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Zak Penn Writing The Avengers.

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May 16, 2006
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Has anyon heard about Zak Penn will be writing a big screen adaptation of the Avengers. I was asking because the site where is aw it did not say if it was a cartoon or live version. My guess is its big screen live action film. If its just a cartoon then why not just stick to dvds.

I for one would like to see a Justice League movie more then a Avengers. maybe marvel is combining Black Panther, Captain America , Thor and The Hulk into one film. Maybe we will see Wolverine in it. Anywho does anyone know if this is a live action film.
this shud be in the marvel movie thread. other then that i think its a bad choice. his scripts suck. one of the only good movies he was involved in was x2 and he only wrote the story for that not the script. his other movies: x3, elektra and others are poor. and we dono how hulk 2 has turned out. so i say hes a bad choice for earths greatest group of heroes:(
Didn't they already make this movie?

With Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurmah, and Sean Connery as the villain, remember?
That's a different group of Avengers.

MUCH different.
That's the bad thing about the Internet, you can't tell when someone is joking...
Aw, dammit. Seriously. And there should be a joking smiley more manly and mean than :p.

Maybe if he had some nunchucks in his hands...
Zak Penn doing this could either be X2 good or Elektra bad.
X2's goodness was more Dan Harris and Mike Doherty than Penn. As it stands, I wouldn't trust him to write my obituary.
So, who would you cast as:

-Captain America/Steve Rogers

-Iron Man/Tony Stark

-Thor/Donald Blake

-Edwin Jarvis

-The Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

-Hawkeye/Clint Barton

-Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff

-Goliath/Henry Pym

-The Wasp/Janet Van Dyne

I just groaned when I saw this on the front page. Good thing I'm not a really big Marvel fan because I'd probably be upset.
KenK said:
X2's goodness was more Dan Harris and Mike Doherty than Penn. As it stands, I wouldn't trust him to write my obituary.
In fairness, Penn is capable of writing some good scenes. In my opinion, the middle section of X3 was excellent. It was just let down by the beginning and end third. Hopefully Penn will be able to deliver a great script in its entirity rather than just little hints of genius amongst a bit of a mess.

On the plus side, I can see Penn giving Scarlet Witch a fantastic role in the film, which works for me. I've waited too long to see her on screen. I do hope they go for kick ass Wanda, and not pathetic saved by all the guys Wanda.
I think the Avnegers could work on the big screen as long as Cap is a part of it. And since there doesn't seem to be as big of a demand to see him in his own movie as there was with the other big Marvel properties, it may be a legitimate possibility. Obviously, characters like Spider-Man and Iron Man would have to be left out, but there are enough Avengers who will most likely never get their own film like Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Vision who could work well in the movie.

As much as I'd like to see a JLA movie, it's pretty much dead in the water if Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman aren't in it, and since two of those characters already have franchises and the other one is soon to have one, JLA will never happen unless its with lesser known characters. But that simply wouldn't work because the heart of the JLA is DC's elected "Trinity."
Oh... I don't like this idea :(

This movie will most likely suck, especially if screenwriter of X3 is writing it :down
To be fair to that guy from 7 years ago, Zak Penn did write a draft and Whedon indirectly said it was terrible and had to rewrite most of it, save the structure of the big set pieces.
Yeah, it will definitelly suck

You were just infracted for tolling/spamming/childishness.....bump another old thread to act like this and you win a few months probation.
As soon as I saw this in the Misc. Films section, I thought of Lord :o
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