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Superman Returns We don't like how this movie is looking (merged)


Apr 29, 2000
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Who Will Rock the Summer Box Office?
We ask the titans of the Internet for their predictions on this summer's movies.
By Deborah Netburn, Times Staff Writer
May 4 2006

With "Mission: Impossible 3" opening this weekend, the summer blockbuster season is officially about to begin. We've never seen so many mega- films in one summer — "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," Superman Returns," "Miami Vice," "The Da Vinci Code," "Snakes on a Plane," "Poseidon," — the list goes on and on. Franchises will be created, others will be laid to rest and in Hollywood careers will be made and broken.

To help us predict who will be victorious and who will not survive the carnage, we turn to the titans of the web — the feisty, opinionated, entertainment bloggers.

Walt Disney Pictures Gregory Ellwood
Hollywood Hitlist on MSN Movies

Biggest Hit: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"
Biggest Flop: "Pathfinder"
Biggest Sleeper: "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" and "The Devil Wears Prada" (tie)

Chris Thilk
Movie Marketing Madness

Biggest Hit: "The Da Vinci Code"
Considering the movie has three years worth of marketing behind it, Tom Hanks as a lead and all sorts of controversy around it this one seems like a no-brainer. Should be perfect for the mass market audience studios are looking for.

Biggest Flop: "X-Men: The Last Stand"
Is there any way Brett Ratner isn't going to run this movie — and franchise — into the ground? I'd honestly be surprised if this isn't so bad it kills all the spin-off movies being planned.

Melinda Sue Gordon / Picturehouse Release Biggest Sleeper: Not sure.
Could be Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," which is supposed to be extremely well done. Could be Robert Altman's "A Prairie Home Companion." Could be "Wordplay," since a movie about crossword puzzles could play off the current national love of spelling bees.

David Poland
Movie City News

Biggest Hit: "Pirates of the Caribbean 2"
Biggest Flop: "Barnyard"
Biggest Sleeper: "Monster House"

Mark Lisanti

Biggest Hit: "The Da Vinci Code"
Ron Howard's entire directing career has been mere preparation for this moment — he's ready to take his big-budget pandering to a truly massive, built-in audience.

Sony Pictures Imageworks Biggest Flop: "Superman Returns"
From what we hear, millions of spandex enthusiasts aren't going to be too excited.

Biggest Sleeper: "Snakes on a Plane"
...Unless, of course, bloggers finally get tired of doing New Line's marketing work for it and decide not to show up with our rubber snakes and model jetliners on opening night.

Garth Franklin:
Dark Horizons

Simon Mein / Columbia Pictures Biggest Hit: "The Da Vinci Code," maybe "Pirates of the Caribbean 2"
With so many movies focused at young boys (e.g. "Superman," "X3," etc.) I think the two films that'll hit big are "The Da Vinci Code" and to a lesser extent the "Pirates" sequel. "Da Vinci" appeals to all ages including a lot of people who don't normally go to movies. It also has a huge following thanks to the book, and with such a pedigree involved (Hanks, Howard) is likely to get reviewed quite well. The first "Pirates" has done so well and is a perfect "family film", the only question is the quality — the last one did so well due to lots of repeat business, it must be good to do the same.

Biggest Flop: "Pathfinder"
A historic battle epic (a genre which hasn't done well at all of late) with no real stars shoved in between the 'Pirates' juggernaut and Shyamalan's "Lady in the Water".

Biggest Sleeper: "Snakes on a Plane"

For a film that was made for little money, the studio was only expecting probably $30-40 million in box-office revenue. With all the buzz though that's swirling around, don't be surprised if it probably triples that amount.

Frank Connor / Universal Pictures Berge Garabedian

Biggest Hit: "Pirates of the Caribbean 2"
Biggest Flop: "Miami Vice"
Biggest Sleeper: "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"

Sasha Stone
Oscar Watch

Biggest Hit: "Pirates of the Caribbean" or "The Da Vinci Code"
It's down to "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Da Vinci Code" for biggest hit, with "Cars," "X-Men" and "Superman" closing in fast. If I had to go with one, my gut tells me "Pirates" because "Da Vinci" may play well with adults but it might not draw the biggest demographic. "Pirates" will have to be as good as the first to hold the number one spot. It looks to be a summer of hits more than bombs.

