look who we've got, boys!" he announces. "If it ain't the Big Blue Boy Scout himself! Just who we were looking for."

    "You should probably think very carefully about what you're doing," I say calmly but assertively.

    "Oh, I have thought about it, Superman," he says with an eager look. "I've dreamed about it. It cost our operation nearly ten million to get what we wanted, but it'll be worth every penny of it! NOW!"

    Each of them reaches into a pocket on their belts--lead-lined compartments that I didn't notice. Given that the radiation will travel at nearly light speed, I've got maybe a few hundredths of a second to get away from it.

    Twelve men, each with a chunk of Kryptonite. There's no way I can get through in time. Just grit your teeth and call for backup.....

    The sickly green energy washes over me, and I expect the familiar agony, the crippling sickness......

    .....instead, I get nothing. Not even a headache.

    "Well, that's.....interesting," is all I can think to say as I look at my hands and see they're not even shaking. I look back at the Intergang thugs and see they've been stricken with horror.

    Something incredibly strange is going on with my powers. And I'm not sure what's going to become of it.

    Still, no need to look a gift horse in the mouth at the moment. After all, I've still got a dozen criminals armed with state-of-the-art illegal weapons, about a hundred innocent bystanders to protect....

    .....and my coffee's almost ready.
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    Billy listens intently at the Retirement Center as Mrs. Klineman tells a story about her 40th birthday. It was on that birthday when her husband arrived home from World War II to surprise her for her birthday.

    Billy then is offered a peice of birthday cake. As he enjoys it his cell-phone rings. Joan is on the other end. He politely excuses himself and answers the call.

    Billy says, "Yes Mrs. Freemont."

    Joan replies, "Batson forget the old lady story for now we got a bigger story."

    Billy replies, "But Mrs. Freemont this is a great human interest story I think her story should be told."

    Joan says, "What you think and reality are 2 different extremes Batson. Sure it might be a nice story but we got a bigger one right now! Captain Marvel is in Gotham City. I need public reaction angles good, bad, in-different you the routine."

    Billy says, "Wow! Captain Marvel! I still think Mrs. Klineman's story is worth our time though."

    Joan finally says, "All-right Batson send me the file in the next five and we'll tack it on our blog. Best I can do. Then get out there and focus in on Marvel."

    Billy replies, "Thank you Mrs. Freemont you won't regret it!"

    Joan says, "I already do."

    She hangs up and Billy does some quick edits and uploads the file.

    Billy says goodbye and makes his way to the streets. Already there are news headlines and bulletins of Marvel's apperance.

    Just then he sees a mugging in progress.

    Well time to show I can do more than just impending disasters.

    Billy dashes down side-alley sees no one around and says, "SHAZAM!"

    Billy is transformed into Captain Marvel and takes flight to the scene of the mugging.

    The mugger is getting ready to hit a woman with a black jack, but Marvel grabs his wrist and begins to apply pressure from behind.

    The mugger says, "AHHH! I knew you'd show up Bats and I got something for you!"

    He turns brandishing a knife. The mugger suddenly drops the knife when he sees the Golden Lighting bolt.

    He stutters and stammers, "You you you're not BBBBBats! You're not supposed to to to to be here!"

    Marvel replies, "Supossed to be here or not is not the issue. The issue is" Marvel lifts the mugger up by his wrist and says, "You're committing a crime and no matter who is here people like you must be held accoutnable for actions like that."

    Marvel looks at the woman and asks, "Are you all-right?"

    She nods completely in awe. Marvel says, "Go call the police I'll wait."

    The police show up in a matter of minutes and Marvel turns the mugger over to the police.

    The victim says, "Thank you! Thank you!"

    She flings herself to him and Marvel somewhat taken aback says, "Ummm you're welcome ma'am. If you'll excuse me I'm sure the Police wish to take your statement and I need to go."

    She kisses Marvel and says, "Thank you again!"

    Marvel clearly blushing says, "Goodbye ma'am."

    Marvel takes flight and takes a look around the city as he sails through the skies.

    Might as well let everyone know I'm here.
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    The door to the bathroom was locked, Michael ignored his mother's increasing in severity threats of no television, no X-Box, no cellphone if he didn't get to school on time. He turned on the razor and put in through his hair. It made a clear line and a clump of hair laid in the sink, the first stage of his rebirth. He continue to shave his head. His mother continue to pound on the door and yell. He finally unlocked the door and it slowly swung open.

