Assassin's Creed Unity Thread - Part 1

So after like 13 days, I'm officially done with Unity. I think it just took me like ten days to finish my priorities (and the main story) in Black Flag. Well that game was longer but it was my first Ac game and it just blew me away and I was playing it like all day and going from mission to mission. With Unity, I really took my time especially starting with sequence 4. I didn't want to die in a battle during a mission again and again, so I focused first on finishing the side quests and getting the upgrades that would help me in missions. I also took my time on purpose so I won't get fatigue from the franchise. Well I was planning 1 sequence a day, however I didn't want to stall any further so I finished the last 5 sequences earlier than I planned.

The graphics of this game look really good. Compare to Black Flag, it doesn't look grainy. The interiors look really good, and the landmarks look really good outside and inside. I love that there are something to see in different buildings. I like Arno's house more than Edward's hideout. The graphics and the attention to detail made me wow. The surroundings, the parks, the scenery, oh my! Like to me, if the graphics look this great and I can just roam for hours and appreciate the scenery, then it's worth buying it. Though the sewers give me the creeps so I usually didn't go there. Some of the wider streets are way too crowded so the scenery can only be appreciated from above, not in land. The customization was a bit too much as I ended up not purchasing all of them especially you cannot assign/transfer the stats/upgrades from the most useful outfits. Most of the clothing designs also sucked and there weren't a lot of nice color schemes to choose from. Though it was nice that there are more choices when it comes to outfits and weapons. The outfits have actual stats which is an improvement. I also liked that you can upgrade specific skills like health, stealth and have the option which one you can prioritize. I thought Black Flag lacked that. There's also a ranking/title for the player. I've finished with the elite veteran title.

However, I felt quite restricted here. You cannot regenerate your health, you cannot loot civilians, you need lock picks for half of the chests and it isn't even guaranteed since there's a challenge involved and you need to level up the lock up skills. At first, there weren't a lot of options to get more money and it definitely made the experience less fun. However with the cafe money, it made buying upgrades much easier to the point that I no longer needed more money. Enemies can be hard as well. At first, I died so many times just so I can open a chest. Learning when to use the dodge and parry buttons took time, and I was a lot more cautious getting into a fight. The combat here can be frustrating and as I got into more fights, I became really focused into combats and maintaining my health especially in missions. Though I still was in big trouble when enemies overwhelmed me in numbers especially someone shooted me with the rifle or gun back to back. Weirdly, I rarely used smoke bombs in Black Flag. In Unity, I always made sure I have full smoke bombs and medicine just to be sure I wouldn't get desynchronized from a fight. Survival is a big factor here and even though starting from sequence 5, I no longer died in a fight during main missions, I still felt the pressure especially I was always looking at my health bar. Then not all collectibles are automatically activated in the map after using the viewpoints, and I thought the point of viewpoint is to show every collectible in the map but not here. I had to really roam around and use the eagle vision, and I only figured out that I can buy maps when I already finished the main mission.

I was also surprised how short the main storyline is. For the first two sequences, I was like I am gonna check it out for a hour, try just 1 mission and in less than 2 hours of total gameplay, I already beat two sequences. The third sequence, took less than 30 minutes and I was killed like twice. The fourth one, I thought they were gonna be at least three missions, then after a long second mission, I was done with sequence 4. The rest were quite short as well especially when the enemies were no longer killing me and I could just go straight to assassinating my target. I've finished sequence 10 and 11 in less than a hour. The last sequence was quite easy even if the final boss killed me trice. Some missions can be quite long but I just expected more missions in every sequence.

There were a lot of side quests, but it just wasn't exciting and motivating to complete. Things like viewpoints, companion missions and renovations can easily be all found, like early in the game. Cafe missions were alright since it only had five. But Paris Stories, Murder Mysteries, Social clubs and those Riddles, way too many and not easy as well. Paris Stories had like 40 missions and I was like holy hell. There wasn't also a proper cutscene in those missions which would have made it more engaging had they included cutscenes. Like when the npc is talking and giving you instructions, you can just walk away and not listen. I don't know what exactly the difference between Paris Stories and Social Club missions, some were okay and some were just tedious. With the riddles, I only completed them because of YouTube walkthroughs. But if it just was me, I wouldn't have solved anything. The murder mysteries were creepy, however I didn't enjoy solving crimes that would require me to read long texts, so I just finished them with the help from YouTube. The Helix missions, I thought the cubes look nice and the time travel scenarios (Eiffel Tower in WW2 and medieval times) were cool. However, I didn't bother to look for the artifacts.

Originally I thought I was gonna skip the co op missions and heists, because I thought it required more than 1 player, but they can be played alone. I thought these were similar to the Paris Stories but with cinematic cutscenes and the coop missions had better rewards. The 20 missions were quite long and I just wasn't in the mood to finish them since they were designed to be played with other players. The sync points would have been nice but I didn't really the other skills. I have only finished 1 heist and 2 co op. In Black Flag, I skipped the Legendary Ship battles and I didn't complete all Naval contracts. Here, its the co op missions and heists. I also didn't finish the final Nostradamus challenge simply because the controls were *****d up. Sometimes the controller worked and jumped in the right direction/time but most of the time, it didn't. In this game, the controls issue was only an issue in this section of the game. So I ultimately gave up especially the reward costume looks kinda ugly and it wasn't part of the 100% sync. I also thought the non-main story missions felt a bit random and kinda out of place. In Black Flag, I didn't feel that. Here, Arno is solving murder crimes, helping the people of Paris but why exactly? The assassinations/cafe theater side quests only made sense to me. In the end I got 53% total sync much lower than what I've got in Black Flag which was around 80%.

Another nitpick, a minor one. I wish the cover only featured Arno. I remember the first time I watched the trailer for this. I seriously thought there were going to be 4 lead assassins, you can select which one to play and all of them will still be accessible in the single player mode and main story. But nope. It was basically just Arno for the main story. The rest in the cover aren't even in the main story. And I always see the cover everytime I open the game and it always bugs me.

Anyway, I liked the lead character. Arno's really cute. Though like Black Flag, I didn't care about most of the characters. I was more into the gameplay and visuals instead of the story. Well I'm usually like this to most videogames. This is my 2nd Assassin's Creed game so I can't help but to compare this to the first Ac game I've played which is Black Flag. I needed a break from sailing and naval missions. I liked that this game was just in the city. I'm glad this had like 2 to 3 tail missions for the main story and there was no eavesdrop thingy. Though I found the entire map quite small for a 2014 game and the side quests weren't fun. Over all, I liked that I got to play this, even though it is not that exciting to play and its biggest strength is the visuals, and not really the gameplay or the story. I still spent a lot of time here, especially I was so focused on getting the upgrades. It is a good game though challenging and tedious at times. I'm gonna miss the scenery and the customization once I start playing the Ezio trilogy. I'm downloading Dead Kings as of the moment, though I'm not sure if I would finish it as there are other Assassin's Creed games for me to play.

Story - 6
Gameplay - 7.5

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