The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season VI Signup/OOC Thread

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Thanks for the MVP nod, Catman! :up:

So, before we move onto next season's OOC, who else still wants to do awards? a complete non-gay way. Sorry Sensei, I've found someone else. For fear of what you will do to her, I cannot tell you her name. :csad:

Too late! I have her locked up in a warehouse in Iceland, guarded by polar bears! LOVE ME, or she will DIE! :cmad:
Thanks for all the love, guys. I would say I'm surprised by all this, but I mean. C'mon! It's me, when you're as badass and as awesome as me, you expect it. :word:

PS. What does everyone think about Thursday or Friday putting up the new OOC thread?
Thanks for all the love, guys. I would say I'm surprised by all this, but I mean. C'mon! It's me, when you're as badass and as awesome as me, you expect it. :word:

PS. What does everyone think about Thursday or Friday putting up the new OOC thread?

Thursday sounds hawt to me. :o
As much as I'd love to have it up tomorrow, Thursday just isn't going to be a good day for me. But I can live with it.
Best Hero: Superman. Thought about giving it to JRK, but Batman went out like such a little *****...I kid. I kid. Bats gets a worthy mention, but I think Superman probably went more than just about any other PC in the game. And yet he still comes out on top when it matters. That's why Andy gets the nomination.

Best Villian: Doomiac. JB's Brainiac had everything planned out to the smallest detail. He got all the right people in all the right places without even being present in the game. And, just to make sure all went as planned, Brainiac put himself in Doomsday's body so he could tear **** up and keep the heroes distracted. But an honorable mention goes to the man who finally killed the Bat.

Best Developed Character: Zatara. Sensei came out of nowhere with a character that came out of nowhere, and created someone we cared about and rooted for. For me, that's character development.

Best Fight: Doomsday/Brainiac vs All. The gods had a throwdown in Gotham. That's how to describe this fight. Brainiac took everyone on, took their best hits and then some, and shrugged them off. This was a rampage with no end in sight, and yet it took the smallest hero to set the big guy up for his fall. What a twist.

Oh yeah, honorable mention to that whole Bats/Joker thingie that was going on in the background or something. :)

Best Storyline: Dark Alliance. Were there even other stories this year? Really, most every story was tied to the DA in some way with the possible exception of those that came early in the season. Usually the big season-long arcs that involve everyone get this nomination. And this one deserves it.

Best Team/Duo: The Teen Titans. Yeah, I know. They're a bunch of JLA wannabes. But man, did they sure come together this season. They worked together as a team, fought as a team, got beat down as a team, and even took the chance to add new members. Correct me if I'm wrong...but that sure sounds like a team.

Unlike another team I could mention. (I'm looking at you....Luthor/Joker :p)

Best Post: I hate nominating this award because I'll either forget about posts, making it an unfair comparison, or they'll be too many great posts to compare. But I'm going with the Batman memorial. Not only was it one of the longest posts in game history...but it brought together all of the gods to honor a hero who was just a man. Now that's powerful stuff.

Best Newcomer: Sensei. Zatara was a virtual throw away character in the comics. But he was indespensable in the WoH. And all that came from some one new to this game. Impressive work indeed. *applause*

MVP: I could easily give this to Byrd for running the game, playing characters on both side of the DA arc, and for ****ing the horses we rode in on. But I'm going to give this to Keyser. He was involved with Project: Icarus, was instrumental in the DA arc, made the Joker the sick ****ing threat we all know he is, almost wiped out all life on Earth...and killed the goddamn Batman. What else do you need to do to be the MVP?
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There's been some great fights this season and well, I thought it was really hard to choose. That's why I went for the more general option: the epic heroes vs. villains fights. The Hall of Justice fight, the Gotham fight. Destruction and sacrifice. Obviously, the other, more personal and emotional fights were great as well, but heck, I've always been a sucker for the 'the world hangs in the balance' fights.

'nuff said.

The last few weeks have some of the best in the DC RPG, but let me take you back a little further along. This post got me for one single reason: I've always loved the idea of Jason Todd, but hated everything recently done with his character. Trusty though, well, he got it and this post just broke my heart.

