This should put the "Gamespot are biased" crowd to rest...

Probably means that they're less forigivng of small errors.
A "9" and up means that even if you aren't a fan of the genre, you still need to check the game out. An "8" to Gamespot is "great" and if you're a fan of the genre, you need to play the game.

A "7" means "good" and if you already have something to like in the game (license, genre) then you'll get enjoyment out of it.

Everything less than a 7 is basically crap though.
like I said in the ME thread...

JackBauer said:
I do find it funny that on the video review, the guy says that the combat is great, fun and everything, but it is listed as one of the weak points. way to be consistent, guys.
like I said in the ME thread...

Well I just played through the first mission and the reviewer is perfectly right. It's not a question of consistency - sure the combat is fun and pretty good in it's own right, but it just isn't anywhere near the level of quality and polish present in other aspects of the game. In that sense, yes, the combat is a weak point relatively speaking.
The game is deserving of nothing less then a 9 and gamespot can shove their reviews right up their asses.
Why review things out of ten if everyone basically merge 0-6 as crap?

Use a five score format methinks.
From what I've played of ME so far an 8.5 seems right, my overall opinion might vary, I'm at the first planet after becoming a specter, and while the dialogue system is a huge success, other aspects are pretty rough/sloppy. I'd say it's the 'FFXII' of western RPGs at this point, we'll see. I can see why they'd settle on an 8 for uncharted. People get way too reactionary about this stuff, and overtime scores have just gotten more and more inflated. 5 doesn't even mean 'average' anymore, it means 'everyone who made the game should die", and similarly anything 8.5 or below is somehow bad now. It's stupid.

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