The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season VII Signup/OOC Thread

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Because it was SO EPICS!!!!111!!, it killed the same RPG it took place in! LOLS! We lawl'd.
My awards from earlier:

BEST HERO - Hal Jordan
As far as the Green Lanterns go, everyone has a favorite. I'm a Guy...guy. To me, Hal Jordan has seemed kind of boring. A square-jaw ring-slinger who works best when he had GA to play off him. Soze has actually turned Jordan into an interesting character, giving him an actual personal life and some emotional baggage to contend with, and with the cliffhanger with Hal, looks to be very interesting.

BEST VILLAIN -Prometheus

Watchman has been laying the ground work for what he has planned next season, and I think Prometheus was part of that. With the trippy Morrisonish posts and havoc he wrecked as Prometheus, he was a good foil to me as both Nightwing and Batman.

Soze came close to winning this as Joker, but I don't want that Scottish bastard taking two awards!

As much as we love redemption stories, some of the best stories ever written are tragedies with fallen heroes. In Sinestro, we get both. After clawing back and becoming a hero again, all it takes is a few minutes for that trust to be undone. Looking forward to see what Wieg can do next season.

BEST FIGHT - The Green Lantern Corps vs. The Red Lantern Corps.
The opening shot of the upcoming War of Light, I really had fun having Guy lead the charge for the GLC and kicking some Red Lantern ass.

MVP - wiegabo & trustyside-kick
I may be the BBMFIC, but Trusty and wieg are the cogs that keep the RPG running. Wieg keeps the "**** list" and trusty is the "roster *****". If I'm Hitler, ya'll are my Gestapo. :heart:
Hero - Byrd's Batman
Villain - Soze's Joker
Best Developed - Catman's Robin
Best Fight - Undecided.
Most Shocking - Sinestro as Parallax.
MVP - I don't know, Byrd or MB for precedence.
MVP - wiegabo & trustyside-kick
I may be the BBMFIC, but Trusty and wieg are the cogs that keep the RPG running. Wieg keeps the "**** list" and trusty is the "roster *****". If I'm Hitler, ya'll are my Gestapo. :heart:

Sig Heil!
I can't decide if you're my Himmler or Gerber.
Right folks, last call for montage submissions. I'll be posting it up over the weekend, so if you want to submit anything, do it by tonight.
Best Hero: Hal Jordan (Keyser Soze)
Best Villain: Prometheus (Watchman)
Best Developed Character: Batman/Demon's Head (MB and Byrd)
Best Fight: Sinestro vs Everybody
Most Shocking Moment: Sinestro as Parallax, easily
MVP: split-decision, either Byrd or Wieg

Normally i'd elaborate on my nominations with some glowing praise, but I'm writing this on my phone's web browser which is an enormous pain in the ass, and I really don't have the patience to struggle with it that much. So suffice to say you all kicked ass and are expected to continue doing so.
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Sorry, but Andy and Syn's awards don't count due to lack of butt-kissing...especially in the parts that involve me. :cmad:
Fuathurio. :)

That always sounded like the name of a character from a Shakespearean comedy to me.

"In Act IV, scene 3 of 'Much Ado About Taming a Tempest As You Like Two Gentlemen on a Midsummer's Twelfthnight,' Fuathurio disguises himself as a lady in order to get Portia in private, but instead accidentally seduces his own uncle, and through a major misunderstanding, copulates with the horse he rode in on."
Now that's the type of Shakespeare I can enjoy.
Must be from that mysterious unpublished play they talk about.
What's funny is that's really not all that far off from an actual Shakespeare comedy. Once you manage to decipher the language and actually know what the hell they're saying, it's pretty clear that old Billy was a perv.

But I digress. Back to the subject at hand...yeah, **** Byrd.
Thanks for the awards so far, folks. It's much appreciated. I'll get to posting mine in a while, but I figure getting the montage put together is a more pressing priority.
If I'd known you weren't going to format Carol's text, I would have gone back and looked it up myself. :cmad: :p
If I would have known just about everyone was going to write in first-person, I would have done it too! :cmad:
For those wondering, the song I used for the montage was "The Partisan", by Leonard Cohen. Here it is:

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So are we ready to call this season a wrap?

I'll put up the OOC thread sometime Friday and then we'll go from there. Feel free to dirty up the old OOC thread while it's still here. We're moving out anyway, so **** it! :awesome:
Anyone else find it interesting that Cats' mind went there first?
By interesting, do you mean completely expected?
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