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Transformers Transformers Movie Sued over "Bee-otch" Air Freshener

This is probably to lamest excuse used by a fanboy to whine about Bay. :whatever:

And the woman shouldn't complain. Has she never heard of free advertising?
Someone probably bought one of those things from her and said: "Hey, I think I saw this in that transformer movie a while back."
Then she got into a hissy fit and sued a big movie company for $850.000 for using her crappy airfresheners.
I would buy one of those freshners if I know it came from the movie over her any day
screw that, they'll just edit in a new design with cgi...
to tell you the truth, i 've seen them before, but after watching the movie, I REALLY wanted one, as i'm sure most of you all are. She's stupid. Or maybe not so stupid...hmmm.

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