    "Finally, you've missed the bu...Jesus what the hell did you do to your hair!"

    Michael stood in the door way. His hair and eyebrows completely gone. He wore a black shirt with the red drawing that was unmistakable Lex....
    "....Luthor?" a mechanical voice called out.

    During the Crisis Metropolis had face one wave of Justifiers. The people of Metropolis had when question on their minds at the time, where was Superman?

    "Come on Ron, over the fence."

    "I..can't it's to high..."

    "I'll help you. Hurry up, they'e coming!" Michael help boost his little brother over the fence. He heard the marching and the beautiful voice shouting from the megaphone.

    "All hail the glory of Darkseid. Darkseid is love, Darkseid is freedom." The group had turned down into the alley. The red hair man approach the brothers.

    "Oh my children. Don't you want to see you Granny?" His voice was warming and comforting but Michael say what this "man" was capable of. Glorious Godfrey brought a small hell to Metropolis. Michael picked up a rock and threw it at him.

    "Get away from us! Ron run!"

    "Fire! Cut them to pieces! Food for Darkseid's dogs of war!" Something in purple and green arm fell from the sky. It trampled on top of a number of Justifiers and fought off the others with ease. Godfrey escaped in the tussle.

    "'s hurts." He saw his brother was hit. He held his stomach as his shirt grew darker. The man is the armor turned to go find Godfrey but Michael called out.

    "Wait! My brother...." The armor turned around and looked down at the brothers. He lifted him and he floated over the palm of his hand. Holographic message appeared all around Ron. Lights, beams, mechanical parts all shot out from the armor. After a few minutes he put him down.

    "I'm sorry," he said in a mechanical voice. The mask quickly descended from his face. Michael gasped didn't know what to say.

    "I can't do anymore," It seemed that this disturbed Lex Luthor more than Michael's dead brother.


    "Corben, speak?"

    "Godfrey is on the run. Shall we engage?"

    "No, he's mine. I'll show Metropolis what happens to alien scum when they decide to interfere with human thought." He looked back at Michael. A slot opens up in the suit. He hands Michael a gun.

    "There is no one here to protect you. I was here purely on accident. There is no all seeing eye now and I want you to remember that. Do not get soft. I tried to warn the world, this is what happens and they labeled me a monster. Where is he? We can no longer rely on him. The answer is here," he points to his temple. He was unsure if it was the human mind or Lex Luthor was the answer.

    "They will enslave us, they will use as cattle, unless we resist. Do not grieve, do not show them weakness, do not give in to what they want. Humanity prevails." He launches into the air. For once in a long time Michael felt that there was nothing...

    "...wrong?" Wonder Woman asked as he crawled on the couch toward Lex Luthor who sat indifferently on the other side. He drank a blue liquid out of a martini glass and sat in silence.

    "Lexy, dear, you can tell us if there is anything wrong..." Zatanna placed her arms around him.

    "We can make it all bzzzt--we can make it all zzzzt..." Lex sighed.

    "Power down."

    "Honestly Lex, I thought you were better than this." Another woman appeared in the doorway. Everything about her screamed straight business. Lex stares up from the couch.

    "I pay you to help coordinate things, Miss. Teschmacher, not to critique the way I do things."

    "Yes, well helping you has become a cosmic chore. You built a stealth satellite that orbits Earth after you found out Superman beat Darkseid. Not as a weapon but as a new place to live..."

    "And might I remind everyone that the stealth system was heavily flawed and that we could have been detected by the Teen Titans."

    "And now the monkey needs to join in."

    "Ape, Lex, I thought you knew better." It was a gorilla wearing a suit, of course. "Lexor? I mean really, your ego...."

    "Don't you have some giant robots to finish?"

    "Hurump, I guess I need to finish correcting your mistakes." The gorilla left.

    "And what are you going to do?" said the crossed Miss. Teschmacher.

    "I believe this is where I'm suppose to give my Shakespearian speech on how I'm going to kill Superman. Destroy him, kill him, is that what you're looking for? I'm tired of that. Giant robots, kryptonite bombs, social clubs of psychopaths in garnish costume. I smiled when I learned that clown was dead. Do you know what happened on my birthday? He wiped out the God of all evil and saved the world. I see wrinkles and crow's feet while he still hasn't aged a day."

    "So you are just going to sit around, watch tv, and play with your robots?"

    "Of course not, I'm Lex Luthor."

    "Then what?"

