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BvS Writers Workshop: Pen Your Own BvS Ideas

...Hypothetically, would WB accept a script that has Morgan Edge based on Rupert Murdoch and Galaxy Communications based on NewsCorp?

And in my script Edge was sent to prison for sexual assault of a young girl and having GC cover it up by eliminating any news story over the claims and rumours of his ties to the mob? [Which will later become Intergang]

Interesting, but is a sexual assault a bit to heavy handed for a superhero movie? :hmm
I think it is :p
But I needed it to be one charge in order to get him freed from prison, because if he was tried and convicted on multiple charges, then he would still be serving his sentence for them.
So I need it to be one main charge he was tried and convicted for, and the accusations of his links with Intergang were only rumours and stories spread by people he worked with previously, whilst he was in prison.

And he wants to spill the beans on several people in his interview with Lois, which includes Lex ;)
Interesting, but is a sexual assault a bit to heavy handed for a superhero movie? :hmm

I've done a rewrite :hehe:
This time, the trial is an ongoing thing and it's about accusations of his ties to the mob and having it covered up by GC. So, no sexual assault now!

And before, I had Aquaman and Wonder Woman as characters with separate goals and reason for appearances. But it was too much of a coincidence. So instead, I've rewritten it so that Diana and Arthur appear with a common goal, as the Atlanteans and the Amazons are now in cohorts with what happened in MOS due to the WE. It threatened both Atlantis and Themyscira and so the Prince and the Princess of each respective Kingdom both seek and deal with anymore potential threats to their homes and the world they inhabit.
Thanks man! :D

I needed to make them have that same connection. They each want to protect their respective homes at the beginning. Metropolis, Gotham, Atlantis and Themyscira. Superman is the one who brings them all together to protect the bigger picture, because he's the universal one. Obviously, it's Batman who proves to be the most difficult one for Superman to befriend :p
I still wanted to include Doomsday, but I think I'll wait on him. He wouldn't be included for the sake of being included.

In my script, Russia doesn't trust Superman at all. The US Government still doesn't entirely trust him either.
Lex, in the story, was approached by the Secretary of Defense after the events of MOS, to secretly create weapons and weaknesses designed to subdue and potentially destroy anymore Alien threats. He recognises the shakey attitude the East has over Superman's status as a US citizen and the increasing trust placed within in him by the country. To Russia, Superman is a ticking superpowered time bomb, that the US may one day use as an instrument for victory.
So, Lex orchestrates a plot in order to frame him, in order for Russia and the rest of the world to place pressure on the US to detain and potentially destroy Superman.

While everything does turn out well in the end, and Superman gains further trust by the creation of the global service, the Justice League, Doomsday is hinted at being Russia's answer to a superpowered weapon, as they still believe Superman might be for the US one day. So, it's the country that Superman calls home that they don't trust, which is obviously always going to be the case, like real life.
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Are you being inspired by the current events with Russia right now?
Pretty much yeah lol

I think what with the world is today, what it has been in over the past 50 years between two countries, it's inspired by.

The US and Russia will never fully trust or see eye to eye, each want to be the top of the leader board. There will always be incidents that could erupt into conflict.
A battle between the US Superman and the Russian created Doomsday on film, both in Russia and the US, would be the metaphysical equivalent of a nuclear fallout. Which is a fear we all have.
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This so true we live in a world that care for its own self instead of others. Hopefully this is just a terrible tragedy. And not a preview of a war . But I do like this storyline it has very interesting ideas. Which would grab the general audience due to it being so reality base on the world today.
We've literally learned nothing after 2 world wars and the conflicts arisen in the subsequent years.

There are so many times when we think we could be on the brink of another war. We get threats from all over and all of the time.
Movies nowadays try to capitalise on the fear people have over 9-11. MOS was filled with full of that imagery.
But from that, Krypton was no different from how things are for us here. Zod's battleships throughout the movie could easily be seen as Russian weapons causing destruction because the US said or did the wrong thing. Zod was upset and angry over Leaders mistreating Krypton, which we could interpret as the Holy Land or the Mother Land. His views were no different to how they are in the East.
And now, pick a leader from the 4 areas at war with each other today over there. Are they any different from Zod?

