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Best action sequence of 2012 - Nomination Thread

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Hunter Rider

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Oct 24, 2004
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Simply nominate your 3 favourites, the 8 most nominated will make the poll in a couple of days. :)


1. Helicarrier siege sequence (The Avengers)
2. The Battle for New York (The Avengers)
3. Hovercar chase (Total Recall)
Iron Man vs. Thor(The Avengers)
1. Through the Floor (The Raid)
2. Battle for New York, especially the continuous shot (The Avengers)
Bane vs Batman
Bike Chase- premium rush
Final Chase in Dark Knight Rises
Bane vs Batman fight 1 (TDKR)

Django mansion shootout (Django unchained)

Mad dog fight scene (Raid:Redemption)
The Raid - Second Hallway fight (One on Four)
The Dark Knight Rises - Batman Returns (Batpod Chased by GCPD)
The Expendables 2 - Opening Scene
1. Bane Vs. Batman First Fight
2. Battle for New York (Avengers)
3. Helicarrier Siege (Avengers)
Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph enters Hero's Duty (Question: Can I nomiate this 3 times? Would that count as 3 nominations? If so, then excuse these other two votes I have listed)

TDKR - Batman VS Bane: Round 2
TDKR - Bomb Chase
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1.) Bane vs Batman: Rd 1 [TDKR]

Gritty and brutal strikes alongside memorable dialogue. Nolan essentially crafted the best hand-to-hand combat scene in the CBM genre.

2.) Ambush/Assault [The Raid]

Another scene that was practical and featured no CGI just good acting and camera work and fantastic choreography.

3.) Reserved for Zero Dark Thirty
1. The Opening. Expendables 2.
2. The Mad Dog Fight. The Raid.
3. Scott Adkins vs. Dolph Lundgren. Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.
1. Battle of NY (Avengers)
2. Instanbul chase (Skyfall)
3. Mad Dog Fight (The Raid)
1. Battle of NY (Avengers, actually made me shed a tear).
2.Tube Chase scene (Skyfall)
3. Thor v Iron Man (Avengers)
1. Battle of NY (Avengers)
2. Hellicarrier sequence (Avengers)
3. Opening chase (Skyfall)
Battle of NY in avengers
Hulk vs thor
thor vs iron man
1. Battle of New York (Avengers)
2. Batman vs Bane First Round (TDKR)
3. Skyfall Lodge Showdown (Skyfall)
Battle of New York (The Avengers)
Bane vs Batman/Police vs Criminals (The Dark Knight Rises)
Shootout at Skyfall (Skyfall)
Final battle in Avengers
First Bane vs Batman
Helicarrier battle in Avengers.
1) Battle of New York (Avengers)
2) "You're in for a show tonight kid!" return of Batman (The Dark Knight Rises)
3) "Army of Nightmares huh? Lets get this party started!" (The Cabin In The Woods).
4) "Janek, if we dont stop it, there wont be a home to go back too!" and the following sequences (Prometheus).

Couldnt just nominate 3 as all of those are very close in quality to me.
Final battle in The Avengers
Batman vs Bane in the sewers
"My shoes are bigger than this car" scene in Expendables 2
Thor vs Iron Man - Avengers
Van Damme scenes in Expendables 2
1. Batman hunts down Talia and the bomb (Dark Knight Rises)
2. Helicarrier battle (Avengers)
3. Hushpuppy breaks the levee wall (Beasts of the Southern Wild)
The Raid: Rama vs. the machete gang

The Avengers: final battle

TDKR: Batman vs. Bane (round 2)
Skyfall: Final Battle at Skyfall.

The Avengers: Battle for New York

TDKR: Bane Vs. Batman Round 1!
Avengers: Battle For New York
Avengers: Iron Man vs Thor
Avengers: Thor vs Hulk
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