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A New Take on the Spideyverse.


A God Named Sparkles?
Nov 19, 2006
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Right, this being done by me, Matt Murdock and Chipper9620. We are rewriting Spidey's history after it was brutally murdered by Joe Quesada. We are doing it in the style of a TV series. I'll have an episode guide up soon. Villians include Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Beetle, Kingpin and Venom. Here's the official teaser poster made by Matt Murdock:
Hey I was gonna do that.:csad:
Nah, you guys will be fine also I'm going for plan b. Check new thread!
(Incomplete) Episode guide:
1. Episode Title: Power and Responsibility Part - I
By: Matt Murdock
Villains: None
Summary: Peter Parker. Friendly neighborhood punching bag. The episode illustrates a day in the life of Peter Parker. Complete with the butt-kicking and longing gazes to Mary Jane. And something that'll change Peter's life forever.

2. Episode Title: Power and Responsibility Part - II
By: Matt Murdock
Villains: The Burglar
Summary: Still reeling from the events at OsCorp, Peter Parker skips school to make some money by working at a construction site. Later on, however, tradgedy strikes when something happens that'll change Peter's life forever.

3. Episode Title: Spider-Bite
By: Matt Murdock
Villians: The Burglar
Summary: After days of searching, Peter Parker has finally tracked down the man who killed his uncle. He's in a gang, and Peter must hunt them down one by one.

4. Episode Title: Goblin
By: Climperoonie
Villians: The Green Goblin
Summary: Just who is this new creep in a Goblin suit flying around on a glider? And what connection does he have to the death of Harry's father, Norman Osborn?

5. Episode Title: A Pinch of Death
By: Climperoonie
Villians: Doc Ock
Summary: When Peter's idol's experiment goes wrong, a New villian is in town by the name of Doctor Octopus. Spidey's in trouble!

6. Episode Title:

7. Episode Title: Rip Off
By: Climperoonie
Villians: The Hobgoblin
Summary: Now someone has found the Green Goblin's lair and now Spidey has to deal with a new Goblin; All while trying to get to a date with Gwen Stacy!

8. Episode Title:

9. Episode Title: *TBC*
By: Matt Murdock
Villians: *TBC*
Summary: *TBC*

10. Episode Title: *TBC*
By: Matt Murdock
Villians: *TBC*
Summary: *TBC*

11. Episode Title: Duel of Goblins
By: Climperoonie
Villians: Green Goblin, Hobgoblin.
Summary: So the Green Goblin's not dead?! And Hobgoblin's back too?! And when they meet, trouble is in store for the Big Apple!

12. Episode Title: Blind Sight - Part I
By: Matt Murdock
Villians: Bullseye, Matt Murdock, The Kingpin
Summary: The trial of Uncle Ben's killer has begun, and Peter has been summoned to testify against the burglar, stating that he saw him in the neighborhood. Chosen to represent the burglar is Matt Murdock, who just so happens to be a hero.....

13. Episode Title: Blind Sight - Part II
By: Matt Murdock
Villians: Bullseye, Kingpin
Summary: Spider-man and Daredevil have teamed up. They are looking for the one known as Kingpin, prepared to take him down. But they must deal with his hitman, Bullseye, too...

14. Episode Title: Endgame
By: Matt Murdock
Villians: Kingpin
Summary: Daredevil and Spidey have taken down Bullseye, and they're known looking for Kingpin to defeat him. However, when they find him, a clash of opinions ensues.....

15. Episode Title: Black Suits and Beetles Pt.1
By: Climperoonie
Villians: Beetle
Summary: New Villian Beetle has been hired by someone to steal a top secret specimen from NASA. When the Specimen gets on Spidey, however, all he gets is a cool new suit..... That isn't what it seems.

16. Episode Title: Black Suits and Beetles Pt.2
By: Climperoonie
Villians: The Rose, Beetle
Summary: Beetle's employer has been revealed: The Rose. This time, however, he is even more deadly due to a robotic suit....

17. Episode Title: Welcome to the Jungle
By: raindog13
Villians: Chameleon
Summary: Dmitri Smerdyakov has been hired by HYDRA to steal important SHIELD documents from a SHIELD base in New York. After being foiled by Spider-Man, Smerdyakov contacts his brother for help. His brother, Kraven, refuses.

18. Episode Title: Welcome to the Jungle pt.II
By: raindog13
Villains: Lizard
Summary: Dr. Curt Connors attempts to regrow his lost arm using reptilian DNA. When the experiment goes awry, he is transformed into The Lizard who is bent on having reptiles replace mammals as the dominant species. Upon hearing news of this new lizard-creature in New York, Kraven changes his mind and decides to travel to NY.

19. Episode Title: Welcome to the Jungle pt.III
By: raindog13
Villains: Chameleon, Kraven, Lizard
Summary: Kraven comes to NY and tries to hunt down Spider-Man and The Lizard finding both of them to be excellent game. Spider-Man must find a way to save Dr. Connors and defeat Kraven and The Chameleon.

20. Episode Title: Revenge
By: Climperoonie
Villians: Venom
Summary: The symbipte has gotten itslef a new host: Eddie Brock, and he's out for revenge against both Parker and Spider-man.
You might wanna edit that post, Climp. Y'know, add some spacing and stuff. :up:
You might wanna edit that post, Climp. Y'know, add some spacing and stuff. :up:
Yeah, just did. I didn't notice that it'd been bunched up. Are the shorter synopises of you eps okay? The Longer ones were home to spoilers :ninja:
The designs:

From Left to Right: Spidey, Spidey unmasked, The Black Suit, Spidey's makeshift costume.
Thanks! If you wanna do a few episodes, just say. I don't think Chipper'll be doing many, he's working on something else too.
Actually, sorry, Chipper's gonna be writing more than we thought, and there's only two episode spaces left, which me and Matt are doing. Sorry!
I'll have my eighth episode info up after you do.
This looks cool but what do you mean by "in the style of a tv series"? Is it something you're going to film/animate?
Looks promising. Can't wait! Also check my new thread. I need to know what others think. Please? :csad:
Basically... We're writing scripts, in episodes, which is what I meant.
BUMP. Lil teaser:
-MARVEL logo
-SHH Boards logo
-The silhouette of a figure's hand putting on gloves appears.
-When comics go bad....
-The silhouette of a figure's hand putting on boots appears.
-The fans are here to help.
-The silhouette of a figure's hand pulling on his mask appears. He turns and we see familiar white eyes on the figure.
-This January....
-Spider-man webs a pumpkin bomb back at someone.
-The Spider
-Spider-man dodges a tentacle.
-Spider-man swings across the buildings at night along with another red figure.
-We briefly see two figures dueling in mid air on gliders, one in green and purple, the other in orange and blue. We zoom out to reveal it is a reflection in Spidey's eye. He swings at the camera, and leaves his Spider, and the screen fades to black while the spider turns white. Words appear across it.
-Venom roars at the screen.
-January 2008

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