Superman in my script is seen as simply as another threat to the East. He's a force striving for the right thing for all, but they don't see that. Some countries in what I'm writing ask
"Why doesn't he stop this war that we're dying from?"
Or another country says
"He better not get involved with our conflict, or they'll be repercussions for the West"

It's a world that we live in. Superman won't involve himself, even though he's aware and saddened he can't help those in need, but he knows the tensions it would cause. Akin to the Israel-Gaza conflict.
He's no threat, but the likes of Russia don't believe him and don't trust him or the US for having him. US-Russia conflict.

I want to see the realistic effects of his presence within our world and what would arise from the countries that have considered the US as their adversaries and saviours.
^I agree, this is really good stuff. If you guys keep it up this will be my favorite thread lol. And i just read. But in BvS i do hope to see the realistic effects his presence would have on the entire world.
Thank you, gentlemen! :D
I'm still writing the script and doing rewrites to it!

I've rewrote the scene that includes Superman' statue. He receives it after stopping the Nuclear warehead fired from the Russian Submarine into Metropolis.
During the event, several protestors show up and claim Superman needs to leave Earth or die. I'm really playing on the fears we face at any given time if the East wanted to play rough with us. These protesters end up committing suicide by blowing themselves up right by the statue...but in reality, these protestors were really creations of Lex like the one in the beginning of All Star Superman. It's all part of his plot to cause the US to stop protecting Superman and to see him as a grave concern for their security.

Lex is the cause of the evil that goes on in the movie, via manipulating us by our worst fears. He'd cause a WW3 to have Superman eliminated. And this goes on to lead us into a greater threat for a sequel.
I'm pushing for a demonstration of how our pettiness, prejudices, mistrust and hatred in all levels across cities and lands, can one day potentially and unfortunately, lead to our destruction. Batman will be the response to how sick and tired we are of all the death caused by madness and evil via the villains of war. He'll hate Superman for believing he killed the men onboard the submarine, and will be our link to the senseless killing going on in war. Batman fights for peace and he'll attempt to stop Superman believing he'll cause further death from the fallout of war. The Bat-Drones he has flying around Gotham will be our link to how tight we are on protection and security of our cities and citizens nowadays.
He's a lot more safety cautious in appearance, that's the metaphor, but he's doing this because he's on the verge of retirement after Jason Todd died between MOS and DOJ.

Wonder Woman will be a nod to the victims of the East. She's a fighter for the freedom of war. In my script, she's been around since WW2 and secretly aided the US in the battlefield and espionage missions and is now an Ambassador for the US in peace relations. She's aware of the impending war between Russia and the US, and tries to smooth things over, then stumbles across the plot formed by Lex and the Secretary of Defense to destroy Superman in order to end tensions. And with that, she ends up discovering Lex is the mastermind behind the entire thing.

Arthur - Aquaman, he'll be like those in the Mid-East. Attacking anything he believes is a threat to his home and the way of life. He's like an opposing rebel fighting for the safety and freedom of HIS people and will damn those that disturb him. He's fighting to protect the Atlanteans and the people above after what happened in the Indian Ocean in MOS. That event caused the deaths of his people colonised there and now he's relentless in dealing with anything he knows would be a threat.

Victor Stone will represent the innocents caught in our conflicts. He'll be injured during Lex's attack on Memorial Park when he gets a group of people away near the Statue with the suicide bombers. He gets crushed by falling debris and Lex funds Victor's lifesaving operation at Star Labs in order to appear as the hero to the public...but pays the Doctors in charge a little extra for them to use his Cybernetics programme in order to test the effectiveness of his technology and then declare Victor dead to avoid trouble, then dispose of him once test results are completed.

