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Bought/Thought 5/17--Spoilers to come!


The Best There Is
Jan 4, 2005
Reaction score
52 #2
All-Star Batman & Robin 4
Annihilation Nova 2
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 205
Captain America 18
Haunt of Horror Edgar Allen Poe 1
Marvel Adventures Avengers 1
Marvel Legacy 1970’s Handbook
Moon Knight 2
Ms. Marvel 3
New Mangaverse 5
Spider-Man Unlimited 15
Superman/Batman 25
Underworld 4
Wolverine Origins 2
X-Men 186
X-Man Fairy Tales 1

52 #2 - The mysteries deepen as the story begins to unfold. Has my interest so far. Let's see if it pans out with 50 more issues to go.

All-Star Batman & Robin 4 - ....... This has to be the biggest piece of **** I ever had the displeasure of reading. I think this' my LAST issue of this, Jim Lee's art be hanged. However, I did like the creative use of gatefold pages. That was clever in a sea of turds.

Annihilation Nova 2 - Nova meets up with Drax and they meet up with Quasar. Slowly but surely, the players get introduced. Plus gotta love the brief bios in the back of each book.

Captain America 18 - Another good start to what looks to be an interesting arc. Bucky's being handled a bit better than Jason Todd is now and we even got some Union Jack action going. Not to mention the return of old foes and three different stories bound to come to an explosive crash!

Marvel Adventures Avengers 1 - Not bad, but felt a bit rushed. And silly. What I would've liked was an explanation on this all-new, all-different team. It's not the Avengers, and it's not the NEW Avengers. It's a completely different Avengers with a completely different government status and completely different Ultron. Maybe I missed the seeds for this in the other MA titles. But, what the hell, at least their first story lasted a SINGLE issue, so I'll check it out to see if yet another writer can do a superior Avengers tale to Bendis.

Marvel Legacy 1970’s Handbook - I love these books. A MUST for any collector.

Moon Knight 2 - More of a look into MK's past and more questions raised. Oooh, suspense.

Ms. Marvel 3 - Meh. Kind of anticlimactic in this issue. Story was a bit weak and was just a big set-up for future things. At least it's 3 issues in WITH story progression.

New Mangaverse 5 - And another suck. The first go around was good. This was just...not. Didn't see that cliffhanger coming at the end, though. That was a nice touch. Nice enough to get me curious as to what happened, dammit. Not that I'm expecting a round 3 outta this franchise.

Spider-Man Unlimited 15 - Two short tales barely featuring the wall-crawler, focusing on unsung heroes within the MU. Not much action, but nicely written.

Superman/Batman 25 - And so all the questions are answered. Joker's cosmic game. All the cross-time-world things. All the duplicates. 25 issues to tell one very long story whose plot I was NEVER able to follow 100%. I'm just glad it's finally over...now, can we have some more grounded stories, please?

Underworld 4 - Dio gets some new gear, some new powers, and tangles with the Punisher. Oh, yeah, and a buncha super baddies up his ass. Definitely one of Marvel's sleeper hits.

Wolverine Origins 2 - Set-up for the next issue really, and we find out Wolvie has a connection to Nuke. And you thought he was just a DD villain...pshaw!

X-Man Fairy Tales 1 - Different, give it that much. Although we shouldn'ta been surprised about it's solicitation after the Uncanny X-Men they reprinted in Milestones. Nice little segway into this.
I bought a bunch of books, but I really only want to talk about Ultimate X-Men #70.

I really like Kirkman. Really, I do. His work on Invincible is top notch, and his other work is generally enjoyable. But, as Invincible lags behind and he tries to pick up the slack, it's obvious in his other books that his attention is elswhere. The last arc he wrote was great, despite my nervousness at first. But after last issue, and this issue, I would rather have someone else on the book. The dialogue was like watching a Sci-Fi Channel original movie. I'm sure there's a great story in there somewhere, but if every other line is a catchphrase, I couldn't give less of a s***.