Jason Todd- 'Deja Vu'
"I'm sorry...that it was you who died...instead of me."

There is a loud knock on the door. Bruce's head jolts towards the direction of the knocking. Jason's eyes remain on Bruce, confused with what he has just said to him: all of it. Bruce's eyes meet with Jason's again.

"Bruce? What do you mean I--"

"Mr. Wayne? This is Dr. Larsen. If you do not open the door immediately, we will be forced to knock the door down! Mr. Wayne? That's it. Do it, boys!"

The door swings wide open as several of the hospital attendants knock it open, breaking the door off the hinge. Immediately two of them grab Bruce by the arms, locking their arms around his to restrain him. Dr. Larsen along with two other attendants walk over to Jason's hospital bed.

"What, what are you doing? STOP! Stop. I can get him help. Listen to me. I'll watch over him. I'll get him the help he needs to--"

"Simply out of the question, I'm afraid Mr.Wayne. Out of the question. You can visit him at--"

"No no no. Listen to me. I have people who can deal with this. People who can help him."

"Bruce? What's going on? Bruce?"

"The test results have just come back, Mr. Wayne. I'm afraid it is worse than we thought. We...we cannot treat him. Not here. He will be re-stationed at another facility more attune at dealing and helping one cope with such...a problem as this."

"Problem? What problem? Bruce!"


"NO! Don't...don't let them do this! NO! I wanna stay here! NOOO!!"

The two attendants start to undo Jason's straps, and as soon as Jason tries to get up, they quickly grab him. Jason struggles to move free, whiplashing at them, but they have too good of a hold on him.

"I'm so sorry, son. It is for the best."


The doctor signals the attendants to follow him out the door. As they go through the hallway, Jason's screams as he pleas for Bruce's help echo.





Bruce manages to headbutt one of the attendants, and starts to make a run for the elevator. He sees Jason with the doctor and two attendants getting on the elevator as he makes it halfway. One of the attendants from behind shout.

"Stop that man! Don't let him get on that elevator!"


The elevator doors start to shut, and Bruce is tackled from the side from another attendant. After knocking him down, several other attendants come to help him keep a tight hold on Bruce.


The elevator door shuts, and it travels its way down the lobby. As the elevator descends, the shouts of a screaming man on the 6th floor, are forever turbulent and resonant in the hospital walls.
Dammit! See, that's why I hate picking best post because I forgot all about that awesome Jason post. I'm giving it an honorable mention.
Thank you Harl. My biggest worry about picking up Jason Todd way back in Season IV was because the reunion of himself and his "Bat Family" was inevitable and I knew that the chances of the "Bat Family" being uber busy with everyone else wanting to work with them was high. Part of the praise you bestow upon me though Harl goes to byrd because he is the one who convinced me to pick Jason back up for our "Robins showdown" that we later "put on" for everyone to see. Therefore I think I should mention it.

Much appreciated, dude. :bow:
Since this thread will be closing relatively soon, I just want to say now that I think this could very well be my favourite season of any RPG, ever.

From a personal perspective, the work I've done with The Joker this season is probably the writing with the character that I'm most proud of. And on that note, thanks again to all the people who gave me awards for my work. I really do appreciate it, being respected by your fellow writers - and a highly talented bunch of writers at that - is a great feeling.

But from a more general perspective, I just think everyone did stellar work from start to finish here. So many of you guys were on your all-time best form this season, that it just lead to a season filled with classic posts, dramatic fights, and great character moments. And like I've said time and time again - I actually read pretty much everything! Together, we created a damn compelling story.

So, now that Season VI is done, I'm sure I'll look back on it with great pride and affection. And the best part? From what I've gathered of people's plans, Season VII could very well top it!
*Pops champaign cork, not paying attention to where it flies*

Let's toast!!!

To Season VII!
A toast to a fantastic season! May there be many more like it!

Now, who's going to be the first one to get drunk enough to hit on Cats?
I feel as though I should...but should I edit the rosters just so it is up-to-date with the new characters? I wouldn't remove the people done obviously.
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