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The Dark Knight Why Nolan Should have quit BATMAN

All Nolan really has to do is make the best movie he can. Topping TDK shouldn't even be a concern for him, except for maintaining the integrity and depth of the storytelling.

It's not a concern for him... He said so himself, that he takes one movie at a time. That's what he did for TDK, focusing on that story, not whether or not he was going to top Batman Begins.
Nolan doesn't have to worry about topping TDK. He has to worry about topping Inception, because that was clearly his best film ever.
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^ Agreed. I have a buddy that hated Inception, and made it clear the moment we walked out of the cinema, but I needed a few days to digest the film and figure out if I really liked it or not. However, my friend was convinced the movie was crap and said something to the effect of "Hollywood has ruined Nolan", so I asked him what he meant, and he replied "Nolan is always cramming action into his films". When I offered up the idea that maybe Nolan likes making action/crime dramas he was stumped, as if the thought that Nolan wasn't kidnapped by WB execs and forced at gunpoint to shred his artistic license had never even taken form in his mind.

That was longwinded, but my point is that Nolan has always (at the very least) dabbled in gunfights and chase sequences and has been trying epic action set pieces for some time. It's clearly what he's interested in right now.

He's the kind of director that will slow things down and do something smaller and more intimate when the time is right. But while he's full of this youthful energy and thirst for putting out high concept pop cinema he should continue down that path as long as he wants. While he may not be an auteur, he does make blockbusters for the thinking man, and that's something we need more of, not less of.
I agree with the idea that he likes to make large scale action movies because he can express himself creatively through it just as Martin Scorsese can through drama or Tarantino can through dialogue.
It is somewhat baffling for me that people can assume just because something is popular, "mainstream," visually appealing or amusing on a more "simplistic" level (such as car chases and gun fights) that it is somehow less dignified then a story about some heartbreaking tragedy.
It almost reminds me of how literary critics and scholars tend to have a disingenuous perception of comic-books and are unwilling to even think about accepting a story from that medium to be as legitimate as a novel... why?
Because it calls upon the work of an additional medium of visual art? As if that extra dimension takes away from the story?
Maybe it will take a few more centuries of evolution until more people begin to accept the idea that what is pleasing to our eyes can be just as beneficial as what is pleasing to our intellect.

Oh, and Mister H, about your signature... Who even thought to really compare Radiohead with Muse? They might have similar influences but to compare the two and debate over "superiority" just kind of seems unnecessary.
Obviously Radiohead > Muse... I mean, is that even a serious debate?
Nothing against Muse, (amazing band both in studio and live) but that's almost like comparing Daft Punk to JUSTICE...
Did Twilight fans and their new found appreciation for one of the best contemporary bands compel you to post that?
Just curious.
I REALLY hate the people that say "well they sold out" or "well mainstream is ruining them". As long as it's still good, it's still good. It's not like Nolan made Avatar, a movie with no emotion or story or really anything else that makes a good film.

Nolan's movies have never really truly been super deep, more of a puzzle everytime. More like a rubiks cube than a psychological puzzle. Memento was pretty spelled out, but it was fun to watch things in reverse, gave a nice effect. BB and TDK weren't especially intelligent, just written to look that way and to the general public it was popcorny enough to work and written smart enough to satisfy hardcore fans. Inception was the same way. The Prestige has an awesome twist and a real unique and awesome way to tell a story but again, it's actually not that deep. Even the Following was more interesting on a "how it's told and what the story is" level more than "what it means" level.

Nolan is perfect for a Batman franchise. His movies do connect with the mainstream audience with the effects and style and the way he tells a story. He also makes it intelligently enough that you don't feel like you have to dumb yourself down when you walk into the theater.

It kinda reminds me of Metallica. Some people said they sold out and really, some of their later albums were too mainstream (I don't wanna discuss that here, this is just an example), but the Black Album still rocked and also sold a lot. There is a good balance that can be struck between being artistic and trying to sell a lot.

Not only that, but it's annoying when a movie becomes a parody of itself by being too preachy like some indy flicks are. It's also annoying when movies try so hard to sell a lot of tix that it's outdated in a year.

Nolan doesn't have to worry about topping TDK. He has to worry about topping Inception, because that was clearly his best film ever.

Not clearly at all. Merely your opinion.
Nolan doesn't have to worry about topping TDK. He has to worry about topping Inception, because that was clearly his best film ever.

Whatever the opinion on what Nolan's best film is is irrelevant, because Nolan should not be trying to top his "best film", he should taking the ideas & vision he has for B3 and elevate that to the highest possible level of craftsmanship. How can we expect B3 to be a great film on its own if Nolan is so focused on topping what he did in another film and not focused enough on what THIS film is trying to do? I personally don't think he or any director can, and I believe Nolan knows this, too.
That article is one big LOL.
Nolan doesn't have to worry about topping TDK. He has to worry about topping Inception, because that was clearly his best film ever.

Because Inception was a sequel to TDK? :funny:

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