    "I was thinking about the future. Care to see?" A giant monitor turns on.
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    The wind rips through my hair as I look over Coast City, the scene of what was just a climatic fight against the Black Lantern Corps and Darkseid. The first fight I had taken part in in the months since I had left the Titans, and now I sit on a rooftop over the city, honestly not knowing what to do next.

    I know I'm needed with the team. I know that's where I should be. But I also don't know whether or not I can handle being there with them. Not after I left. Not after what happened. Not with Conner...

    The sound of a pair of feet landing on the rooftop behind me draws my attention, and I turn to find Supergirl, Kara, my best friend standing there, "You can't stay away forever, Cassie."

    "You think I don't know that?" I respond, more angrily than I intended. "I know, Kara. But I don't know if I'm ready. I don't know if I can go back now. It's been so long. And I just left. Because of some stupid high-school drama reason. I wouldn't blame the team if they resented me for it."

    "They don't," she insists. "They need you, Cassie. More than you know."

    "They need me, or your cousin needs me?" I ask. My feelings for Conner have been shaken to the core, and I don't know if they'll ever be mended to what they once were. "Because I know I'm not ready for that. And I'm not sure I ever will be."

    "Both, I think," she replies honestly. If there's one thing I can always count on Kara for, it's honesty. "But if you're not going to do it for Conner do it for the rest of the team. Do it for me."

    "Are you coming back, too?" I ask.

    "I don't know yet," she shrugs as her eyes sweep over the city as mine were doing just moments before. "Rising from the dead gives you a lot to think about, and I haven't finished that yet. But I have been thinking about it."

    Without another word, she takes off into the early morning sky, and I'm left alone again to ponder my next move.
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    "Okay, fearless leader, let's run through the list one more time," Zach says. He sits at the kitchen table, holding a list of names. Clearing his throat, he begins, "Robin?"

    "Red Robin now," I correct. "He's got bigger things to focus on, between Rose and the baby. He doesn't have the time."


    I smile. It's so nice having Kara back from the dead. It was weird without her. Nonetheless, I shrug. "She's just trying to get her head straight right now. She told me I'll be the first to know if she decides to come back."

    Zach nods. "Okay, uh, Kid Flash?"

    "He'll probably be more concerned with reuniting with Kara and trying to get his life back to normal."


    "Said something about her father, Trigon, and some interdimensional portal or something," I answer unsurely. "I didn't really understand the whole thing, to be honest."

    "Blue Beetle?"

    "With Justice League International."

    "Huh. Good for him," Zach remarks. He hesitates, and I know exactly why. He glances up from the list at me, and I immediately know what name is coming next. "Wonder Girl?"

    I sigh, hanging my head a little. "I don't think she's coming back, Zach," I explain. The last time I saw Cassie was during Darkseid's invasion. She fought alongside me, but she made it very clear that she wasn't ready for the Titans. I haven't talked to her, so I don't know if her mind's changed, but I have no reason to believe it has.

    "Well, that's the whole list," Zach announces defeatedly. He tosses the piece of paper across the table. After a moment of silence, he says, "Don't worry about it, Kon. That was just a preliminary list. There's tons of other people we can contact."

    He's right, I suppose. There are "honorary" Titans all over the world, but even still, I can't help shake the feeling that the Titans will never be what they once were - at least, not for us. Maybe the next generation will do better. I pull up a chair and slump down at the table next to Zach. "I just didn't think it would end like that, you know? I figured when our time was up, we'd go out with style."

    "What about Garfield Logan?" Zach and I turn around. Beast Boy is standing in the center of the common room, smirking proudly. "I didn't hear my name on that list of yours."

    "Beast Boy? What are you doing here?"

    He shrugs, making his way across the room towards the kitchen. "Heard the Titans were having something of a recruiting drive. Decided to come out and see for myself." He walks right past us to the fridge, taking out an orange and peeling it in front of us. "Why wasn't I on your list?"

    "Well, you see," Zach begins hesitantly, "We've already met our green-skinned quota."

    I punch Zach in the arm lightly - which, coming from a half-Kryptonian, probably still stings. "Zach, why didn't you put Beast Boy on the list?"

    "Man, I've got the comedy angle covered! Okay? I don't need someone coming in and stealing my shtick!"

    "Your shtick?" Beast Boy laughs. He takes a big bite of the orange. "Man, I was doing that long before your sister started teaching you spells."

    Zach pouts. "She's not my sister."

    "So how 'bout it, boys? Bring back one of the golden oldies to help you guys out?"

