The Dark Knight Bat-Fans One Last Time (Part Deux)


Sep 26, 2005
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Given the fact Heath's funeral seems to be safe in Australia from the hate of monsters like the Westboro Baptist Church, I have talked with other great Batman fans, like DarkKnightJRK and we have discussed gathering small donations from anyone who can afford it and donate it in Heath's name to the Variety Children's Charity.

I am going to look into the best way of organizing this. If anyone has experience with such a movement - please contact me ([email protected]).

I believe we have the opportunity to do something special in this special man's name. We should live up to the moment.

These donations don't have to be large ($5-$10) to make a difference. If we unite together, we can do something big.

More info to come...

I felt the need to make a new thread because the old had turned into a (well deserved) rant against the HBC.
Again, you have my support.
I will donate, as well as look into if my church will.

When I spoke to my priest about this - he gave a total :down look, and said "no other words but 'sad'."
Where do we donate there a website or a link.
Just say when and how much - good in Heath Ledger's name could never be a bad thing.
Norman, i believe you can set up paypal accounts for such things. they charge a little bit. but it would be a safe and secure way of keeping track of everyone's donation and it would be a safe place for people to send money to. search paypal fundraisers or something along those lines. perhaps you can open a Heath Ledger memorial account for a small fee (from what is donated) and then it can be donated to wherever you wanted it to go. so check into that, if that helps.
I'll donate....lucastyle is right you could set up a paypal account, if you wanted.
It would still be nice for them to be there to show their support..if warranted.
I don't think so. I think Heath's family wants their privacy. I don't think they want fans showing up to the funeral. Perhaps the wake or something if it's open to the public, though.
As soon as the details are available we'll probably need a new thread or to PM all of us saying we are interested. I'd be happy to help out.
I'm on board and in full support :up:
I support this as well. Is the funeral in Aus can the HBC even get there? Idk

I would love to go to the wake. I can't leave my state so.. but I would donate Im not sure to what though Heath had money no dout.

And one last question do they not bury the body until we know how he died?
I'd like to help if I can later. Ya Pay Pal may work best.
now this is definitly a much better idea CC Approves
Awesome idea. Anything with Bat-fans getting together to show support, I'm all for.
Someone should call WBC and ask them if they are going to Heath's funeral. But that drop them, they're not worth it.

Donation? I can always get teachers at my school, since I participated in a few charities through my school last year.
How are we working out these donations?
Sounds awesome. He will be missed dearly. Let's all show our support to not only our Clown Prince of Crime, but to one hell of a man. Count me in.

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