The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season VII Signup/OOC Thread

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I take back what I said. Everyone get the **** out! :cmad:
It seems Byrd's already hitting the booze.
**** you, MB! :cmad: On second thought, I love you! :heart: No, **** you! :cmad: Actually, I do love you! :csad: But **** you! :cmad:
Yeah. Don't be so insensitive. Who knows what he could catch.
Does anyone want to post awards are anything before we wrap this up? Because if not, I was just going to go ahead and work on the Season VIII thread right now and try to post it ASAP.
Best Hero
Sinestro. I know...technically he's not really a hero anymore (again) but he was until the last few posts. What I love about characters like Sinestro is that in his eyes he never was doing any wrong and never was evil (minus the killing in the past). He saw everything from a different and sometimes grander scope, and acts with his own mind of Justice that is just perceived wrong. And while it was an interesting run of having Sinestro be an ally...I'm really glad with what wieg has done.

Best Villain
Prometheus. Watchman you've given me quite the headache with this Morrinesque style of writing this Season, but you've continued to write the villain Prometheus that hooks the reader.

Best Developed Character

Guy Gardner. Seeing Guy go from a GL to a Star Sapphire at first glance may sound odd...but byrd handled that real well. For instance, at the start of the Blackest Night even, each Corps had a kind of "cliche" in terms of why people were chosen. But then you've got people like Wonder Woman who was chosen in the comics to be a Star Sapphire because she LOVES the Earth and life so much; not the cliche romantic thing we've seen with the Star Sapphires. So when byrd had Guy kicked out onto the curb, I thought the direction change was good: Guy loved the Corps more than anything. Which really means, Guy loves serving justice. His love for serving it is great.

Best Fight
Red Lantern Aquaman VS Hal/Kyle/Dinah...sorry, just my short run with Aquaman wearing the red ring was so much fun. Writing that was a blast.

Best Storyline
Superman's Space Adventure. I like what Andy C. has been doing with his character. We have had plenty of people take up Superman, and all have done great jobs, but Andy C. took him off planet for some good old space fun. He's been doing different stuff with the Blue Boy Scout.

Best Team/Duo
The Justice League...we finally had a team thing going! Even if it was mainly four of us when originally was like...7 or 8 at the start? :oldrazz:

Best Newcomer
NiteMare Shape. He's finally decided to tread into the waters of this RPG, and hopefully next Season he'll keep up the good writing.

Watchman. He's very devoted to this arc he is planning so much, that not once did he slip in activity even though it kicked off after being hinted from his last post in Season VI. And even with this entire Season being devoted to the build-up of his arc, there is still more to come in Season VIII before everything is fully ready.
Thanks for the awards, everyone. Mine should be up later today.
I still don't want to see Guy's junk crammed into a Sapphire uniform.

Although...I bet you could google a pic like that...
I still don't want to see Guy's junk crammed into a Sapphire uniform.

Although...I bet you could google a pic like that...
God bless deviant art

Only Guy could end the war of light without firing a shot. :p
Also, wtf is up with Sinestro's anime hair there?
Guy's outfit turned him into the bastard son of Goku?
Heh, Rot Lop Fan


Best Hero: Hal Jordan, Keyser Soze

Best Villain: The Joker, Soze

Best Developed Character: Sinestro, Wieg

Best Story: Tie- Trusty's Aquaman Saga/Superman's adventure- I might be cheating a bit but I don't care what you think. Trusty's Aquaman stories are always strong and its a shame that we don't have something similar with the comics. Andy's Superman story always tickled my inner comic fanboy since I love it when Superman and his world are larger than life.

Best Holy ****-Parallax Reborn/ Hal Jordan goes to jail-Can't wait to see where this leads to.

MVP- Byrd-The glue that holds this dysfunctional family together. Even if that glue hits you if you get out of line.
Best Hero AND Best Villain? :awesome:

I'll get some awards up later. Thanks for all the nominations from everybody!
It's obvious you're sleeping with Watchman. :cmad:
You cheating ****e. :csad:
IC thread coming up tonight...unless it decides to snow again down South. If it does, then **** ya'll. I'll be making a snowman. :cmad:
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