    I smile. "Yeah, Beast Boy. We'd love to have you."

    "Call me Garfield. Or Gar." He then holds up his hands. "And, hey, man. I'm not trying to take your spot or anything. I'm not much of a leader, anyway."

    "Oh! Hello." Megan stands at the entrance to the kitchen. "Are you a Martian, too?"

    As Beast Boy laughs awkwardly, I say, "Megan, this is Beast Boy. He's going to be joining the team for a little while." I glance down and see Zach making faces and mimicking Beast Boy. I shoot him a look, and he stops.

    "How exciting!"

    "Yeah. Real exciting."
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    GRODD Menagerie
    Part One: Wild Cards and Wild Beasts

    The commonest mistake in history is underestimating your opponent; it happens at the poker table all the time. - David Shoup

    The most recent incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang waits impatiently for their employer at the agreed to meeting place: in one of the many abandoned warehouses at Gotham’s shipyard districts. The five novice super criminals were nervous as well as impatient. The all knew that they were about to engage in criminal dealings in the one place only the truly psychotic dare: the territory of the Bat. This is how they know that their employer is either extremely dangerous, or simply believes himself to be.

    Each of the five show their impatience and nervousness differently. The hypnotically beautiful martial artist, Ten, lounged a little too provocatively atop a wooden crate, her forced relaxation telegraphing her uneasiness. The super-fast Jack openly makes his impatience known by tapping his foot like a rabbit warning against a predator, and though his linger across the curves of Ten’s body, they dart back and forth periodically. The twin telekinetics, King and Queen, float in the center of the group, positioned back to back, in order to prevent any approach from going unnoticed. The group’s leader, Ace, simply sat on the ground, sharpening his broadsword.

    An opening door is heard, causing the five to jump, startled by the sudden breaking of the relative silence. Footsteps follow, getting louder as they approach. Out of the shadows, nonchalantly stalking the Gang in a manner befitting a socially-conscious leopard, came a nondescript man wearing a black suit and sunglasses. The first assumption the mercenary criminals make is that the man is a government agent. He is not, and they reason that if he was, the meeting would not be taking place here.

    Their second assumption is that this man is their employer. Unbeknownst to them, he is not. He is simply a vagrant, cleaned up and placed under my control to serve as my proxy, allowing me to deal with these riff-raff anonymously and remotely.

    “Why did you call us here?” Ace says as he hops to his feet, his voice full of youth and bravado as it echoes through my agent’s earpieces and out of the speakers in my inner sanctum. I smile at the image of the young man that I receive via the fiber optic cameras in my agent’s glasses, and whisper the desired response into a microphone.

    “I wish to hire you.” My proxy says, repeating my words, “The task is simple. I require you to rob three banks. You may keep all profits from those jobs, as well as the fee I’ll be paying you. Half now, half when the job is completed, as agreed.”

    “Where are these banks?” Ace asks, his tone suggesting that he’s dreading working in Gotham.

    “Two in Central City, one in Keystone.” My agent replies. Ace nods.


    I sit back, pleased at the way the negotiations are going as another of my agents, a former aide of my hated rival Solivar takes over.

    “Lord Grodd,” another gorilla soldier states as he enters, bowing his head, “she has arrived.” Behind him, I see the human-like features of my female partner in this, my most recent endeavor. I smile and nod politely.

    “Greetings Circe.”
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  25. Byrd Man

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    "Sir, I think I may have something..."

    My ears perk up from inside the batmobile.

    "What have you got?"

    "After further analysis of Jason's blood sample, the computer is finding trace amounts of sulfur for some reasons."

    "Sulfur? How little are the trace amounts?"

    "One parts-per-million."

    One parts-per-million. Too tiny and microscopic to be digested. More than likely it was breathed in through the air.

    "I think I have an idea. Bring up a map of Gotham and highlight the addresses of the safehouses Romero gave me."


    "Isolate the addresses that have any heavy industry nearby."

    "We have two. One if a automobile assembly plant, while the other is an insecticide factory."

    "Insecticide....sulfur. Give me that address."

    Alfred reels off the location and I hit the brakes in the batmobile, cut the wheel, and take off in the opposite direction. I've found Jason's hideaway. It takes me ten minutes to reach the location. The batmobile comes to a stop and I leap out. I shoot a grapnel line into the air and zip to the roof of the building.

    I'm here, Jason.


    Just like you wanted it.
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