All this I've wrote for a purpose. These characters aren't just a bunch of good guys who band together to do the right thing. Their victims of our mismanagement of the world around us, just as we are. Each character has a deep burning desire to not only help protect the world, but to set it on the right path and it's Superman in this story that bands them together. Christ and his Saints.
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The camera is moving towards a woman. She is dancing among a group of people; she has long flowing dark hair. Is wearing a blue dress. Bracelets are on her wrists. The lights overhead shines upon them as she twirls around to the music.

Bruce Wayne: “Who is that?”

His companion an older man in dark suit replies. “I don’t know Mr. Wayne. She is new.”

Bruce Wayne studies the woman: There is something about her. Something mysterious. Unique.
Right now, I'm wrestling with further things to include. The Fortress crash landed in Metropolis, so the Government would have acquired it for studies. What effect would that have on the world, that America is gaining so much power with Superman and research into Alien technology?
Realistically, that'll cause even more tensions to rise within other countries, wouldn't it?

That's based on real life, America gaining rivals by their increasing upper hand status.
Countries would be ****ting themselves by them gaining things like that.
Just imagine if Kryptonian inspired armoury and weaponry manged to seep into the United States Military Forces? Imagine if it was utilised by police forces? Intergang if present would surely get their hands on it and begin selling it on the black market. Imagine those that terrorise in real life, gaining increasingly dangerous weaponry to use on whoever their enemy is of the day?

Even that thought terrifies me lol

But you'll see where I'm leading to...Our mismanagement leading us to a new Krypton without Zod's interference...Will our slippery slope of all that's wrong in our world today lead the world into ruin for the DCFU?
I want to make it an understanding of every thing we're doing wrong and mistakes were making of today.
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That Jor-El/Doomsday panel is fan made. Someone on the hype made it. Although the Blu Ray did mention Doomsday as Bertron's curse he does not officially exist yet.
Thanks for letting me know, JL :D
So I'll scrap that idea of Hamilton and him.

And I'll also still need to have Doomsday as Bertron's creation. It's just a question of whether he's currently on Earth or not :hmm
I think he will be, but I'll shift Russia's mindset of wanting a weapon to battle Supermam if called for, in a sequel. His location of burial will be changed to somewhere in Europe. That way, they'll be the first to acquire him upon discovery. I do want to keep that theme going of Superman and Doomsday being the metaphor of a nuclear fallout between the US and Russia, because in the end of it, it's what brings them to senses. Which is a hope we have ourselves.
Also...Lex uses the remaining living tissue of the fetuses inside the Genesis Chamber onboard the Fortress to evolve the concept of Stem Cell Research. This is how he is able to create all sorts, including the healthy tissue and repairable properties for Cyborgs. It could be used to create Bizarro as well.
I'm constantly having to do rewrites here and there because I see things being too close to that fake script! :argh:

At least mine has better pacing and character moments :p
I'm including the Joker in this script in a cameo! His laughter echoes in Batman's mind when he nearly kills Superman, it's what stops the fight. No heart attack, I'm afraid!

You'll understand why you hear it once you read the script :D
^And im gna need a copy of this script lol
You'll be the first to receive it, I promise! :D

I've just wrote a nice scene between Clark and Bruce, who's been given Lois' assignment of interviewing him, while she interviews Lex (more so him interviewing her because of her connection to Superman) ;)

In it, they both talk about their pasts and parents and how their lessons helped forge their lives.

And this scene is also important too. It's what Clark uses to help Bruce remember his old self and to pull him away from the brink of destruction. Because Batman in this movie, has lost himself and he's conflicted...He tries to kill Superman, after the intention of just fighting him, because like HIM, Superman is too dangerous to be kept alive...And like HIM, he'll just bring more pain and death to innocent people. Bruce is struggling with his guilt and anger. But, thankfully, thanks to their friendship as Clark and Bruce, Supes saves them both, by helping Bruce remember the lesson his dad taught him about the sacredness of life...Defeating the Joker's supposed victory over Batman!
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And nobody freak out!

