Horror 28 Years Later

This is written like they skipped 28 weeks and months later.
Maybe Months will be the sequel to Years. Backwards I know, but would make sense given the proximity of the productions
I’m getting the feeling this trilogy will simply be called 28 Years Later: Part 1/2/3.
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Garland must have already written two scripts to entice Boyle, DiCosta and the current cast members to get onboard.

Will Sony announce release dates yet?
I really hope it's true, but the source is World of Reel so I'll wait for a reliable source to confirm it. It's weird that casting has commenced and there's still no word on Murphy.

Maybe the plans are for a small role or appearance in later movies or maybe they're negotiating money.
It feels to me that at best we'll get as much Cillian in 28 Years Later as we got Mark Hamill in The Force Awakens.
28 Years Later
28 Decades Later
28 Centuries Later
It won't be that extreme. I can see them using 24 Months Later for the 4th movie because why not. Then for the fifth film, 24 Seasons Later.

Months and seasons are still big gaps and its more realistic than 24 Centuries/decades.
I'm actually pretty hyped for this. Boyle and Garland working together again excites me and the first movie is still probably the best zombie flick drama on either cinema or TV. The cast is also pretty great.

I just really hope John Murphy returns in this because he's not confirmed yet and he's currently doing the score for Superman which has an almost identical production and release time table.

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