Biggest Flop: "Miami Vice"
It looks good and will draw crowds but it might have trouble making more than the production costs. It's possible that Jamie Foxx is a bigger draw now than ever but it will have to be VERY good to do well.

New Line Productions Biggest Sleeper: "Snakes on a Plane!"
It will put "internet buzz" to the test. And unless it been ghettoized by the fanboys or downloaded to extinction. So far, internet buzz hasn't proved trustworthy when it comes to box office but "Snakes on a Plane" in a film no tween nor teen can resist. "Nacho Libre" is another possible contender and then, of course, there is Clint Eastwood's "Flags of Our Fathers" which could surprise in the box office department making it an instant Best Picture frontrunner, even though it's not a "teenager" movie.

Jeffrey Wells
Hollywood Elsewhere

Biggest Hit: "The Da Vinci Code"
Hands down. There's no disputing this. It's a settled issue. Surely you know this.

The Biggest Flop: "Poseidon"
It cost $160 million to make. To be regarded as a serious hit, a movie of this sort needs to bring in $40 or $50 million on opening weekend. Right now, 11 days from the opening day, tracking indicates perhaps a $15 million opening weekend at best — it may be more in the realm of $10 to $12 million, although WB is now running 90 second ads on prime-time networks. (It's "very, very unusual" to run 90-second ads in prime time, a marketing guy tells me.) It's not a bad film at all (pretty good actually, for what it is) but interest levels are low.

Daniel Daza / Paramount The Biggest Sleeper: "Snakes on a Plane," "Nacho Libre"
Apart from "Snakes on a Plane," which has ALREADY become a sleeper hit by virtue of the internet interest, "Nacho Libre" has Paramount behind it and Jack Black and the presumed loyalty of the Napoleon Dynamite/fans of Jared Hess crowd behind it, so I don't know if you can call it a likely sleeper hit, but it will be a pretty sizable hit, I think.

Tom O'Neil
Gold Derby

Biggest Hit: "Pirates of the Caribbean 2"
Timing is everything. Pirates will snare the most box office treasure because it's a winning film formula setting sail in early July.

Biggest Flop: "Superman Returns"
Brandon Routh will prove to be Kryptonite to the Superman francise. A wimpy, bland cupcake can't fill the Man of Steel's tights.

Biggest Sleeper: "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"
How to make a killing at the box office: Uma Thurman weilding a chain saw in a comedy about revenge.

Leonard Klady
Movie City News

Biggest Hit: "Mission: Impossible 3"
The rule is generally first out has an edge and we'd all be surprised if "Mission: Impossible 3" doesn't open with both guns blazing; it's the film everyone will be trying to top all season; "Da Vinci" needs to get older repeat business and connect with a younger audience to beat it and my guess is it won't, so my guess is the only real challenger will be the "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequel.

Biggest Flop: "Poseidon"
"Poseidon" is already shaping up as the early negative favorite. I doubt "Superman Returns" will be a flop but in terms of expectations it feels like it could be a real disappointment with a lot of spin about its ancillary upside being batted about.

Biggest Sleeper: "The Break-Up," "Lady in the Water," "Over the Hedge" Sleeper is not the right term when you're spending $25 million plus to promote a film, but the film that looks like it will significantly excede expectations is "The Break-Up" starring the king of surprise Vince Vaughn ... and that Aniston person. Comedies and horror films generally provide the left field home runs. "Lady in the Water" also seems like a film that could top expectations and my gut also gurgles at "Over the Hedge" as something that could perform a lot better than expected.

Let us hear your predictions. Send your pics for the summer's hits, flops and sleepers and your reasons why to [email protected]. We'll post our readers' answers next week.
with competition like PotC2, i don't doubt Superman won't be a uber huge hit (much like Batman Begins wasn't)...

...but that's fine with me because i'll just be glad to see a great vision of Superman...and BACK on the big screen just like we just saw a great vision of Batman back on the big screen. i think Batman and Superman's franchise will be similar....they won't make the box office draws of Spider-Man or Harry Potter, but they'll be making enough to keep on going for a while.
No offense guys but Da Vinci is the only movie this summer that might flop because to think about it who the hell below teenager is going to see this movie.
hey i'm just posting up what a clear majority of people are saying... no one is even remotely saying anything positve about Superman up there really
Do I smell something.......