And it's not all Kirkman's fault, the worst part of these issues is Oliver. I want him dead, but first, I want him to suffer, as I have suffered. If Marvel is that desperate for artists to fill in their lesser priority books (read: everything that doesn't fit into whatever universe-shattering mega event they have at the moment), put them on hiatus. I would rather wait for a decent artist and a clear, well-written story than put up with this.
Moon Knight 2 - The history was pretty good. Explained why he's in a wheel chair and stuff. Though the book is pretty slow moving. 7/10

52 2 - Lesbians, The Question, Booster Gold, Hope/Ressurection. Awesome. 8/10

Shadowpact 1 - Pretty good setup. Introduces all the main characters that are going to be involved in this book. Very well done for an issue #1 8/10

Nova 2 - Drax threatens Nova, Qusar saves them. Wooo *spins finger* 5/10

Green Arrow 62 - Pure awesome. Ollie hired Deathstroke to come kill him, only to completely dominate him. One of the best issues I've read in a long time. Even if you don't read Green Arrow or DC or anything, it's a good read.
Green Arrow #62
Ollie Queen...with prep time! And a katana!

Awesome issue:D. I rarely ever enjoy an issue with solely action scenes so much, but this was just badass. Winick has a tendency to go all Claremont with the inner monologue and overdo it, but in this case it felt quite appropriate.

(9 out of 10)

52 Week 2
Wow, all that stuff with robots and mad scientists wasn't horribly interesting, but damn I completely did not see that ending coming.

Cassie's gone all cult-crazy on us. People on the internet mourning Superboy...it's priceless. It's interesting that Wonder Girl is turning to Kryptonian religion right now instead of her own gods. Well, technically her own gods have left the planet, but she's still got Ares, who's now the god of the underworld anyway and all tight with her or whatever. On the other hand not everyone goes to the Greek underworld, and Ares might not have jurisdiction over whatever happened to Superboy.

Love the stuff with Ralph pulling out the detective work.

(9 out of 10)

Fallen Angel #5
The issue is pretty good; a lot of things happen, we get a lot of answers, and a long-running plotline is resolved. Lee is just an awesome character all-around.

However, I have to say that I'm really not liking the direction that David is taking the religious angles on the book. The idea that God just wants people to leave him alone and sends natural disasters to get us to grow up...it just doesn't work. I mean, theology is only a vague hobby of mine but even I could poke a half-dozen holes into that sort of thinking. The only reason people cling with so much conviction to the existence of a loving God is because so many natural disasters and so much bad sht happens in the world, that bad things happen and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Religion, all religions, is a way of dealing with the imperfections of the world. If God didn't care about people praising him and didn't care if people stop believing in him, the answer is blatantly obvious and simple: make the world a paradise. No one would want for God then. David has demonstrated incredible understanding of the intricacies of religion in the past and it's a bit strange for him to throw this awkward curveball. Maybe it is a literal curveball and we'll get a less cynical telling of religion later, but given the generally cynical nature of the series I tend to doubt it.

(7 out of 10)

Shadowpact #1
Interesting setup, keeping Shadowpact inside that blood barrier for an entire year and then slowly filling us in. It's well-written and nothing really wrong with any of this....but I'll probably drop the series after the first run since nothing about it truly grabs me.

There's a bit of a big continuity snafu, though, considering Superman is supposed to be powerless after IC and here he's shown in full power during the missing year...*shrug*

(7 out of 10)
Ultimate X-Men #70-
So, now we discover that the Phoenix is evil in the Ultimate universe as well. Interesting issue, but the art sucked and the dialogue was pretty sub-par as well.

Ms. Marvel #3-
Still good, but more filler than anything else.

X-Men Fairytales #1-
First reaction: this is different! I'm interested to read the next issue and see where they're going in this mini. Refreshing to see something so unique.

More to come when I'm done reading...
All-Star Batman & Robin 4 - ....... This has to be the biggest piece of **** I ever had the displeasure of reading. I think this' my LAST issue of this, Jim Lee's art be hanged. However, I did like the creative use of gatefold pages. That was clever in a sea of turds.

Could you elaborate on why you were so displeased with it.