But Batman kidnaps Lois in this thing!
I'm inspired by Batman's questionable methods in Frank Miller inspired stuff.

He kidnaps her to lure Superman out of hiding and in Gotham when he's found "guilty" of destroying the Submarine.
Lois says she used to think of him as hero and good guy, but thanks to what happened in the past, Batman doesn't view himself as that anymore...not until the end of the fight :p
He's semi-suicidal as well like in TDKReturns, so he doesn't care if he gets killed in the fight, but he'll die trying.
I've done yet ANOTHER rewrite to the story! :oldrazz:

Lex was going to be the catalyst for the events in the film. But I figured it was too much and highly unorthodox for him to do such a thing, just yet.
I'll go back to my original concept of Darkseid planting the seeds of evil in the minds of the men who manned the submarine. My idea is to base him on the Devil, in terms of how he works. Promising and convincing the men through the influence of dreams and visions, that they'd be rewarded with eternal existence in paradise, if they carried out his order and world would be purged with fire, so that it may be reborn from the ashes.

But, like the Devil, he's a liar. The entire event, was meant to completely obliterate the force that Darkseid knew would stand up against him and potentially win, if they did battle, from his vision, Superman. Martin Manhunter informs this to the newly formed Justice League in the end. He's coming to Earth in search of the Anti-Life Equation, which Manhunter has been guarding for years and with this, he can control every living creatures free will.
Several of the Green Lantern Corp were fending him off from reaching this universe, but were not successful. That's when Hal Jordan informs Manhunter of Darkseid's arrival to Earth in a small amount of time and they both approach the League.

So, through his attempts of evil to destroy mankind, a force for good is born.
I'm basing this on the Archangel Michael and his army of Angels, battling the Dragon and his army of demons :p
Written a cool scene of hundreds and hundreds of Bat-Drones swarming in on Superman from every angle. Batman uses it to his advantage to fire several Kryptonite rockets at Superman from the Batmobile and as a failsafe, has injected Kryptonite into the Drones so that the air Superman breaths in will also serve as a poison once destroyed.
I decided to write a scene based on the teaser.

Ext. Gotham City - Storming

Batman, on the rooftop of the GCPD building. Taps the ear of his cowl.

Batman: I'm in position.
Lex: Are you sure he'll show?
Batman: He'll show.
Lex: I've got video feed and audio. Just say the word and I'll send backup.
Batman: I don't need it.

Batman takes off the tarp of the Bat-Signal before turning it on. He looks up as a bat is reflected onto the clouds.

Lightning flashes to reveal Superman in the bat. Superman's eyes glow red.

Batman smirks. Suddenly Superman used his heat vision. Batman dodges the initial blast before retaliating by firing his sonic blast gun. Superman falls to the ground. Batman connects a cable to the Bat-Signal. Superman rises and tackles Batman. Batman and Superman fight. It appears that Batman is winning. Batman grabs him, sending electricity throughout his body.

Batman: I want you to remember, Clark in all the years to come in your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you..

Superman pushes Batman into the Bat-Signal. The armor starts to short-circuit.

Superman: Stay down.

Batman's armor retracts. Batman jumps out of his armor wearing his regular costume allowing him to escape. Superman flies towards him as the armor explodes below him.

Batman jumps off the rooftop, gliding away from the explosion. He is knocked to the ground by a gust of wind, super breath.

Superman slams down onto the ground in front of Batman. Batman throws batarangs, mines, everything on his utility belt to stop Superman. As Superman draws near he grabs the final item, a lead capsule, from his utility belt. Batman sucker punches, uppercuts, and right hooks Superman. Superman kneels down bleeding. Batman opens his fist revealing a glowing green rock. Superman takes off knocking Batman back. Batman watches as Superman flies away.

Batman: Did you get that?
Lex: How… Why didn't he kill you?
Batman: Because he was beaten.

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