I remember in Wizard back in 2002, they asked some celebrites which film, between Star Wars Episode 2 and Spider-man, would make the most box-office. All the celebs said Star Wars. We all know what happened next........
Posiedon already won the 'biggest flop' trophy...and it's still mid-May.
Eh, I don't know about those. Their 'biggest hits' predictions seem right, but I think SR will be up there too.

The last one that has SR as the 'biggest flop' has a hilarious reason though.
They all predicted POTC2 as the biggest hit. I think it'll flop. The first was a "hit" only because it had legs because it was a surprise. People thought it was a kids movie til they figured out Depp turned in an incredible performance. The sequel won't have that going for it. It has flop written all over it.
theogt said:
They all predicted POTC2 as the biggest hit. I think it'll flop.

Superman Returns seems to be the underdog here. Everyones expecting POTC2 / The Da Vinci Code to come out on top. For once we have a Summer Blockbuster that everyone is expecting to fail. Should be interesting. When everyone thinks a Movie will be a Mega Hit (King Kong, Attack Of The Clones etc I can go on & on) they all failed
We can't put much stock in what they say... they said it was by Sony Pictures Imageworks instaed of WB...
These are the "titans of the internet"? Yeeaahhhh OK. Reguardless of what they said..I would respect their opinion much more if they werent from craptastic internet sites that somehow get a lot of traffic. Dark Horizons? Yeah I have never trusted them. Defamer is a gossip site that spews crap. Gold Derby? Yeah its with the LA Times but most of what is written in there is political crap. I would much rather hear fan reactions and the general public.
Ita-KalEl said:
"Biggest Hit: "Mission: Impossible 3"


The fact that it has been as successful as it has been shows they really know nothing. Most of them were laughing at MI3 before it came out. Claiming that Cruise's publicity would frighten folks away...Then it turns out to be a decent hit and a decent film and they all backpeddle.
I have a hard time seeing Superman not doing well, unless it's a horrible movie.

I mean, it's bloody Superman, and Smallville could have increased interest in some people.
Hades said:
I have a hard time seeing Superman not doing well, unless it's a horrible movie.

I mean, it's bloody Superman, and Smallville could have increased interest in some people.
No kidding. Domestically its guaranteed to do at least 200 MM. 300 MM is the likely goal. If its a great movie it can do close to 400 MM.
SR isn't a sequel of a recent movie or a adaptation of a famous and controversial book.
The only problem is that SR marketing campaign started 2 weeks ago.
A lot of people are going to change their minds :)
Walt Disney, Sony, Universal...where is the opinion of Timer Warner?
Ita-KalEl said:
Walt Disney, Sony, Universal...where is the opinion of Timer Warner?

Actually, I believe the LA TIMES is owned by Rupert Murdoch. (FOX)

Hey, if people can use the 'WB OWNS EW', then I can use this card right? :O
Most didn't say it would flop,most just didn't think it will be the summers biggest hit and i think they are right
explode7 said:
No offense guys but Da Vinci is the only movie this summer that might flop because to think about it who the hell below teenager is going to see this movie.
POTC, Da Vinci Code will be up there I bet. Kids may be bored by Superman Romance scenes, Supercrybaby scenes and No Supervillains. A kid isn't going to run around with a plane in one hand and superman in the other. They'd prefer to have a large darkseid or brainiac actionfigure instead of an airplane or luther(in white coat).
pirates obvi will be number 1. supes shoulod land around 250-300 in the us and over 600 million ww. HUGE.
Well, those are interesting opinions, considering that......


Hollywood is counting on Superman to end its cash crisis at the box office this summer. Movie bosses - who suffered their worst summer at the box office last year - are praying for the Man of Steel to save the industry.

Having released a string of disappointing blockbusters Hollywood made a mere $3.6 billion last summer - which makes it the one of the worst seasons of the decade.

This year The National Association of Theatre Owners is banking on Superman Returns to perform well and kick start the industry again.

A source said: "When you have a well crafted, entertaining film that people will want to see, they will come out in record numbers."

The blockbuster - released next month - stars relatively unknown actor Brandon Routh as Clark Kent and Aussie beauty Kate Bosworth as feisty Lois Lane.

Other big releases of the summer include a new X-Men instalment, Peter Jackson's The Poseidon Adventure and Mission: Impossible III, which has already turned out to be a disappointment in its first week.


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