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The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season VI Signup/OOC Thread

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Pfft. Season VI. Just wait 'til he gets a load of Season VII.
Thanks for the votes, guys. It really does mean a lot to me.

Best Hero: Batman (MaskedManJRK)

In all honesty, Batman's role in the Dark Alliance arc was pretty low-key, but when he does make the scene, he absolutely steals the show. The exchanges with Jason Todd were absolutely heart-breaking, and the final showdown with Joker was spectacular. JRK should be very proud of how he's played Bruce.

Best Villian
: Lex Luthor (Harlekin)

As despicable as Keyser's Joker and Byrd's Deathstroke were, and as holy-crap-worthy the reveal of Brainiac was, in terms of characterization, I've gotta give it up to Harl for picking up the bald bastard and reminding everyone of why he's Superman's greatest foe in the first place. Even though he didn't get to shine as much as some of the more aggressive DA members, he's played Lex to a T, and I just know he's got the wheels turning for bigger and more shocking things to come. I cannot wait to finally square off with him next Season.

Best Developed Character: Booster Gold (Blacklight)

I was gonna give this one to Zach Zatara again, but the guy who really caught me off-guard this time was BL, taking a guy who is almost always the butt of the JLI-era's jokes, and putting him on a quest for personal redemption. I'm eager to see if he can make a legit hero out of himself yet.

Best Fight: Green Arrow Family vs. Deathstroke (Byrd, twy, GL, Shlee)

After spending months watching Slade rape the proverbial dog over and over and constantly get away with it, it would've been satisfying enough just to see the bastard finally get what he had coming. However, the folks involved in the showdown managed to make it one of the most emotionally charged and extremely tense sequences I've read not just in this game, but in any RPG I've played. It came off like the climax of a really great Western, and everyone involved brought their A-game.

Best Storyline: The misadventures of Crispus Allen (Harlekin)
At this point, I think everyone knows I wasn't particularly happy about the DA arc for most of the time, but believe me when I say that I didn't pick this one just out of spite. Harl took a character I really wasn't familiar with at all, and told a flat-out excellent story with him.

Best Team/Duo: The Original Titans

More than any other team this Season, it was the reunited Titans that faced the toughest choices, and handled them the way a team should. Everyone played off each other extremely well, and showed an inspiring solidarity.

Dammit, why can't the actual JLA function as well?!

Best Newcomer: Senseiofcheese

Hands down, Sensei is going to be the next big thing in the RPGs if he keeps this up.

: Keyser Soze

Since the beginning of this Season, and before that with all that 'Project: Icarus' stuff, Keyser has been the orchestrator and poster-boy for a massive achievement in the RPG. It's led to more battles, inspired more character development, pissed off more players, and tied together more subplots than any other event I've ever seen in my role-playing career. Even if I give the DA arc grief for how a lot of it went down, Keyser was able to unite the entire game around his plan, and shock everyone again and again with how far it would go. And since he's been teasing at it since his first post of the season, he even gets to say 'I told you so.'
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Thanks for the MVP award, Andy. I know you've been the most outspoken against this arc out of anyone, so it means a lot that you'd still recognise me in this way, and say such kind words. Thanks a lot. :grin:
Thanks for the comments, guys. Now on to the awards, no comments cause I should be at class right now.

Best Hero
-Superman (Andy C)

Best Villian-The Joker (Keyser Soze)

Best Developed Character- Crispus Allen (Harlekin)

Best Fight Everyone vs. Doomiac (Everyone and Johnny Blaze)

Best Storyline- The Dark Alliance (Everyone)

Best Team/Duo- Teen Titans

Best Post- The Death of Batman/Requiem

Best Newcomer- SenseiofCheese

MVP- Byrd Man
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I feel as though I should...but should I edit the rosters just so it is up-to-date with the new characters? I wouldn't remove the people done obviously.

Don't worry about it, trusty. The new season is almost here. Worry about it after we get all the apps in next season.
Don't worry about it, trusty. The new season is almost here. Worry about it after we get all the apps in next season.

Speaking of next season, did you decide on whether you were going to post up the new OOC today or tomorrow?
I have to say that I really appreciate all the noms for Best Villain. It means a lot.
You deserve it, you freaky deaky Dutch bastard :up:
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