You're review has me curious to why you hate it so much.lol

Its like you just found the comic having sex with your girl or something.
****, I forgot to get Fairytales. Damnit :(

Also, is Shadowpact a mini or an ongoing?
'Cause after 4 issues we JUST got into th' Batcave and Batman's characterization is completely ******ed. It's not a good book.
'Cause after 4 issues we JUST got into th' Batcave and Batman's characterization is completely ******ed. It's not a good book.

I saw issue 4 on the stands and me being a big Batman mark, decided to get into it, so I bought 1-3 as well.

An hour later I was baffled, nearly four issues have been spent inside the batmobile (Which I'm informed is a totally queer name), Almost an entire issue dedicated to Viki Vale's ass, and issue 3 was taken up by Black Carnary spending 18 pages destroying a bar, no joke there was 4 pages actually featuring Batman and Robin in the entire book :confused:
Exactly. #3 was just a waste of time that didn't progress th' story AT ALL. And someone posted a link to Miller's script fer #1 somehwere. Dedicated to her ass is a MAJOR understatement.
52 #2 - Okay, now the Question just confuses me. What is he, a ghost or something?
Interesting that Superman's crest means "resurrection" when inverted. Is there some kind of a plan for all of these different characters' lives to collide at some point? Because I get this eerie feeling that everyone is going to reach a common finish line.

Green Arrow #62 - OWNED! Who's house? Ollie's house!

Robin #150 - Okay, now I'm just confused. That crazy girl doesn't even read like Cass. What, she developed a fully functioning vocabulary over the past year? And a bloodlust?

Moon Knight #2 - I don't even know who Moon Knight is (outside of a confusing wikipedia entry), and I love this!

X-Men Fairy Tales #1 - The Japanese folktale of Momotaro, starring the X-Men. I can't wait to see where the rest of this mini goes. It's just such a fun read.
'Cause after 4 issues we JUST got into th' Batcave and Batman's characterization is completely ******ed. It's not a good book.

Yeah, it is slow paced.
What happened to New Avengers...?

Only picked up Moon Knight #2. I know him only through Spider-Man, but had always thought he was cool. But I had no idea the guy worshiped and "served" an Egyptian idol... as in, a stone cold dead piece of rock. Huh? I know it's "fantasy" but that just made him seem... less than wise. No wonder he's depressed.
Moon Knight- PICK OF THE WEEK! Man, I've read some hate for this, but I really can't see it, because I f'ing loved it. This issue contains, quite possibly, one of the most intense fights I've ever seen in a comic book. I knew it was going to be big just from the glimpses last issue, but DAMN. And Finch totally nailed it. How anyone could see that cover sitting in the shop and not pick it up is beyond me. 9/10

Captain America- Kind of a slow start, but interesting. Lukin and the Skull are making things interesting, as is Bucky. 8/10

Wolverine: Origins- MUCH better! After a mediocre first issue, we get a much better second. Not a big fan of Dillon, but he's not awful. 8/10

X-Men- Another book I've seen a lot of hate for. However, I must say that Milligan actually put forth a nice arc. It had its lows (Sunfire was taken out way too easily, and Gambit's conversion was rushed), but he avoided the love-triangle related squabbling that plagued his entire run and it really helped. I loved seeing the New Avengers. It was a cameo that actually made sense (Apocalypse is a big threat, why wouldn't they be there?) and I really dug it. The ending actually had me interested to see what happens next. The new Sentinels, anime inspired or not, were pretty cool, too. 8/10
Alright, read Poe. It was interestin'. Basically just artistic interpretations of his works plus them reprinted in their original text form. This' one way to get kids into classic literature.
MK2....I love this book and it is the only money that Marvel gets from me
Shadowpact came out??? Mother of God, I missed it on the rack. *&%$@%#&^@
I may go back and get it
I usually dont' post in the bought/thought threads, but I just wanted to come in and say that EASILY the best comic this week was Fell
Elijya said:
I usually dont' post in the bought/thought threads, but I just wanted to come in and say that EASILY the best comic this week was Fell

Fell was great. I ****ing love that comic. And the Backmatter is nearly as good as the comic itself.

This is the way to do talking heads. The whole story basically takes place in one room with two guys talking and it's fascinating.

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